Hatch doubles up at Caroga Creek RacePark

E.J. Hatch picked up wins in the wing champ 5-to-9-year-old pro and junior 1 classes Saturday at Caroga Creek RacePark in Ephratah. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)

By Toby LaGrange

Caroga Creek RacePark

EPHRATAH — The Caroga Creek ran their next to last points paying event of the season Saturday afternoon. On the card was double features for each class due to a rainout on Aug. 29.

When all was said and done 17 drivers took home wins in the 26 different events held at the track. Besides E.J. Hatch, other drivers to pick up multiple feature wins were Tucker Jones, Jayden Ziegler, Tyler Ziegler, Jeff Swartz, Mike Allery and Owhan Swinton.

The Caroga Creek RacePark returns to action today and Saturday. Points will end for all weekly classes tonight, with the season finale for the track and for the WCRS and NEPRO Series taking place on Saturday. The held over WCRS and NEPRO Series feature events from Sept. 19 will also be on the card Saturday.

Gates open at 5 p.m. today with practice at 6 p.m. and racing at 7 p.m. On Saturday gates open at noon with practice at 3 p.m. and racing at 5 p.m.

For more information on Caroga Creek RacePark, visit them on Facebook at @carogacreekracepark and Twitter at @carogacreek. The track is physically located at 4200 State Route 10 in St. Johnsville.

The Caroga Creek RacePark is proud to have a long list of dedicated sponsors. For the 2020 season, those sponsors include — Supply Wagon Rentals, Varin Freight Systems, Community Bank of Johnstown, Chavis Motorsports, Adrenaline Rush Racing, Flying B Transport, Running Stores of Gloversville, The Cabinet Shop, Racin’ Rhino’s Karts and Parts, Burris Racing, Velocita, Camp Mohawk Dental, Cravings Bakery of Gloversville and American Racer Tires.

Caroga Creek Raceway

Sept. 26 Results

Wing Champ Pro #1 (20 Laps): Mike Allery, Matt Munson, Nick Story, Kyle Dingman, Josh Persse, Ronnie Smith, David Herrick, II

Wing Champ Pro #2 (20 Laps): Mike Allery, Ronnie Smith, Nick Story, Matt Munson, Kyle Dingman, David Herrick, II, Josh Persse

Wing Champ Semi-Pro #1 (20 Laps) : Ashley Palmateer, Ethan Allen, Matt Kelly, Alicia Franklin, Ashleigh Herrick, Steven Hulbert

Wing Champ Semi-Pro #2 (20 Laps): Steven Hulbert, Matt Kelly, Ethan Allen, Ashleigh Herrick, Alicia Franklin, Ashley Palmateer (DNS)

Wing Champ 5-9 Pro #1 (15 Laps): Blake Banek, E.J. Hatch, Zoey Roberts

Wing Champ 5-9 Pro #2 (15 Laps): E.J. Hatch, Blake Banek, Zoey Roberts

Wing Champ 5-9 Novice #1 (15 Laps): Owhan Swinton, Colton Traylor

Wing Champ 5-9 Novice #2 (15 Laps): Owhan Swinton, Colton Traylor

Clone 360 #1 (20 Laps): Tyler Ziegler, Jim Brown

Clone 360 #2 (20 Laps): Tyler Ziegler, Jim Brown

Stock Heavy #1 (20 Laps): Mike Allery, Nick Story, Josh Brown, Reid Egelston, Tyler Ziegler

Stock Heavy #2 (20 Laps): Nick Story, Mike Allery, Reid Egelston, Josh Brown, Tyler Ziegler

Predator Slick #1 (20 Laps): Jeff Swartz, Matt Kelly

Predator Slick #2 (20 Laps): Jeff Swartz, Matt Kelly

Stock Lite #1 (20 Laps): Matt Sykes, Nick Story, Max Bourdeau, Kirstin Swartz, Dylan Mottoshiski, Tyler Ziegler, Gavin Gumlaw, Alyssa Pickard, Alicia Franklin, Alana Lavoy

Stock Lite #2 (20 Laps): Tyler Ziegler, Matt Sykes, Max Bourdeau, Kirstin Swartz, Tyler Ziegler, Dylan Mottoshiski, Gavin Gumlaw, Alyssa Pickard, Alan Lavoy, Alicia Franklin

Heavy Tire Predator #1 (20 Laps): Tony Gale, Ed Hatch, James Carroll, Ashleigh Herrick, Aaron Rakoske, Tanner Been, Madison Allen, Eva Rakoske, Terry Carroll, Jael Rakoske (DNS)

Heavy Tire Predator #2 (20 Laps): Ed Hatch, Tony Gale, Eva Rakoske, Ashleigh Herrick, Tanner Been, Madison Allen, Jael Rakoske, James Carroll, Aaron Rakoske, Steven Hulbert

Junior 1 #1 (15 Laps): James Hatch, Jr., Logan Stocklas, Thor Martin, E.J. Hatch, Zoey Roberts, Owhan Swinton

Junior 1 #2 (15 Laps): E.J. Hatch, Thor Martin, James Hatch, Jr., Zoe Roberts, Logan Stocklas, Owhan Swinton (DNS)

Junior 2 Turquoise #1 (15 Laps): Jayden Ziegler, Hunter Adams

Junior 2 Turquoise #2 (15 Laps): Jayden Ziegler, Hunter Adams (DNS)

Box Stock #1 (12 Laps): Alex O’Ravsky, Joey Williams, Cam Alpy, Colton Traylor

Box Stock #2 (12 Laps): Joey Williams, Colton Traylor, Logan Stocklas (DNS), Cam Alpy (DNS)

Slingshots #1 (20 Laps): Tucker Jones, Brett Putnam, Joe Rando, Jason Dufel (DNS)

Slingshots #2 (20 Laps): Tucker Jones, Jason Dufel, Joe Rando (DNS), Brett Putnam (DNS)


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