Area riders compete in Nightcross event at Twister Valley

FORT PLAIN — For the first time in several years, Twister Valley Sports Complex hosted a Nightcross event on July 20.

Several area riders were among those posting victories.

Gloversville’s Damien Voght won the junior 50cc 4- to 6-year-old class, Gloversville’s Salvatore Attigliato won the 250cc B class, Gloversville’s Shane Graham won the pit bike class and Fonda’s Tyler Miller won the quad 50cc limited 4- to 8-year-old class

Mayfield’s Jordan Miller won the quad open class. She also was third in the senior mini 85cc 12- to 15-year-old class.

Tug Greenslet of Bennington, Vt., won the senior mini 85cc 12- to 15-year-old class and the open mini 10- to 15-year-old class.

Other winners included Scotia’s Brett Unser (122 two-stroke), Troy’s Erin Demers (250cc C), Berne’s Chris Rubino (plus 30), Remsen’s Savannah Symonds (quad 90 production 8-15) and Cole Daniel of Ellington, Conn., won the Open B class.

Several area riders posted top-five finishes.

In the open mini 10- to 15-year-old class, Gloversville’s Charles Rose was second and Gloversville’s Nicholas Hughes was third.

Nelliston’s Brandon Dygert was second in the 125 two-stroke class, while Gloversville’s Jordan Ryle was second in the pit bike class.

In the 250cc C class, Gloversville’s Matthew Telfer was second, Johnstown’s Chris Estep was third, Gloversville’s Anthony Attigliato was fourth and Nelliston’s Tyler Dygert was fifth.

Gloversville’s Sean Dufel was third in the plus 30 class, while Johnstown’s Jason Cook was fourth.

Mayfield’s Bruce Miller was third in the quad open class.


at Twister Valley Sports Complex

Junior 50cc (4-6): 1. Damien Voght (Gloversville)

Senior Mini 85cc (12-15): 1. Tug Greenslet (Bennington, Vt.), 2. Parker Goyette (Westfield, Mass.), 3. Jordan Miller (Mayfield)

Open Mini (10-15): 1. Tug Greenslet (Bennington, Vt.), 2. Charles Rose (Gloversville), 3. Nicholas Hughes (Gloversville)

125cc Two-Stroke: 1. Brett Unser (Scotia), 2. Brandon Dygert (Nelliston), 3. Tug Greenslet (Bennington, Vt.)

250cc B: 1. Salvatore Attigliato (Gloversville), 2. Cole Daniel (Ellington, Conn.)

250cc C: 1. Erin Demers (Troy), 2. Matthew Telfer (Gloversville), 3. Chris Estep (Johnstown), 4. Anthony Attigliato (Gloversville), 5. Tyler Dygert (Nelliston)

Open B: 1. Cole Daniel (Ellington, Conn.)

Plus 30: 1. Chris Rubino (Berne), 2. Ian Liebmann (Fort Ann), 3. Sean Dufel (Gloversville), 4. Jason Cook (Johnstown)

Pit Bike: 1. Shane Graham (Gloversville), 2. Jordan Ryle (Gloversville), 3. Parker Goyette (Westfield, Mass.)

Quad 50 Limited (4-8): 1. Tyler Miller (Fonda)

Quad 90 Production (8-15): 1. Savannah Symonds (Remsen)

Quad Open: 1. Jordan Miller (Mayfield), 2. Aaron Zawlzo (Rome), 3. Bruce Miller (Mayfield)