Local riders post wins at Royal

CAROGA LAKE — A large field of riders took to the course on the second day of Central New York Motocross Racers Association competition Sunday at Royal Mountain.

Four local riders topped the podium with victories in their classes.

Johnstown’s Kyle Pollak took home top honors in the 122-250 Expert division was third in the 122-Open Expert class.

Fonda’s Carter Petersen won the Schoolboy 12-16 division, while Bennett Melita of Johnstown won the Senior Mini 79-85 12-15-year-old 2-stroke division and placed fifth in Open Mini.

Fonda’s Skyler Olmstead topped the field in the Quad Schoolboy 10-16 Mod.

Tyler Blowers placed second in the 122-Open Am and third in 122-250 Amateur, while Spencer Mang was second in the 122-250 Expert and 122-Open Expert divisions.

Johnstown’s Maxx Miller was second in the 65cc 7-11 2-stroke and the Jr. Mini-9-11 59-85 2-stroke.

J.T. Vietri of Johnstown placed second in the 122-Open Novice and was third in the 122-250 Novice.

Jeremie Angus of St. Johnsville was runner-up in the Plus 40 Am, while Gloversville’s Dennis Fitzpatrick was second in the Plus 50 division and Anthony Attigliato of Gloversville was second in the 122-250 Novice.

Fultonville’s Sheldon Wayman was second in the Collegeboy division, while Gloversville’s Tyler Covey placed third in Quad Schoolboy.

Kip Simonds of Johnstown placed fourth in the 51cc Pee-Wee Sr. division, while Tyler Rizzo of Gloversville was fourth in Mini Quad and Charles Rose of Fonda placed fourth in Open Mini.

Salvatore Attigliato of Gloversville finished fourth in the Plus 25 Amateur division, while Gerald Playford of Gloversville was fourth in Plus 30 Am and Ian Cary of Johnstown finished fourth in the Sr. Mini 2-stroke class.

Kyle Oertel of Fort Plain finished fifth in Schoolboy, while Matthew Cary was fifth in Plus 30 Am


at Royal Mountain Ski Area

Sunday’s Results

122-125 2 stroke: 1. Ryder Abare (Ganesvoort), 2. Evan Miller (Warrensburg), 3. Troy Miller (Warrensburg), 4. Joshua Grant (Valley Falls); 5. Brett Unser (Scotia).

122-250 Am: 1. Charles Clookey (Dickson), 2. Kaden Ozog (Poland); 3. Tyler Blowers (Fonda); 4. Dan Christman (Mechanicville); 5. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville).

122-250 Expert: 1. Kyle Pollak (Johnstown); 2. Spencer Mang (Ft. Plain); 3. Mark Molesky (Esperence); 4. Patrick Coreno (Mechanicville).

122-250 Novice: 1. Chad Forstell (Scotia); 2. Anthony Attigliato (Gloverville); 3. J.T. Vietri (Johnstown); 4. Earl Walsh (Gansevoort); 5. Zachary Lewandowski (Corinth).

122-Open Am: 1. Charles Clookey (Dickinson); 2. Tyler Blowers (Fonda); 3. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville); 4. Dan Christman (Mchanicville); 5. Jim McBain (Westerlo).

122-Open Expert: 1. Mark Molesky (Esperenace); 2. Spencer Mang (Ft. Plain); 3. Kyle Pollak (Johnstown); 4. Drew Cleveland (Howes Cave).

122 Open Novice: 1. Lee Bond (West Winfield); 2. J.T. Vietri (Johnstown); 3. Earl Wash (Gansevoot); 4. Deegan Thrasher (Holland Patent); 5. Zachary Lewandowski (Corinth).

51cc Open (4-8): 1. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville); 2. Noah Gokey (Camden); 3. Blake Croniser (Boonville); 4. Sebastian Witherell (Ghent); 5. Ryan Gattari (rome).

51cc Pee-Wee Jr. (4-6): 1. Blake Croniser (Boonville), 2. Sebastian Witherell (Ghent); 3. Soren allen (Corinth); 4. Keaton Berninger (Ghent).

51cc Pee-Wee Sr. (7-8): 1. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville); 2. Trevor David (Whitney Point); 3. Noah Gokey (Canden); 4. Kip Simonds (Johnstown); 5. Ryan Gattari (Rome).

65cc 7-11 2-stroke: 1. Benjamin Franco (Yorktown Heights); 2. Maxx Miller (Johnstown); 3. Danny Wilson III (Livingston Manor); 4. Kaden McAffrey (Schaghticoke); 5. Kaiden Forrester (Waterville).

