A prayer of protection


Psalm 91. This beautiful psalm was composed if I am not mistaken by King David. The psalm is basically a prayer of protection. I have memorized it and pray it aloud the vast majority of time. We especially need to pray this prayer in this crucial time of the United States history. The secular leftists, the marxists, are attempting to usurp this country and transform its inheritance, heritage and legacy, by imposing its ideology on conservative Christians. Unless, believers in Christ, take a stand for our Lord and freedom in our country, marxism will run roughshod over this nation. Do we as Americans want our freedom of speech curtailed? That is one aspect of the marxist agenda. “In God we Trust” is witten on all greenbacks. The ideology of marxism would end this. God is the spearhead of this nation. God can never be dethroned. The God we Christians trust in would protect us from evil ideology of marxism which is aggressively asserting its efforts to annihilate Americans heritage and legacy. Memorize Psalm 91, speak it aloud every day or quietly whisper it, because our nation is at a crossroad. Will this nation succumb to an evil, devilish ideology or will we yield to God through his son Jesus Christ, the author of truth and freedom.

In conclusion, the preamble of the Constitution states our rights as Americans. Let us not have it infringed upon.

John Sirtoli of Gloversville attended the Messiah College, Grantham, Pa.

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