Track & Field Roundup: FFCS sweeps Canajoharie in WAC meet

Johnstown's Trey Stover, right, breaks from the starting blocks in the 100-meter dash during a Foothills Council meet against Scotia-Glenville on Tuesday at Knox Field in Johnstown. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)

FONDA — The Fonda-Fultonville track teams pulled off a sweep of Canajoharie in a Western Athletic Conference dual meet showdown Tuesday at Fonda-Fultonville High School.

The Lady Braves picked up a 116-24 victory over Canajoharie, while the Fonda-Fultonville boys edged the Cougars 76-65.

Emilia Vardai-Davidson, Stella Williams, Haley Clear and Giulianna Capparello won multiple individual events for Fonda-Fultonville.

Vardai-Davison won the long and triple jumps with lead of 14-9 and 31-1, respectively, and the 400-meter dash (66.1).

Williams took home victories in the shot put (27-1) and high jump (4-3), while Clear swept the 1,500- and 3,000-meter runs with her times of 5:42 and 12:16, respectively. Capparello won the 100-meter high hurdles with her time of 18.5 and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles with a 1:24.5.

Johnstown's Kirsten Draper competes in the long jump during a Foothills Council meet against Scotia-Glenville on Tuesday at Knox Field in Johnstown. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)

Canajoharie’s Taya Yacobucci won the 200-meter dash in 29.7, while Abigail Smith won the pole vault, clearing the bar at 7-06.

On the boys side, Marcus Johnson and Austin Ferrara were double winners for Canajoharie, while Mitch Araya and Alex Saltsman were double individual winners for Fonda-Fultonville.

Johnson posted victories in the 400-meter intermediate hurdles with a time of 59.4 and the triple jump with a leap of 38-10 1/2. Ferrara topped the podium in the 400-meter dash with his time of 55.8 and the 200-meter dash with a 24.9.

Araya picked up the victory in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.1 and cleared the bar at 5-4 to win the high jump.

Saltsman swept the weight events, claiming the top spot in the shot put with a throw of 39-6 and the discus with a toss of 136-5.

Johnstown's Sebastian Mills leads the 1,600 meters during a Foothills Council meet against Scotia-Glenville on Tuesday at Knox Field in Johnstown. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)


Fonda-Fultonville 116, Canajoharie 24

3200 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (Snell, Gray, Nichols, Roman), 11:47.3.

100 HH: Giulianna Capparello (FF), 18.5.

100: Alyssa Duval (FF), 14.3.

Johnstown's Abby Gottung clears a hurdle in the final 100 meters of the 400-meter intermediate hurdle event in a Foothills Council meet against Scotia-Glenville Tuesday at Knox Field in Johnstown. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

1500: Haley Clear (FF), 5:42.

400 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (Nichols, Shults, Sala, Betts), 68.1.

400: Emilia Vardai-Davidson (FF), 66.1.

400 IH: Giulianna Capparello (FF), 1:24.5.

800: Madison Nichols (FF), 2:54.4.

Fonda-Fultonville's Haley Clear holds a lead over Canajoharie's Victoriah Adams in the 1,500-meter run during Tuesday's Western Athletic Conference meet at Fonda-Fultonville High School. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

200: Taya Yacobucci (C), 29.7.

3000: Haley Clear (FF), 12:16.

1600 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (Vardai-Davidson, Nichols, Vainauskas, Gray), 4:43.8.

Discus: Krystal McSpirit (FF), 77-03.

Shot put: Stella Williams (FF), 27-01.

Canajoharie's Joey Nare, left, Fonda-Fultonville's Liam Viscosi and Canajoharie's Andrew Ferguson clear the final hurdle and prepare to sprint to the finish line in the 100-meter high hurdles at Tuesday's Western Athletic Conference meet at Fonda-Fultonville High School. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

High jump: Stella Williams (FF), 4-03.

Pole vault: Abigail Smith (C), 7-06.