Collegeboy (17-24): 1. Make Molesky (Esperenace); 2. Nicholas Debernardjs (Frankfort); 3. Sheldon Wayman (Fultonville).

Jr. Mini 9-11 59-85 2-stroke: 1. Benjamin Franco (Yorktown Heights); 2. Maxx Miller (Johnstown); 3. Danny Wilson III (Livingston Manor); 4. Kaden McAffrey (Schaghticoke); 5. Brendan Doyle (Wyckoff. NJ).

Mini Quad 51-90cc Prod: 1. Nathaniel Kadlic (Cobleskill); 2. Alex Tezl (New Berlin); 3. Colten Gillespie (Wallkill); 4. Tyler Rizzo (Gloversville); Kaiden Forrester (Waterville).

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Nathaniel Kadlic (Cobleskill); 2. Evan Miller (Warrensburg); 3. Marc Hartje (Pattersonville); 4. Charles Rose (Fultonville); 5. Bennett Melita (Johnstown).

Plus 25 Am (B/C): 1. Jesse Bond Jr. (Burlington Flats); 2. Jim McBain (Westerlo); 3. Sean Gillen (Saratoga); 4. Salvatore Attigliato (Gloversville); 5. Ryan Rose (Broadalbin).

Plus 25 Ex: 1. Drew Cleveland (Howes Cave); 2. troy Weakley (Cold Brook); 3. Cameron Suriano (Mechanicville); 4. Michael Lawlor (Berlin); 5. Patrick Coreno (Mechanicville).

Plus 25 Quad: 1. David Kowell (Syracuse); 2. Chris Davis (Parrish); 3. Jason Roggie (Croghan); 4. Travis Recore (Malone); 5. Jason Holbert (Burlington Flats).

Plus 30 Am (B/C): 1. Joe Falzo (Brunswick); 2. David Kowell (Syracuse); 3. Scott Jubic (Troy); 4. Gerald Playford (Gloversville); 5. Matthew Cary (Fultonville).

Plus 30 Ex: 1. Michael Lawlor (Berlin); Grant Gasstrom (Ilion); 3. Andrew Tripple (West Winfield); 4. Bill Beer (Schenectady).

Plus 40 Am (B/C): 1. Michael Davidson (Syracuse); 2. Jeremie Angus (St. Johnsville); 3. Tom Hogan (Stratford); 4. Robert Staalesen (Schenctady); 5. Jonathon Coons (Middleburg).

Plus 40 Ex: 1. Grant Gasstrom (Ilion); 2. Bill Beer (Schenectady).

Plus 45 Am (B/C): 1. Jake Kiefner (Rotterdam); 2. Dominick Aldi jr. Cassville); 3. Marc Forstall (Schenectady); 4. John Pajack (Albany).

Plus 45 Ex: 1. Gene Nighman (Cortland); 2. Scott Usmail (Rome).

Plus 50: 1. Peter Lawrence (South Hero, VT); 2. Dennis Fitzpatridck (Gloversville).

Quad Am: 1. Billy Miskall (Schenevus); 2. Alex Willett (Malone); 3. Matthew Mitchell (Melrose); 4. Thomas Snyder (Schenevus).

Quad Ex: 1. Theodore VanBrink (Richfield Springs); 2. Chris Davis (Parish); 3. Michael Talbot (Edmeston); 4. Adam Briggs (Fulton); 5. David Kowell (Syracuse).

Quad Novice: 1. corey Simmons (Edmeston); 2. Kyle Vanderwerker (Oneonta); 3. Cody Brown (Susquehanna, PA); 4. Alexander Ritton (Schenevus); 5. Avery Curley (Troy).

Quad Schoolboy: 1. Dkyler Olmstead (Fonda); 2. Kaylee Ross (Willett); 3. Tyler Covey (Gloversville).

Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Carter Petersen (Fonda); 2. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park); 3. Ryder Abare (Gansevoort); 4. Troy Miller (Warrensburg); 5. Kylje Oertel (Ft. Plain).

Sr. Mini 79-85 12-15 2-stroke: 1. Bennett Melita (Johnstown); Caleb Thrasher (Holland Patent); 3. Alex Willett Jr. (Malone); 4. Ian Cary (Johnstown); 5. Anthony Cvetczar (Poland).

women 85-250cc: 1. Sarah Lawlor (Berlin); 2. Kelly Myers (Boonville).


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