Dolgeville players named CSC volleyball all-stars

Several Dolgeville volleyball players were among those named to the Center State Conference volleyball all-star team.

Emma Bilinski, Breanna Potts, Jazzlyn Grassel and Rylee Lamphere were named first-team Division II all-stars for the Blue Devils, who shared the CSC Division II crown with Little Falls and Herkimer after all three teams went 6-2 in league play.

Dolgeville, which went 17-4 overall, also had Kinsey Randall and Olivia Davies named honorable mention.

Herkimer’s Brittany McManus was named the Division II Most Valuable Player. The Magicians also had Makaila Maass, Maria Humble and Jaden Edmunds named first-team Division II all-stars.

Little Falls’ Kylie Miles, Grace Bergeron, Miranda Hubbell and Camber Barnett also were named Division II first-team all-stars, along with Frankfort-Schuyler’s Jayde Travis.

Herkimer’s Casey Buckley and Sarah Eastwood, Little Falls’ Emma Rasch, and Frankfort-Schuyler’s Lindsey Scalise and Izzy Purpura were named honorable mention in Division II.

Division I

Canastota’s Taylor Katzuba was named Division I MVP after helping her team to the CSC Division I title with an 8-0 league mark.

The Raiders’ Loryn Wilcox, Gracie Morris and Sierra Tucci were named first-team Division I all-stars.

Sherburne-Earlville’s Brooke Smith and Paige Losee were named Division I all-stars, along with Clinton’s Kacie Simzer and Erin Kirk.

Rounding out the Division I all-stars were Holland Patent’s Chiara Berardi and Adirondack’s Kasidy Rogers.

Canastota had Reagan Fox and Logan Hood named honorable mention, while Sherburne Earlville’s Marilyn Loiselle and Desiree Owen also earned honorable-mention status.

Completing the honorable-mention selections in Division I were Clinton’s Breanna Schremmer and Sarah Martini; Holland Patent’s Emily Boulerice and Natasha Plunkett; and Adirondack’s Hailey Memery and Emaleigh Hill.

Division III

Mount Markham, which won the CSC Division III title with an 8-0 league mark had Stephanie Burke named Division III Most Valuable Player.

The Mustangs, who won the Section III Class C crown and went 19-0 overall, had Michala Jones, Kaylee Barrett and Morgan Stubley named first-team Division III all-stars.

Sauquoit Valley’s Maryann Lewandrowski and Kiley Lazarek also were named to the first team, along with Cooperstown’s Kaitlyn Curtis and Natalie Brotherton. Waterville’s Amber Bechy and Westmoreland’s Liz Sill rounded out the CSC Division III first-team all-stars.

In addition to its first-team selections, Mount Markham also had Amber Bryce and Lana Brindisi named honorable mention.

Rounding out the Division III honorable-mention selections were Sauquoit Valley’s Kassie Berry and Kimmi Whittaker; Cooperstown’s Aimee Cook and Madison Hurysz; Waterville’s Emma Broedel and Emily Rotach; and Westmoreland’s Brooke Jones and M’Kayla Tierney.

Division IV

Morrisville-Eaton and Old Forge shared the CSC Division IV title this season after both posted 7-1 league marks.

Old Forge’s Dayna DeAngelo was named the Division IV MVP. The Eskimos also had Caitlin Russell and Alyssa Green named first-team Division IV all-stars.

Morrisville-Eaton, which won the Section III Class D title and went 14-7 overall, had Kendra Waltz, Julia Patrick, Chesney Hawk and Molly Holcomb (named first-team Division IV all-stars.

Rounding out the Division IV first-team selections were Remsen’s Madelyn McCormack and Emma Skermont; Owen D. Young’s Evonna Mower; and New York Mills’ Gillian Biel (New York Mills)

Morrisville-Eaton’s Kady Warner and Haley Henry were named honorable mention, along with Old Forge’s Natalie Brownsell and Britney Levi.

