Pazzaglia’s American Kenpo and Karate host women’s self-defense course

Pazzaglia's American Kenpo and Karate in Johnstown recently provided a women's self-defense course entitled Survival Part I. (Photo submitted)

JOHNSTOWN – Recently Pazzaglia’s American Kenpo and Karate provided a women’s self-defense course entitled Survival Part I.

Owner and chief instructor Joe Pazzaglia said due to the recent tragedies within the community and the surrounding area that he was getting many requests and that there was an increased need for such a course.

Pazzaglia has nearly 20 years of experience working with criminals and is a Nationally certified R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Instructor.

Pazzaglia has provided women’s self-defense programs for the community, corporations, women’s groups and college students for more than 25 years and brings a lifetime of experience to the table.

“Our program Survival Part I is a comprehensive blend of information, material and physical skills that have been proven to increase a victims chances of survival and escape during an encounter,” Pazzaglia said in a news release. “Part I of the program last approximately three to four hours depending on the group size, and provides participants with statistics, strategies and techniques designed to have maximum results with minimal effort. They are intended for the four main target on the human body which has a devastating affect on the attacker regardless of size or gender.”

Pazzaglia's American Kenpo and Karate in Johnstown recently provided a women's self-defense course entitled Survival Part I. (Photo submitted)

The course covers an array of topics and scenarios like date rape, home invasions, importance of yelling and what to yell, burglaries/robberies, assaults, date rape drugs, attackers under the influence of drugs, pre-emptive/preventive measures for self and home, legal and liability, ground assaults and more.

“A lot of women rely far to heavily on pepper spray and or the possible use of a firearm,” Pazzaglia said in the release. “Without consistent and quality training these two so called solutions could potentially make the situation worse, may not be readily available and could be used against you. Pepper spray is most affective from a distance within 6 to 8 feet and requires one to be fairly accurate when its being dispersed. By this time, it could be too late.”

In the course, one example used was having cans of wasp spray in several areas of the home.

“In the event of a home invasion wasp spray could be far more affective then pepper spray. It works up to 20 feet away and requires less accuracy/training and causes temporary blindness until treated,” Pazzaglia said in the release.

This was just one example of many given to the participants to help them manage dangerous and or life threatening situations.

“At the end of the day all the participants are placed in reality based drills against a fully padded attacker. Its extremely intimidating, especially for women who have never been in a situation like this before,” Pazzaglia said in the release. “One participant stated, ‘I don’t care who you are, until you actually have to go through it, you have know idea what its like.’ Although many of the participants thought they would be able to defend themselves, many soon realized the affects of what we commonly refer to as ‘circuitry Overload.'”

“This is your brain’s natural response to fear and or adrenaline and consequently shuts down or causes one to freeze up. Unless someone is willing to step outside their comfort zone from time to time they’ll never truly understand how this feels or more importantly learn how to manage it during a dangerous situation,” Pazzaglia said in the release. “It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to self preservation. I can’t stress the importance of programs like these and routine training, there is a profound difference between a reputable women’s self-defense program and a woman who takes a cardio kickboxing class and all the sudden thinks they can protect themselves. I wish it were that simple, they fail in comparison. A quality program will get you thinking smarter and get your heart racing but not because of simply cardio but rather fear, fear can be a great motivator and get people to accomplish things they once thought not possible.”

For more information, contact Pazzaglia’s American Kenpo and Karate on Facebook, call (518) 775-0695 or visit their facility at 81 Briggs St. in Johnstown.

Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate offers children’s and adult classes, martial arts demonstrations and seminars, women’s self-defense, children’s anti-bullying and abduction prevention programs. private lessons, extreme cardio kickboxing and more.


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