Area swimmers earn Foothills Council honors

Gloversville-Mayfield's Mariana Benvenuto swims the butterfly leg of the 200-medley relay against Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls in a Foothills Council meet Sept. 17 at the Gloversville Middle School pool. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

Several area swimmers were among those named to the recently announced Foothills Council girls swimming all-star team.

Gloversville-Mayfield’s Mariana Benvenuto was named honorable mention in the 100-yard butterfly.

She also was part of the honorable-mention 200 medley relay team, along with Sydney Yates, Miracle Conyne and Finley Ebersole.

Fonda-Johnstown earned honorable-mention status in the 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relays.

Emma VanGorder, Jenna Weaver, Angelina Atwood and Abigail Rizzo comprised the 200 freestyle relay team, while Atwood, Rizzo, Scout Huckans and Julia Norris made up the 400 freestyle relay team.

Queensbury claimed eight of the 11 spots on the first team.

Anna Bearor (200 individual medley, 100 butterfly) was named to the first team in two events for the Spartans, while Sarah Little (50 freestyle), Allie Johnston (100 backstroke) and Natalie Giumarra (100 breaststroke) also earned first-team honors.

Queensbury also earned first-team honors in the 200 freestyle, 200 medley and 400 freestyle relays.

Glens Falls’ Kailey Gayton (200 freestyle, 500 freestyle) and Ella Wolfstich (100 freestyle) rounded out the first-team selections.

Glens Falls and Queensbury also swept the second-team spots.

Glens Falls had Rowan Davidson (200 freestyle, 500 freestyle) and Wolfstich (50 freestyle) named to the second team, while Queensbury’s Guimarra (200 individual medley), Little (100 butterfly), Emily Felton (100 backstroke) and Genevieve Coutant (100 breaststroke) also earned second-team honors.

Glens Falls also was named second team in the 200 medley, 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relays.

Queensbury’s Meghan Geczy (50 freestyle, 100 freestyle) was named honorable mention in two individual events. The Spartans’ Carys Bartlett (200 freestyle), Rachel Palmer (500 freestyle) and Susan Bozcar (100 breaststroke) also were named honorable mention.

Glens Falls’ Madison Maier (100 backstroke) and Ahva Heyman (200 individual medley) rounded out the honorable-mention selections.

2019 Foothills Council Girls Swimming All-Stars

First Team

200 Medley Relay: Queensbury (Allie Johnston, Natalie Giumarra, Sarah Little, Anna Bearor), 1:53.34

200 Freestyle: Kailey Gayton (GF) 2:07.56

200 Individual Medley: Anna Bearor (Q) 2:13.74

50 Freestyle: Sarah Little (Q) 25.49

100 Butterfly: Anna Bearor (Q) 59.67

100 Freestyle: Ella Wolfstich (GF) 57.33

500 Freestyle: Kailey Gayton (GF) 5:45.79

200 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Meghan Geczy, Sadie Giumarra, Natalie Giumarra, Anna Bearor), 1:44.47

100 Backstroke: Allie Johnston (Q) 1:03.77

100 Breaststroke: Natalie Guimarra (Q) 1:12.02

400 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Sarah Little, Emily Felton, Sadie Giumarra, Meghan Geczy), 3:51.17

Second Team

200 Medley Relay: Glens Falls (Kiki Dobert, Lilly Gallagher, Adler Palmer, Ahva Heyman), 2:05.21

200 Freestyle: Rowan Davidson (GF) 2:11.05

200 Individual Medley: Natalie Giumarra (Q) 2:20.60

50 Freestyle: Ella Wolfstich (GF) 25.73

100 Butterfly: Sarah Little (Q) 1:01.27

100 Freestyle: Sadie Giumarra (Q) 57.71

500 Freestyle: Rowan Davidson (GF) 5:51.17

200 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Lily Murray, Madison Maier, Kailey Gayton, Ella Wolfstich)

100 Backstroke: Emily Felton (Q) 1:04.25

100 Breaststroke: Genevieve Coutant (Q) 1:13.43

400 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Kailey Gayton, Lily Murray, Madison Maier, Ella Wolfstich), 3:55.59

Honorable Mention

200 Medley Relay: Gloversville-Mayfield (Sydney Yates, Miracle Conyne, Mariana Benvenuto, Finley Ebersole), 2:11.10

200 Freestyle: Carys Bartlett (Q) 2:11.8

200 Individual Medley: Ahva Heyman (GF) 2:23.82

50 Freestyle: Meghan Geczy (Q) 26.46

100 Butterfly: Mariana Benvenuto (GM) 1:01.55

100 Freestyle: Meghan Geczy (Q) 58.44

500 Freestyle: Rachel Palmer (Q) 5:52.54

200 Freestyle Relay: Fonda-Johnstown (Emma VanGorder, Jenna Weaver, Angelina Atwood, Abigail Rizzo), 2:00.53

100 Backstroke: Madison Maier (GF) 1:05.66

100 Breaststroke: Susan Bozcar (Q) 1:15.79

400 Freestyle Relay: Fonda-Johnstown (Angelina Atwood, Julia Norris, Abigail Rizzo, Scout Huckans), 4:14.73


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