Women’s tourney results announced

GLOVERSVILLE — Nancy’s Naughties won the team event in the Fulton County Regional USBC Women’s City Tournament at Arterial Lanes with team members Nancy Hulbert, Kay Lehr, Carol Coleman and Kathy Dingman with a score of 2,829. They were followed by Wanda’s Warriors, Kendra’s Krazies, Bowling Stone and Alley Cats.

Karen Mault and Tracey Pisano captured the doubles event scoring 1,473, followed by Badger/Smith 1,433; Hayner/M. Valik 1,430; Hine/Handy 1,428; Hladik/Murphy 1,427; Proctor/Mashhadi 1,413; K. Meher/Sparks 1,405; Boyd/Nauroth 1,397 and Hadcock/Foster 1,379.

The singles title was awarded to Tracey Pisano who bowled an 834 total. Other winners in this event were Jessica Hayner 798, Samantha Handy 793, Amanda Borden 785, Katherine Satterlee 751, Carol Hillabrandt 748, Lisa Douglass 745, Alyssa Hadcock 736, Jessica Glover 734, Kathleen Hallenbeck 731, Rebecca Smith 729, Kelly Nauroth 728, Violet Leighton 726, Carol Coleman 720, Betty Daley 718, Amy Ackerknecht 718, Lucille Unger 715, Paula Salatel 714, and Martha Foster 712.

A total of 2,345 earned by Tracey Pisano won the all-events title with Alicia Baker 2,254; Rebecca Smith 2,195; Jessica Hayner 2,191; Martha Foster 2,187; Kelly Nauroth 2,135; Lucille Unger 2,129; Kathleen Hallenbeck 2,120; Lisa Douglass 2,103; Julie Hine 2,100; and Paula Salatel 2,100 rounding out the winners.

Awards and trophies will be awarded at the city banquet on May 23 at 6 p.m. at Arterial Lanes. For more information or to confirm attendance at the banquet, call Connie Hladik at (518) 762-9305 by May 20.