Long jump: Emilia Vardai-Davidson (FF), 14-09.

Triple jump: Emilia Vardai-Davidson (FF), 31-01.


Fonda-Fultonville 76, Canajoharie 65

3200 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (Cline, Booth, Hanson, Hunter), 9:29.3.

110 HH: Joey Nare (C), 16.1.

100: Mitch Araya (FF), 12.1.

1600: Shane Viscosi (FF), 4:52.

400 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (Araya, Hesch, Petersen, Neff), 47.8.

400: Austin Ferrara (C), 55.8.

400 IH: Marcus Johnson (C), 59.4.

800: Trevor Cline (FF), 2:17.

200: Austin Ferrara (C), 24.9.

3200: Patrick Meunier (C), 11:07.

1600 relay: Canajoharie (Ferrara, Ferguson, Sydow, Johnson).

Shot put: Alex Saltsman (FF), 39-06.

Discus: Alex Saltsman (FF), 136-05.

High jump: Mitch Araya (FF), 5-04.

Pole vault: Carter Petersen (FF), 11-09.

Long jump: Garrett Neff (FF), 18-05.75.

Triple jump: Marcus Johnson (C), 38-10.5.

Galway sweeps Schoharie

GALWAY — The Galway girls picked up a narrow victory, 71-69 over Schoharie, while the Galway boys downed Schoharie 83-48 in WAC action Tuesday at Galway High School.

Rachel Wnuk was a triple winner for the Lady Golden Eagles, taking home victories in the 100-meter dash, high jump and triple jump.

Katie Krohn picked up victories in the 100- and 200-meter dashes for Schoharie.

On the boys side, Galway’s Holden Decker and Ryan Ingle were double winners.

Decker won the 800 and 1,600 meters, while Ryan Ingle took home victories in the pole vault and 400-meter intermediate hurdles.

Aidan Wellman won the 100- and 200-meter dashes for Schoharie.


Galway 71, Schoharie 69

100: Katie Krohn (S), 13.1.

200: Katie Krohn (S), 29.2.

400: Julia Reedy (G), 1:10.6.

800: Samantha Grant (G), 2:55.0.

1500: Emma Jordan (G), 6:09.9.

100 HH: Rachel Wnuk (G), 17.6.

400 IH: Siela Zembsch (G), 1:20.1.

400 relay: Schoharie (Schofield, Laux, Rettberg, Alfumgani), 56.4.

1600 relay: Galway (Grant, Lacerais, Reedy, Zembsch), 4:52.0.

3200 relay: Galway (Zembsch, Zembsch, Grant, Lacerais), 11:39.

Triple jump: Rachel Wnuk (G), 30-06.25.

High jump: Rachel Wnuk (G), 4-09.

Pole vault: Meghan Krohn (S), 8-0.

Shot put: Aila Bishop (G), 29-05.5.

Discus: Sullivan (S), 64-10.


Galway 83, Schoharie 48

100: Aidan Wellman (S), 11.7.

200: Aidan Wellman (S), 26.4

400: Andrew Hahn (S), 57.6.

800: Holden Decker (G), 2:14.4.

1600: Holden Decker (G), 4:45.

3200: James Hilton (G), 13:13.6.

110 HH: Darren Heigel (G), 23.7.

400 IH: Ryan Ingle (G), 68.6.

400 relay: Schoharie (Dietz, Rump, Wellman, Santoro), 47.5.

1600 relay: Galway (Decker, Clark, O’Connell, Stewart), 4:27.8.

3200 relay: Galway (Hilton, Holbrook, Clark, O’Connell), 11:34.

High jump: Charlie Clarke (G), 5-04.

Pole vault: Ryan Ingle (G), 9-0.

Long jump: Jaydon Santoro (S), 20-01.

Triple jump: Joshua Rumsey (G), 32-02.

Shot put: Conrad (S), 33-10.

Discus: Mathew Sowle (G), 109-03.

