Burke, Dillenback named first team Foothills all-stars

Gloversville-Mayfield diver Yxlphrm Burke stretches for the water to complete a dive during a Foothills Council meet against Queensbury on Jan. 30 at the Gloversville Middle School pool. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

Several Gloversville-Mayfield swimmers were among those named to the 2019-20 Foothills Council boys swimming and diving all-star team.

Dane Dillenback was named to the first team in the 100-yard butterfly for Gloversville-Mayfield, while Yxlphrm Burke (1-meter diving) also earned first-team honors for the Sea Dragons.

Dillenback also was named to the second team in the 100 breaststroke, while Jacob Sweeney earned second-team honors in the 100 breaststroke.

Gloversville-Mayfield’s team of Dillenback, Sweeney, Kazuma Lomanto and Ben Smouse was named honorable mention in the 200 medley relay. The same quartet also was named to the second team in the 400 freestyle relay.

In the 200 freestyle relay, Gloversville-Mayfield’s team of Logan Oathout, Lukas Oathout, Kamden Daniels and Alex Payne were named honorable mention.

Queensbury and Glens Falls combined to occupy 10 of the 12 first-team spots.

T.J. Bearor was named to the first team in the 50 and 100 freestyle, while Aidan Ford (100 breaststroke) also earned first-team honors.

The Spartans also had their 200 medley and 200 freestyle relay teams named to the first team.

Glens Falls had Mitchell Skellie (200 freestyle), Neil Hogan (200 individual medley), Carson Rath (500 freestyle) and Will Center (100 backstroke) named to the first team.

The Indians also had their 400 freestyle relay team earn first-team honors.

In addition to its first-team selections, Glens Falls also had Center (200 freestyle), Greg Frandsen (200 individual medley), Aidan Murphy (1-meter diving) and Julian Stedman (500 freestyle) named to the second team. The Indians also had their 200 freestyle and 200 medley relay teams earn second-team honors.

Queensbury’s Ross Caimano was named to the second team in the 500 and 100 freestyle, while Ford was named to the second team in the 100 butterfly for the Spartans.

Earning honorable-mention status for Glens Falls were Skellie (100 freestyle), Stedman (200 freestyle), Jack Barry (200 individual medley), Nolan Towers (50 freestyle), Ian Collins (1-meter diving), Ryan Rawson (500 freestyle) and Cyrus Guillet (100 breaststroke).

Queensbury’s Nick Brown was named honorable mention in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke. The Spartans’ 400 freestyle relay team also was named honorable mention.

Fonda-Johnstown, Amsterdam and Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls did not have any swimmers named to the all-star team.

2019-20 Foothills Council Boys Swimming & Diving All-Stars

First Team

200 Medley Relay: Queensbury (T.J. Bearor, Aidan Ford, Nick Brown, Ross Caimano)

200 Freestyle: Mitchell Skellie (Glens Falls)

200 Individual Medley: Neil Hogan (Glens Falls)

50 Freestyle: T.J. Bearor (Queensbury)

Diving: Yxlphrm Burke (Gloversville-Mayfield)

100 Butterfly: Dane Dillenback (Gloversville-Mayfield)

100 Freestyle: T.J. Bearor (Queensbury)

500 Freestyle: Carson Rath (Glens Falls)

200 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Ross Caimano, Nick Brown, Aidan Ford, T.J. Bearor)

100 Backstroke: Will Center (Glens Falls)

100 Breaststroke: Aidan Ford (Queensbury)

400 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Mitchell Skellie, Neil Hogan, Will Center, Dylan Anselment)

Second Team

200 Medley Relay: Glens Falls (Will Center, Greg Frandsen, Andrew Fairchild, Nolan Towers)

200 Freestyle: Will Center (Glens Falls)

200 Individual Medley: Greg Frandsen (Glens Falls)

50 Freestyle: Ross Caimano (Queensbury)

Diving: Aidan Murphy (Glens Falls)

100 Butterfly: Aidan Ford (Queensbury)

100 Freestyle: Ross Caimano (Queensbury)

500 Freestyle: Julian Stedman (Glens Falls)

200 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Dylan Anselment, Andrew Fairchild, Greg Frandsen, Nolan Towers)

100 Backstroke: Dane Dillenback (Gloversville-Mayfield)

100 Breaststroke: Jacob Sweeney (Gloversville-Mayfield)

400 Freestyle Relay: Gloversville-Mayfield (Ben Smouse, Kazuma Lomanto, Jacob Sweeney, Dane Dillenback)

Honorable Mention

200 Medley Relay: Gloversville-Mayfield (Dane Dillenback, Jacob Sweeney, Kazuma Lamanto, Ben Smouse)

200 Freestyle: Julian Stedman (Glens Falls)

200 Individual Medley: Jack Barry (Glens Falls)

50 Freestyle: Nolan Towers (Glens Falls)

Diving: Ian Collins (Glens Falls)

100 Butterfly: Nick Brown (Queensbury)

100 Freestyle: Mitchell Skellie (Glens Falls)

500 Freestyle: Ryan Rawson (Glens Falls)

200 Freestyle Relay: Gloversville-Mayfield (Logan Oathout, Lukas Oathout, Kamden Daniels, Alex Payne)

100 Backstroke: Nick Brown (Queensbury)

100 Breaststroke: Cyrus Guillet (Glens Falls)

400 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Garrett Lamouree, Jake Howard, Jack Huffaker, Grant Lamouree)


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