Dolgeville players named CSC all-stars

Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville's Rebecca Trumble (22) challenges Dolgeville's Hannah Stack (45) as she puts up a shot during the Section II/Section III Challenge at Fulton-Montgomery Community College on Jan. 19. Stack was named a first-team Center State Conference Division II all-star. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

Four Dolgeville boys and girls basketball players were among those named to the 2018-19 Center State Conference all-star team.

Greg Gonyea was named a Division II boys all-star, while Hannah Stack was named a first-team Division II girls all-star.

Zach Smith was named honorable mention for the boys, while Sandra Gonyea was named to the second team for the girls.

Herkimer’s Jordyn Lanaux was named the boys Division II Most Valuable Player, while West Canada Valley’s Dave Smith was named Coach of the Year.

Jacob Smith, Jaeden Beam and Nate Rath of West Canada Valley were named Division II all-stars, along with Herkimer’s James Aiello and Mardoni Laguerre.

Rounding out the boys Division II all-stars were Oriskany’s Matt Enos and Aaron Warcup, Frankfort-Schuyler’s Levi Spina and Little Falls’ Mason Trumbull.

Earning honorable-mention status were Frankfort-Schuyler’s Jeff DeSarro and Oriskany’s Colton Davis.

Herkimer’s Alana Ferri was named the girls Division II MVP.

Little Falls’ Olivia Langdon and Geena Morotti were named first-team girls Division II all-stars, along with West Canada Valley’s Jordyn Conte and Frankfort-Schuyler’s Charlotte Rodio.

Little Falls had Alexis Perrone and Nicole Failing named to the second team, while West Canada Valley’s Caroline Tobin, Frankfort-Schuyler’s Gianna DeSarro and West Canada Valley’s Marta Joslin also earned second-team honors.

Herkimer’s Marion Leskovar and Frankfort-Schuyler’s Sophia Simmons were named honorable mention.


In Division I, Sherburne-Earlville’s Hunter Lane was named Most Valuable Player, while Sherburne-Earlville’s Kevin Vibbard was named Coach of the Year.

Sherburne-Earlville also had Gabe Irwin and Noah Posson named to the Division I all-star team.

Josh Ernst, D.J. Harter and Nate Healey were named all-stars for Holland Patent, while Adirondack had Nate Allen, Alexander Gaylord and Landon Miller named to the all-star team.

Rounding out the Division I all-stars were Canastota’s Nathan Wood and Edquen Brooks, and Clinton’s Tanner Deavens.

Canastota’s Dylan VanValkenberg was named honorable mention.

Cooperstown’s Jack Lambert was named the Most Valuable Player in Division III, while Cooperstown’s John Lambert was named Coach of the Year. The Hawkeyes won the Section III Class C and state Class C titles this season.

Noah Lifgren was named a Division III all-star for Cooperstown, while Calvin Sandler was named honorable mention.

Ryan Maddox, LaMarqus Merchant Jr. and Dekawn Grant of Utica Academy of Science were named Division III all-stars, wrong with Waterville’s Dawson Williams and Tyson Maxam.

Rounding out the Division III all-stars were Mount Markham’s Eddie King and Jordan Baucom, Sauquoit Valley’s Gianna Madia and Westmoreland’s Isaiah Peck.

Earning honorable-mention status in Division III were Waterville’s Derek Buell and Westmoreland’s David Piersall.

In Division IV, Hamilton’s Sean Hunt was named MVP and Hamilton’s Tom Blackford was named Coach of the Year.

Logan Copperwheat and Alex Mattrassi of New York Mills were named Division IV all-stars, along with Old Forge’s Shane Husler and Jimmy Connell.

Rounding out the Division IV all-stars were Hamilton’s Ryan Hunt and Ryan Rutledge, Remsen’s Hunter Jones and Adam Jones, Owen D. Young’s Stephen Dygert and John Hajczewski, and Poland’s Dylan Miller and Isaiah Zuchowski.