FP-OESJ splits league meet

BERNE — Mekhi Lanier, Zach Moshier and Hunter Logan were double individual winners for FP/OESJ in Tuesday’s league meet at Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School.

Lanier won the 100- and 200-meter sprints, while Moshier was first to the line in the 800- and 1,600-meter runs and Logan swept the shot put and discus throws.

Sarah Florian was the lone winner for the Fort Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville girls with her victory in the shot put.

Selom Ayi, Michelle Puzulis and Vasaliki Lefkaditis were double winners for the BKW girls.

Ayi won the 100 and 200, while Puzulis won the 1,500-meter run and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles and Lefkaditis won the long and triple jumps.

Silas Ayi won the 110-meter high hurdles, high jump and long jump for the BKW boys.


Berne-Knox-Westerlo 72, Fort Plain/OESJ 50

Berne-Knox-Westerlo 73, Middleburgh 43

Middleburgh 62, Fort Plain/OESJ 57

100: Selom Ayi (BKW), 14.7.

200: Selom Ayi (BKW), 29.7.

400: Madison Palmatier (M), 1:08.4.

800: Caroline Mundell (BKW), 2:53.

1500: Michelle Puzulis (BKW), 5:37.6.

3000: Andie Burton (M), 12:30.

400 IH: Michelle Puzulis (BKW), 1:21.8.

400 relay: Berne-Knox-Westerlo, 58.3.

1600 relay: Middleburgh, 5:01.

3200 relay: Middleburgh, 12:13.5.

Shot put: Sarah Florian (FPOESJ), 24-09.

Discus: Sam Mengel (BKW), 91-06.

High jump: Kaleigh Connors (BKW), 4-0.

Long jump: Vasaliki Lefkaditis (BKW), 13-02.

Triple jump: Vasaliki Lefkaditis (BKW), 26-10.

Pole vault: Juliana Ryan (M), 6-06.

Fort Plain/OESJ 86, Berne-Knox-Westerlo 47

Berne-Knox-Westerlo 109, Middleburgh 16

Fort Plain/OESJ 123, Middleburgh 5

100: Mekhi Lanier (FPOESJ), 11.6.

200: Mekhi Lanier (FPOESJ), 24.5.

400: Clayton Welch (FPOESJ), 55.8.

800: Zach Moshier (FPOESJ), 2:22.5.

1600: Zach Moshier (FPOESJ), 5:25.1.

3200: Tim Jackson (BKW), 12:19.8.

110 HH: Silas Ayi (BKW), 18.1.

400 IH: Manny Root (FPOESJ), 68.9.

400 relay: Fort Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville, 50.6.

1600 relay: Fort Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville, 4:00..

400 relay: Fort Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville, 9:40.

High jump: Silas Ayi (BKW), 5-0.

Pole vault: Skylar Barker (FPOESJ), 7-06.

Long jump: Silas Ayi (BKW), 17-04.5.

Triple jump: Joseph LeMoine (FPOESJ), 35-11.

Shot put: Hunter Logan (FPOESJ), 42-10.5.

Discus: Hunter Logan (FPOESJ), 118-05.

Mayfield-Northville girls top Duanesburg

DUANESBURG — Kira Williams posted a victory in the 3,000-meter run and Mayfield-Northville picked up wint in the 1,600 and 3,200-meter relays at Tuesday’s meet in Duanesburg.


Mayfield-Northville 75, Duanesburg 65

Duanesburg 89, Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons 36

100: Bethany Baza (D), 14.0.

200: Julianna Perillo (D), 31.4.

400: Sophia Loukides (D), 1:15.8.

800: Jennifer Skeeter (D), 2:44.8.

1500: Jennifer Skeeter (D), 5:30.1.

3,000: Kira Williams (MN), 12:27.7.

100 HH: Valerie Schaeffer (D), 17.6.

400 IH: Jessica Archambeault (D), 1:20.2.

400 relay: Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons (Quinn, Jackson, Crumble, Helfrich), 56.8.