Rounding out the Division IV honorable-mention selections were Remsen’s Joline Lehman and Skyler Eaton, and New York Mills’ Morgan McCauley and Angela Chen.

2018-19 Center State Conference Volleyball All-Stars

Division I Champion: Canastota

MVP: Taylor Kutzuba (Canastota)

First Team

Loryn Wilcox (Canastota), Gracie Morris (Canastota), Sierra Tucci (Canastota), Brooke Smith (Sherburne-Earlville), Paige Losee (Sherburne-Earlville), Kacie Simzer (Clinton), Erin Kirk (Clinton), Chiara Berardi (Holland Patent), Kasidy Rogers (Adirondack)

Honorable Mention

Reagan Fox (Canastota), Logan Hood (Canastota), Marilyn Loiselle (Sherburne-Earlville), Desiree Owen (Sherburne-Earlville), Breanna Schremmer (Clinton), Sarah Martini (Clinton), Emily Boulerice (Holland Patent), Natasha Plunkett (Holland Patent), Hailey Memery (Adirondack), Emaleigh Hill (Adirondack)

Division II

Division II Tri-Champions: Dolgeville, Little Falls, Herkimer

MVP: Brittany McManus (Herkimer)

First Team

Emma Bilinski (Dolgeville), Breanna Potts (Dolgeville), Jazzlyn Grassel (Dolgeville), Rylee Lamphere (Dolgeville), Makaila Maass (Herkimer), Maria Humble (Herkimer), Jaden Edmunds (Herkimer), Kylie Miles (Little Falls), Grace Bergeron (Little Falls), Camber Barnett (Little Falls), Miranda Hubbell (Little Falls), Jayde Travis (Frankfort-Schuyler)

Honorable Mention

Kinsey Randall (Dolgeville), Olivia Davies (Dolgeville), Casey Buckley (Herkimer), Sarah Eastwood (Herkimer), Emma Rasch (Little Falls), Lindsey Scalise (Frankfort-Schuyler), Izzy Purpura (Frankfort-Schuyler)

Division III

Division III Champion: Mount Markham

MVP: Stephanie Burke (Mount Markham)

First Team

Michala Jones (Mount Markham), Kaylee Barrett (Mount Markham), Morgan Stubley (Mount Markham), Maryann Lewandrowski (Sauquoit Valley), Kiley Lazarek (Sauquoit Valley), Kaitlyn Curtis (Cooperstown), Natalie Brotherton (Cooperstown), Amber Bechy (Waterville), Liz Sill (Westmoreland)

Honorable Mention

Amber Bryce (Mount Markham), Lana Brindisi (Mount Markham), Kassie Berry (Sauquoit Valley), Kimmi Whittaker (Sauquoit Valley), Aimee Cook (Cooperstown), Madison Hurysz (Cooperstown), Emma Broedel (Waterville), Emily Rotach (Waterville), Brooke Jones (Westmoreland), M’Kayla Tierney (Westmoreland)

Division IV

Division IV Co-Champions: Morrisville-Eaton, Old Forge

MVP: Dayna DeAngelo (Old Forge)

First Team

Kendra Waltz (Morrisville-Eaton), Julia Patrick (Morrisville-Eaton), Chesney Hawk (Morrisville-Eaton), Molly Holcomb (Morrisville-Eaton), Caitlin Russell (Old Forge), Alyssa Green (Old Forge), Madelyn McCormack (Remsen), Emma Skermont (Remsen), Evonna Mower (Owen D. Young), Gillian Biel (New York Mills)

Honorable Mention

Kady Warner (Morrisville-Eaton), Haley Henry (Morrisville-Eaton), Natalie Brownsell (Old Forge), Britney Levi (Old Forge), Joline Lehman (Remsen), Skyler Eaton (Remsen), Morgan McCauley (New York Mills), Angela Chen (New York Mills)


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