Poland’s Kade Ozog was the lone Division IV honorable-mention selection.


Holland Patent’s Haedyn Roberts was named the girls Division I Most Valuable Player.

Sherburne-Earlville had Tessa Cole and Kaitlyn Furner named first-team all-stars, while Adirondack’s Cam Roberts, Holland Patent’s Cassidy Kotary and Adirondack’s Belle Kranbuhl also earned first-team honors.

Clinton’s Hanna Morse and Gianna Trunfio were named second-team all-stars, along with Canastota’s Jessica Evans and Kasey Cashel. Holland Patent’s MaKenna Reinold and Adirondack’s Hannah Miller also earned second-team honors.

Clinton’s Audrey Gale, Holland Patent’s Hannah Corrigan, Sherburne-Earlville’s Sage Ashton, Adirondack’s Erica Sanford and Canastota’s Taylor Stevens were named honorable mention in Division I.

Sauquoit Valley’s Allison Moreau was named the Division III Most Valuable Player.

Cooperstown had Piper Seamon and Kate Trosset named first-team all-stars.

Rounding out the Division III first team were Waterville’s Molly Williams, Mount Markham’s Hayleigh Gates and Waterville’s Kathleen Gallagher.

Cooperstown’s Emilie Perez and Meagan Schuermann were named second-team all-stars, along with Mount Markham’s Hannah Gigliotti and Allison Sterling.

Waterville’s Janelle Cleary and Sauquoit Valley’s Jayna Inglis also earned second-team honors.

Westmoreland’s Emily Kernan, Waterville’s Anna Beach, Sauquoit Valley’s Alex Price and Westmoreland’s Ashley Murphy were named honorable mention in Division III.

In Division IV, New York Mills’ Abbey Copperwheat was named Most Valuable Player.

Amanda Sweet and Jennifer Sergott of Poland were named first-team all-stars in Division IV, along with Oriskany’s Maddelyn Hoehn, Morrisville-Eaton’s Morgan Phillips and Hamilton’s Beth Belanger.

New York Mills’ Jemma Jordan and Bri Taylor were named second-team all-stars in Division IV, along with Hamilton’s Ashley LaRuffa, Oriskany’s Aeron Hamm, Poland’s Heather Artz and Oriskany’s Matteson Hoehn.

Earning honorable-mention status in Division IV were Hamilton’s Kyleigh Pearson, Poland’s Jamie Weakley, Morrisville-Eaton’s Kirsten Grabow and Hamilton’s Emma Basher.

2018-19 Center State Conference Basketball All-Stars


Division I

MVP: Hunter Lane (Sherburne-Earlville)

Coach of the Year: Kevin Vibbard (Sherburne-Earlville)


Josh Ernst (Holland Patent), Edquen Brooks (Canastota), Gabe Irwin (Sherburne-Earlville), D.J. Harter (Holland Patent), Tanner Deavens (Clinton), Nate Allen (Adirondack), Nathan Wood (Canastota), Alexander Gaylord (Adirondack), Landon Miller (Adirondack), Noah Posson (Sherburne-Earlville), Nate Healey (Holland Patent)

Honorable Mention

Dylan VanValkenberg (Canastota)

Division II

MVP: Jordyn Lanaux (Herkimer)

Coach of the Year: Dave Smith (West Canada Valley)


Jacob Smith (West Canada Valley), Aaron Warcup (Oriskany), Greg Gonyea (Dolgeville), Mardoni Laguerre (Herkimer), Jaeden Beam (West Canada Valley), Levi Spina (Frankfort-Schuyler), Mason Trumbull (Little Falls), Nate Rath (West Canada Valley), James Aiello (Herkimer), Matt Enos (Oriskany)

Honorable Mention

Colton Davis (Oriskany), Jeff DeSarro (Frankfort-Schuyler), Zach Smith (Dolgeville)

Division III

MVP: Jack Lambert (Cooperstown)

Coach of the Year: John Lambert (Cooperstown)