1600 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Relyea, T. LaFontaine, D. LaFontaine, Bace), 5:14.8.

3200 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Relyea, Meyers, Williams, LaFontaine), 12:51.6.

High jump: Bethany Baza (D), 4-04.

Pole vault: Emily Schaeffer (D), 9-06.

Foothills Council

Broadalbin-Perth sweeps South Glens Falls

SOUTH GLENS FALLS — The Broadalbin-Perth Patriots rebounded from their first dual-meet loss in over two years to defeat South Glens Falls 93-48, while the Lady Patriots edged South High, 75-66 Tuesday at South Glens Falls High School.

“Today we took a huge step forward in our climb to get back to being champions,” Broadalbin-Perth head coach Jeff Richards said. “After suffering our first dual-meet loss in more than two years the boys got back on track with a complete team effort. Lately, we have struggled on the track and relied on our field to carry us. Today, though, we returned to what won us a sectional title a year ago and were balanced on both sides, scoring 52 points on the track and 41 in the field.”

Jon Simmons, Sean Meher and John Coddington were double individual winners for the Patriots.

Simmons won the 110-meter high hurdles (17.30) and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:02.3), while Meher cleared the bar at 5-6 to win the high jump and turned in a winning leap of 19-00 in the long jump.

Coddington swept the weight events with a throw of 47-00 in the shot put and a toss of 114-00 in the discus.

South High’s Austin Paltier swept the 100- and 200-meter sprints, while Nathaniel Nagle won the 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs.

On the girls side, Hailey Parrotti and Ava Tyler picked up three wins apiece and Gabby Larsen won two individual events to lead the Lady Patriots to victory.

Parrotti won the 100- and 200-meter dashes with her times of 12.70 and 27.60 respectively and also picked up the victory in the long jump with a leap of 15-05.

Tyler won the 100-meter high hurdles with a time of 16.8 and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles with her time of 1:12.60. She cleared the bar at 10-0 to take home the victory in the pole vault.

Larsen notched victories in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:43 and the 1,500 meters with a 5:16.3.

“The girls got a very impressive win as South High is always amongst the top teams in the Foothills,” Richards said. “Despite competing against a team with triple the number of girls [40 girls against our team of 13] we showed that we had the mental toughness to compete against anyone. They continue to get better each meet and, more importantly, they are starting to believe in each other.”


Broadalbin-Perth 75, South Glens Falls 66

100: Hailey Parrotti (BP), 12.70.

200: Hailey Parrotti (BP), 27.60.

400: Petra Shortte (SGF), 1:08.20.

800: Gabby Larsen (BP), 2:43.0.

1500: Gabby Larsen (BP), 5:16.3.

3000: Mia Cooper (SGF), 12:08.0.

100 HH: Ava Tyler (BP), 16.8.

400 IH: Ava Tyler (BP), 1:12.60.

400 relay: South Glens Falls (Corentto, Picerno, Chadwick, Donohue), 57.2.

1600 relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Phillips, Larsen, Lin, Tyler), 4:29.7.

3200 relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Barnhart, Larsen, Phillips, Frasier), 11:10.7.

High jump: Abigail Seaman (SGF), 4-09.0.

Pole vault: Ava Tyler (BP), 10-0.

Long jump: Hailey Parrotti (BP), 15-05.0.

Triple jump: Jedidiah Shortte (SGF), 32-06.0.

Shot put: Lea Richard (SGF), 32-08.0.

Discus: Caitlin Palmateer (BP), 87-07.


Broadalbin-Perth 93, South Glens Falls 48

100: Austin Paltier (SGF), 11.50.

200: Austin Paltier (SGF), 25.10.

400: Sam Rogers (BP), 55.0.

800: Cowen Leininger (SGF), 2:13.8.

1600: Nathaniel Nagle (SGF), 5:01.4.

