Wells players earn MVAC honors

Wells had one baseball player and one softball player named to the Mountain and Valley Athletic Conference all-star team.

Tyler Bolebruch was named a honorable mention baseball all-star, while Rebecca Weaver was named a first-team softball all-star.


Chazy’s Benjamin Norcross was named the MVAC baseball Most Valuable Player, while Crown Point’s Randy Pertak was named Coach of the Year. Johnsburg earned the sportsmanship award.

Chazy had Riley Hansen named a first-team all-star, while Crown Point had Hunter Pertak, Zach Spaulding and Noah Spaulding named to the first team.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Keene’s Kaleb Cook and Josh Baldwin; Schroon Lake/Bolton’s Andrew Pelkey and Jacob Beebe; and Johnsburg’s Bill Cameron.

Keene had Tom Palen and Az Finsterer named to the second team, while Chazy had Bruce Juneau and Josh McCauley earn second-team honors.

Rounding out the second team were Crown Point’s Tristan Carter, Johnsburg’s Caleb Buck, Schroon Lake/Bolton’s Cian Bresnahan, and Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport’s Carter Smith and Brock Reynolds.

Schroon Lake/Bolton’s R.J. Demeo and Kevin Neacy were named honorable mention, while Keene’s Damien Brown also earned honorable-mention status.

Rounding out the honorable-mention selections were Crown Point’s Noah Peters, Minerva-Newcomb’s Kaleb Davie, Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport’s Carson Blades, Johnsburg’s Ryan Morris and Indian Lake-Long Lake’s Bryce Hutchins.


Bolton/Schroon Lake’s Abi Belrose was named the MVAC South Division Most Valuable Player, while Bolton/Schroon Lake’s Mel Persons was named Coach of the Year. Indian Lake-Long Lake earned the sportsmanship award.

Bolton/Schroon Lake also had Sam Grey, Maddie Pratt, Alora Bearor and Sienna Secor named first-team South Division all-stars, while Johnsburg’s Khaleah Cleveland and Taylor Dwyer also were named to the first team.

Rounding out the first-team South Division selections were Indian Lake-Long Lake’s Lillian Dechene and Minerva-Newcomb’s Jordan Bush.

Johnsburg’s Mallory Pierson, Bolton/Schroon Lake’s Caitlyn Johnson and Indian Lake-Long Lake’s Ashley Ghostlaw were named honorable mention.

In the North Division, Willsboro’s Rylee Pierson was named MVP and Willsboro’s David Lee was named Coach of the Year. Chazy earned the sportsmanship award.

Crown Point had Shawna McIntosh, Savannah Crammon and Amber Dushane named first-team North Division all-stars, while Willsboro had Darrian Sweatt, Trina Bigelow and Kaitlin Shaw named to the first team.

Rounding out the North Division first-team selections were Chazy’s Taylor Laurin and Bailey Pepper; and Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport’s Hannah Schwoebel and Ellie Storey.

Earning honorable-mention status were Chazy’s Conner LaPierre, Crown Point’s Hannah Palmer, Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport’s Abigail Mero, Willsboro’s Savannah Bronson and Crown Point’s Heather Foote.

2018 Mountain and Valley Athletic Conference



Most Valuable Player: Benjamin Norcross (Chazy)

Coach of the Year: Randy Pertak (Crown Point)

Sportsmanship Award: Johnsburg.

First Team

Josh Baldwin (Keene), Hunter Pertak (Crown Point), Andrew Pelkey (Schroon Lake/Bolton), Kaleb Cook (Keene), Jacob Beebe (Schroon Lake/Bolton), Zach Spaulding (Crown Point), Noah Spaulding (Crown Point), Riley Hansen (Chazy), Bill Cameron (Johnsburg).

Second Team

Tom Palen (Keene), Az Finsterer (Keene), Tristan Carey (Crown Point), Cian Bresnahan (Schroon Lake/Bolton), Brock Reynolds (Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport), Caleb Buck (Johnsburg), Carter Smith (Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport), Bruce Juneau (Chazy), Josh McCauley (Chazy).

Honorable Mention

Damien Brown (Keene), Noah Peters (Crown Point), R.J. Demeo (Schroon Lake/Bolton), Kaleb Davie (Minerva-Newcomb), Kevin Neacy (Schroon Lake/Bolton), Carson Blades (Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport), Ryan Morris (Johnsburg), Tyler Bolebruch (Wells), Bryce Hutchins (Indian Lake/Long Lake).


South Division

MVP: Abi Belrose (Bolton/Schroon Lake)

Coach of the Year: Mel Persons (Bolton/Schroon Lake)

Sportsmanship Award: Indian Lake-Long Lake

First Team

Maddie Pratt (Bolton/Schroon Lake), Alora Bearor (Bolton/Schroon Lake), Sienna Secor (Bolton/Schroon Lake), Rebecca Weaver (Wells), Lillian Dechene (Indian Lake-Long Lake), Taylor Dwyer (Johnsburg), Jordan Bush (Minerva-Newcomb), Khaleah Cleveland (Johnsburg), Sam Grey (Bolton/Schroon Lake)

Honorable Mention

Mallory Pierson (Johnsburg), Caitlyn Johnson (Bolton/Schroon Lake), Ashley Ghostlaw (Indian Lake-Long Lake)

North Division

MVP: Rylee Pierson (Willsboro)

Coach of the Year: David Lee (Willsboro)

Sportsmanship Award: Chazy

First Team

Shawna McIntosh (Crown Point), Ellie Storey (Elizabethtown-Lewis), Taylor Laurin (Chazy), Darrian Sweatt (Willsboro), Bailey Pepper (Chazy), Kaitlin Shaw (Willsboro), Amber Dushane (Crown Point), Hannah Schwoebel (Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport), Savannah Crammond (Crown Point), Trina Bigelow (Willsboro)

Honorable Mention

Conner LaPierre (Chazy), Abigail Mero (Elizabethtown-Lewis/Westport), Savannah Bronson (Willsboro), Heather Foote (Crown Point), Hannah Palmer (Crown Point)