Ryan Maddox (Utica Academy of Science), Dawson Williams (Waterville), LaMarqus Merchant Jr. (Utica Academy of Science), Noah Lifgren (Cooperstown), Dekwan Grant (Utica Academy of Science), Eddie King (Mount Markham), Jordan Baucom (Mount Markham), Gianni Mandia (Sauquoit Valley), Tyson Maxam (Waterville), Isaiah Peck (Westmoreland)

Honorable Mention

Calvin Sandler (Cooperstown), David Piersall (Westmoreland), Derek Buell (Waterville)

Division IV

MVP: Sean Hunt (Hamilton)

Coach of the Year: Tom Blackford (Hamilton)


Logan Copperwheat (New York Mills), Jimmy Connell (Old Forge), Ryan Hunt (Hamilton), Hunter Jones (Remsen), Alex Mattrassi (New York Mills), Ryan Rutledge (Hamilton), Stephen Dygert (Owen D. Young), John Hajczewski (Owen D. Young), Shane Husler (Old Forge), Dylan Miller (Poland), Isaiah Zuchowski (Poland), Adam Jones (Remsen)

Honorable Mention

Kade Ozog (Poland)


Division I

MVP: Haedyn Roberts (Holland Patent)

First Team

Cam Roberts (Adirondack), Belle Kranbuhl (Adirondack), Cassidy Kotary (Holland Patent), Tessa Cole (Sherburne-Earlville), Kaitlyn Furner (Sherburne-Earlville)

Second Team

Hanna Morse (Clinton), Gianna Trunfio (Clinton), MaKenna Reinold (Holland Patent), Jessica Evans (Canastota), Hannah Miller (Adirondack), Kasey Cashel (Canastota)

Honorable Mention

Audrey Gale (Clinton), Hannah Corrigan (Holland Patent), Sage Ashton (Sherburne-Earlville), Erica Sanford (Adirondack), Taylor Stevens (Canastota)

Division II

MVP: Alana Ferri (Herkimer)

First Team

Olivia Langdon (Little Falls), Jordyn Conte (West Canada Valley), Geena Morotti (Little Falls), Hannah Stack (Dolgeville), Charlotte Rodio (Frankfort-Schuyler)

Second Team

Caroline Tobin (West Canada Valley), Gianna DeSarro (Frankfort-Schuyler), Nicole Failing (Little Falls), Marta Joslin (West Canada Valley), Alexis Perrone (Little Falls), Sandra Gonyea (Dolgeville)

Honorable Mention

Sophia Simmons (Frankfort-Schuyler), Marion Leskovar (Herkimer)

Division III

MVP: Allison Moreau (Sauquoit Valley)

First Team

Molly Williams (Waterville), Kate Trosset (Cooperstown), Piper Seamon (Cooperstown), Hayleigh Gates (Mount Markham), Kathleen Gallagher (Waterville)

Second Team

Emilie Perez (Cooperstown), Meagan Schuermann (Cooperstown), Janelle Cleary (Waterville), Jayna Inglis (Sauquoit Valley), Allison Sterling (Mount Markham), Hannah Gigliotti (Mount Markham)

Honorable Mention

Anna Beach (Waterville), Alex Price (Sauquoit Valley), Emily Kernan (Westmoreland), Ashley Murphy (Westmoreland)

Division IV

MVP: Abbey Copperwheat (New York Mills)

First Team

Maddelyn Hoehn (Oriskany), Morgan Phillips (Morrisville-Eaton), Amanda Sweet (Poland), Jennifer Sergott (Poland), Beth Belanger (Hamilton)

Second Team

Ashley LaRuffa (Hamilton), Bri Taylor (New York Mills), Aeron Hamm (Oriskany), Heather Artz (Poland), Matteson Hoehn (Oriskany), Jemma Jordan (New York Mills)

Honorable Mention

Jamie Weakley (Poland), Kirsten Grabow (Morrisville-Eaton), Emma Basher (Hamilton), Kyleigh Peason (Hamilton)