Schedule set for women’s tourney

GLOVERSVILLE — The teams and starting times for the Fulton County Regional USBC Women’s City Tournament at Arterial Lanes have been announced.

The tournament is scheduled to run from May 4 to 9. For more information, call Connie Hladik at (518) 762-9305.

Fulton County Regional USBC Women’s City Tournament Schedule

at Arterial Lanes

Saturday, May 4


Team: Wild Ladies; Doubles: Smimmo/French, Unger/Luft, Cole/Warner, Wilson/Glover, Williams/Roblee, Proctor/Mashhadi, Meyer/Hill, Weil/Sweet, Starin/Boyd

3 p.m.

Doubles: K. Meher/Sparks, Hulbert/Dingman; Singles: Lucille Unger, Ronnie Luft, Mona Cole, Barb Warner, Michelle Wilson, Jessica Glover, Kathy Williams, Kim Roblee, Amy Proctor, Kim Mashhadi, Marge Meyer, Avis Hill

Sunday, May 5


Team: The Crazy’s

Doubles: Badger/Smith, Houghtaling/Murray, C. Jennings/J. Jennings, Sparks/Snell, Leighton/Brockhum, Hine/Handy, Coleman/Lehr, A. Ellsworth/Baker, Salatel/P. Ellsworth; Singles: Marie Smimmo, Linda French, Nancy Hulbert, Kathy Dingman

3 p.m.

Team: Bowls Deep, Good Time Gals

Doubles: C. Meher/Douglass

Singles: Connie Badger, Rebecca Smith, Michelle Houghtaling, Terry Murray, Crystal Jennings, Jeannie Jennings, Barb Sparks, Violet Leighton, Julie Brockhum, Julie Hine, Samantha Handy, Carol Coleman, Kay Lehr, Caroline Weil, Linda Sweet, Jackie Starin, Dawn Boyd, Linda Snell, Allison Ellsworth, Alicia Baker, Paula Salatel, Penny Ellsworth, Cathy Meher, Lisa Douglass

Monday, May 6

6:30 p.m.

Team: Just Bug Off, Alley Oops, We’re Here, Pin Devils, Wanda’s Warriors, Ronnie’s Raiders, Sunshine Girls, Irish Lassies, Alley Cats, Arterial Lanes, Starlite Ladies, Boyd’s Bears, Nancy’s Naughties, Kendra’s Crazies

Singles: Kati-lyn Meher, Megan Valik, Jessica Hayner

Tuesday, May 7

6:30 p.m.

Team: BBQ Starlite, Family Tree, Foxy Ladies, Connie’s Team, Bowling Stones;

Doubles: Lampkin/Dutcher, S. Griffith/T. Griffith, B. Frolke/H. Frolke

Singles: Dianne Kierpiec, Camille Smullen, Carol Hillabrandt, Phyllis D’Errico, Sandy Schwed, Michele Wiltey

9 p.m.

Singles: Katrina Lampkin, Georgia Dutcher, Theresa Griffith, Sandy Griffith

Wednesday, May 8

6:30 p.m.

Doubles: Lewek/Hallenbeck, VanHoesen/Daley, VanAlstine/Dorman, Santiago/Borden, Hladik/Murphy, D’Errico/Hillabrandt, Snyder/Becker, Smith/Nauroth, Hillriegel/Hotaling, Schwed/Wiltey, Hadcock/Foster, B. Marshall/K. Marshall, Campos/Franco, Smullen/Kierpiec, Mault/Pisano, T. Sweet/K. Sweet, Davis/Taub, Moyer/Klim

9 p.m.

Singles: Paulette Lewek, Kathleen Hallenbeck, Sue VanHoesen, Betty Daley, Phyllis VanAlstine, Jacey Dorman, Krista Santiago, Amanda Borden, Nancy Becker, Cindy Snyder, Casey Smith, Kelly Nauroth, Alyssa Hadcock, Martha Foster, Brittany Marshall, Karen Marshall, Ann Campos, Patty Franco, Tina Sweet, Kendra Sweet

Thursday, May 9

6:30 p.m.

Team: Splits & Giggles

Doubles: L. Valik/K. Meher, J. Hayner/M. Valik, A. Ackerknecht/L. Ackerknecht, Taylor/Satterlee, Spraker/Elzenbeck, Bortell/Frank, Carleo/Morrison

Singles: Connie Hladik, Pat Murphy, Donna Hillriegel, Linda Hotaling, Barbara Frolke, Heather Frolke, Karen Mault, Tracey Pisano, Deb Klim, Merry Moyer, Wendy Davis, Donna Taub

9 p.m.

Singles: Lindsey Valik, Jami Spraker, Erica Elzenbeck, Bonnie Bortell, Connie Frank, Sara Carleo, Erica Morrison, Amy Ackerknecht, Leslie Ackerknecht, Patty Taylor, Katherine Satterlee