3200: Nathaniel Nagle (SGF), 11:28.1.

110 HH: Jon Simmons (BP), 17.30.

400 IH: Jon Simmons (BP), 1:02.3.

400 relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Henry, Travis, Hotaling, Simmons), 47.20.

1600 relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Henry, Couperus, Palmer, Simmons), 3:48.8.

3200 relay: South Glens Falls (Nagle, Taylor, Rafferty, Leiniger), 8:53.20.

High jump: Sean Meher (BP, 5:06.0.

Pole vault: Gabe Rittereiser (SGF), 13-00.

Long jump: Sean Meher (BP), 19-00.0.

Triple jump: Jeff Shlomovich (BP), 37-02.0.

Shot put: John Coddington (BP), 47-00.0.

Discus: John Coddington (BP), 114-00.

Scotia-Glenville tops Johnstown

JOHNSTOWN — The Sir Bills got victories from Brady VanAernam, Nolan Hayes, Julian Marte and Joey Matthews but came up short against Scotia-Glenville 80-59, while Abby Gottung, Molly Hotaling and Jenna Thompson posted victories in the Lady Bills 104-33 loss to Scotia.

VanAernam won the shot put with a throw of 43-08.5 and the discus with a toss of 120-11.

Marte won the 110-meter high hurdles with his time of 18.30, while Hayes won the 400-meter intermediate hurdles in 1:04.4 and Matthews cleared the bar at 5-06 to win the high jump.

Gottung swept the hurdle events, winning the 100-meter high hurdles in 16.70 and turned in a time of 1:09.9 in her 400-meter intermediate hurdle victory.

Thompson won the 100-meter dash in 12.60, while Hotaling topped the field in the high jump with a height of 4-04.

Jamaica Seeley-Angus and Delaney Krogh were double winners for the Scotia girls,w hile Josh Jeffes swept the sprints and Gabe Winters-Bona the distance events for the Tartans.

Johnstown will host its annual Johnstown Invitational Friday at Knox Field with events starting at 4 p.m.


Scotia-Glenville 104, Johnstown 33

100: Jenna Thompson (J), 12.60.

200: Jamaica Seeley-Angus (SG), 27.30.

400: Sage Luke (SG), 1:05.5.

800: Delaney Krogh (SG), 2:38.20.

1500: Delaney Krogh (SG), 5:27.80.

3000: stephanie James (SG), 11:27.20.

100 HH: Abby Gottung (J), 16.70.

400 IH: Abby Gottung (J), 1:09.9.

400 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Caddle, Seeley-Angus, Connor, Woods), 54.6.

1600 relay: Johnstown (Thompson, Anderson, Lake, Gottung), 5:26.10.

3200 relay: Scotia-Glenville (James. Luke, O’Neil, Krogh), 10:38.0.

High jump: Molly Hotaling (J), 4-04.0.

Pole vault: Morgan Luke (SG), 6-06.

Long jump: Jamaica Seeley-Angus (SG), 15-04.25.

Triple jump: Gabby Tallman (SG), 29-06.0.

Shot put: Zoe Connor (SG), 27-11.50.

Discus: Shanna Ludovici (SG), 82-11.5.


Scotia-Glenville 80, Johnstown 59

100: Josh Jeffes (SG), 11.20.

200: Josh Jeffes (SG), 23.20.

400: Josh Jeffes (SG), 52.40.

800: Ryan Bruce (SG), 2:01.20.

1600: Gabe Winters-Bona (SG), 4:39.10.

3200: Gabe Winters-Bons (SG), 10:05.0.

110 HH: Julian Marte (J), 18.30.

400 IH: Nolan Hayes (J), 1:04.4.

400 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Blankenship, Coons, Tebano, Lonergan), 47.60.

1600 relay: Johnstown (Mills, Hayes, Stover, Boyle), 5:25.90.

3200 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Bruce, Gagnon, Ostrander, Tebano), 10:28.9.

