The 2018 Pine Tree Rifle Club Schutzenfest place finishers pose for a photo. Pictured, from left, are, Ken Benton (second), Mike Johnson, (fourth), Mike Kowalski (third) and Doug Sterling (champion). (Photo submitted)

Pine Tree Rifle Club in Johnstown will hosted its annual Schutzenfest on Sept. 29. Medals and mugs were awarded to the top three finishers in each class. For each relay, shooters fired a maximum of three rounds into the NRA 100-yard paper target located at 100 yards from the standing (off-hand) position in five minutes. Shooters had to use a hunting style rifle that is no larger than .36 caliber. Each rifle had to include a working safety. Shooters were able to use a sling, but were not able to lean against a bench for support. Muzzle brakes were not permitted. There were no restrictions on telescopic sights. Best target for each individual for the day established place finish with tie-breaker criteria applied.