High jump: Joey Matthews (J), 5-06.0.

Pole vault: Alex Tebano (SG), 10-00.0.

Long jump: Anthony Coons (SG), 16-02.25.

Triple jump: Anthony Coons (SG), 36-10.75.

Shot put: Brady VanAernam (J), 43-08.5.

Discus: Brady VanAernam (J), 120-11.

Amsterdam salutes its seniors with sweep

AMSTERDAM — After honoring the 16 seniors on its squad before the meet, the Amsterdam track and field teams posted victories in 16 of the 17 events on both the boys and girls side to sweep Gloversville in Foothills Council action Tuesday at Amsterdam High School.

The Rams posted a 120-18 victory over Gloversville, while the Lady Rams won by a 106-22 margin.

Charli Beekman recorded three individual victories for the Lady Rams, topping the field in the 100 and 200 meters and the long jump. Gaby Feliciano won the 1,500- and 3,000-meter runs, while Gabby Stanavich topped the field in the 100-meter high hurdles and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles and Jackie Stanavich won the pole vault and the shot put.

Macey Salvione posted the lone victory for the Gloversville girls with her leap of 29-09 in the triple jump.

On the boys side, Trevor Dzikowicz won the 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs for Amsterdam, while Chaun’J Ramos won the pole vault and the 800 and Jacob Gomez won the long and triple jumps as well as the 400-meter dash.

Marcos Santiago won the 110-meter high hurdles and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles, while Garrett McHeard won the shot put and discus.

Ryan Smith picked up Gloversville’s lone victory, hitting the line first in the 100-meter dash.


Amsterdam 106, Gloversville 22

100: Charli Beekman (A), 12.60.

200: Charli Beekman (A), 27.10.

400: Lauren Santiago (A), 59.70.

800: Kayla Sondrup (A), 2:52.70.

1500: Gaby Feliciano (A), 5:25.20.

3000: Gaby Feliciano (A), 12:13.40.

100 HH: Gabby Stanavich (A), 15.20.

400 IH: Gabby Stanavich (A), 1:09.80.

400 relay: Amsterdam (Krawczyk, Figueroa, Kamininski, Gomez), 55.10.

1600 relay: Amsterdam (G. Stanavich, Krawczyk, Gomez, Santiago), 4:24.80.

3200 relay: Amsterdam (Santiago, Feliciano, Sondrup, Smith), 11:23.60.

High jump: Kayla Sondrup (A), 4-00.

Pole vault: Jackie Stanavich (A), 6-00.0.

Long jump: Charli Beekman (A), 15-08.50.

Triple jump: Macey Salvione (G), 29-09.0.

Shot put: Jackie Stanavich (A), 29-05.75.

Discus: Makayla Brown (A), 53-04.


Amsterdam 120, Gloversville 18

100: Ryan Smith (G), 11.90.

200: Robert Martinez (A), 24.10.

400: Jacob Gomez (A), 53.90.

800: Chaun J Ramos (A), 2:12.70.

1600: Trevor Dzikowicz (A), 5:04.80.

3200: Trevor Dzikowicz (A), 11:06.20.

110 HH: Marcos Santiago (A), 16.20.

400 IH: Marcos Santiago (A), 1:03.80.

400 relay: Amsterdam (Sanchez, Fernandez, Martinez, Vargas), 46.80.

1600 relay: Amsterdam (Joyner, Gomez, Martinez, Santiago), 3:50.10.

3200 relay: Amsterdam (Dzikowicz, Ramos, Reyes, Spraker), 10:39.90.

High jump: Antonio Reyes (A), 5-06.0.

Pole vault: Chaun J Ramos (A), 10-06.0.

Long jump: Jacob Gomez (A), 18-07.0.

Triple jump: Jacob Gomez (A), 37-03.25.

Shot put: Garrett McHeard (A), 41-11.25.

Discus: Garrett McHeard (A), 102-07.


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