Johnstown players named Wasaren League all-stars

Johnstown's Garrett Way (7) fires a shot on net for a goal in the third quarter of a non-league game against Scotia-Glenville on April 7 at Knox Field in Johnstown. Way recently was named a first-team Wasaren League all-star. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

The Johnstown boys lacrosse team had 12 players named to the recently announced Wasaren League boys lacrosse all-star team.

Garrett Way (attack), Tyler Fahr (defense) and Tyler Bump (short-stick defensive midfield) were named to the first team for the Sir Bills, who finished the season 11-6 overall and 5-4 in Wasaren League play.

Kerry Blackwood (attack), Trevor Murphy (attack), Josh Hoyt (midfield), Charlie Gagliardo (defense) and Andy Sitterly (face-off specialist) earned second-team honors for Johnstown, while Zach Serpa (midfield). David Malagisi (defense), Zach Maxson (goalie) and M.J. Heroth (face-off specialist) were named honorable mention for the Sir Bills.

Greenwich had Luke Pemrick (attack), Henry Gartner (midfield), Reese Cristaldi (defense), Gage Boddery (goalie), Luke Jordan (face-off specialist) and Ellis Pemrick (short-stick defensive midfield) named first-team all-stars, while Cambridge had Maxwell Hoffer (attack), Zach Rowland (attack), Jonas Butz (midfield) and Ethan Jeskie (defense) named to the first team.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Lansingburgh’s Jacob Elliott (midfield), Hoosick Falls’ Guy Milliman (midfield), Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane’s Christopher Schule (defense), Hoosick Falls’ Zaine Becker (long-stick midfield) and Voorheesville’s Trevor Relyea (long-stick midfield).

In addition to its six first-team honorees, Greenwich also had Chris Albrecht (attack) and Trevor Strope (defense) named to the second team.

Voorheesville’s Aiden Crouse (attack), Ian Owens (midfield), Jake Palmer (midfield), Jacob Sheridan (defense) and Evan O’Connor were named second-team all-stars, while Cambridge’s Gabriel Sgambettera (midfield), Tyler Endee (defense) and Nick Sarto (long-stick midfield) also earned second-team honors.

Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane’s Tyler Walker (long-stick midfield) rounded out the second team.

Greenwich’s Josh James (attack), Sam Whiting (midfield), Phil Grimes (defense) and Matthew Telesco (long-stick midfield) were named honorable mention.

Rounding out the honorable-mention selections were Cambridge’s Jordan Dean (face-off specialist) and Thomas English (midfield); and Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane’s Tai Ryan (attack), Peyton Mavrides (goalie) and Jack Schule (face-off specialist).

Foothills Council

League champion Queensbury had 14 players selected to the Foothills Council all-star team.

Dawson LaLuna (attack), Alex Chirgwin (midfield), Sean Collins (midfield), Gabe Smith (defense), Mitchell Jones (defense), Cole Carpenter (goalie), Nico Mattia (face-off specialist), Liam O’Mara (long-stick midfield) and Aiden Cunningham (short-stick defensive midfield) were named to the first team for the Spartans.

Kyle Sokol (attack), Dominic Nassivera (defense), Liam Smith (defense), Jordan Ziegler (long-stick midfield) were named to the second team for Queensbury, while Max Benedetto (short-stick defensive midfield) was named honorable mention.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Glens Falls’ Hogan Fox (attack) and Nolan Hogan (attack), and Schuylerville’s Justin Carte (midfield) and Donovan Thomas (defense)

Schuylerville’s Noah Rourke (attack) and Andrew Phillips (midfield) were named second-team all-stars, while Glens Falls’ David Barclay (midfield), Mitchell Montgomery (defense), Thompson Collins (face-off specialist) and Cooper Montgomery (short-stick defensive midfield) also were named to the second team.

Rounding out the second-team all-stars were South Glens Falls’ Jason Boucher (attack), Thomas Linehan (midfield) and James Linehan (goalie).

Schuylerville had Jace Carter (attack), Seth Mattice (midfield), Trent Thomas (defense), Sean Swenson (defense), Braden Podkladek (goalie), Jacob Vanderhoof (face-off specialist) and Ben Follos (long-stick midfield) named honorable mention.

Rounding out the honorable-mention selections were South Glens Falls’ Jared Fisher (attack); Scotia-Glenville’s Matt Williams (attack); and Glens Falls’ Sam Hogan (midfield), Liam Gormley (midfield) and Nick Danehy (defense)

Amsterdam did not have any players named to the all-star team.

2018 Wasaren League Boys Lacrosse All-Stars

First Team

Attack: Luke Pemrick (Greenwich), Garrett Way (Johnstown), Maxwell Hoffer (Cambridge), Zack Rowland (Cambridge)

Midfield: Henry Gartner (Greenwich), Jonas Butz (Cambridge), Jacob Elliott (Lansingburgh), Guy Milliman (Hoosick Falls)

Defense: Reese Cristaldi (Greenwich), Tyler Fahr (Johnstown), Ethan Jeskie (Cambridge), Christopher Schule (Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane)

Goalie: Gage Boddery (Greenwich)

Face-off Specialist: Luke Jordan (Greenwich)

Long-stick Midfield: Zaine Becker (Hoosick Falls), Trevor Relyea (Voorheesville)

Short-stick Defensive Midfield: Ellis Pemrick (Greenwich), Tyler Bump (Johnstown)

Second Team

Attack: Chris Albrecht (Greenwich), Kerry Blackwood (Johnstown), Trevor Murphy (Johnstown), Aiden Crouse (Voorheesville)

Midfield: Ian Owens (Voorheesville), Jake Palmer (Voorheesville), Josh Hoyt (Johnstown), Gabriel Sgambettera (Cambridge)

Defense: Trevor Strope (Greenwich), Charlie Gagliardo (Johnstown), Tyler Endee (Cambridge), Jacob Sheridan (Voorheesville)

Goalie: Evan O’Connor (Voorheesville)

Face-off Specialist: Andy Sitterly (Johnstown)

Long-stick Midfield: Tyler Walker (Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane), Nick Sarto (Cambridge)

Honorable Mention

Attack: Josh James (Greenwich), Tai Ryan (Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane)

Midfield: Zach Serpa (Johnstown), Thomas English (Cambridge), Sam Whiting (Greenwich)

Defense: Phil Grimes (Greenwich), David Malagisi (Johnstown)

Goalie: Zach Maxson (Johnstown), Peyton Mavrides (Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane)

Face-off Specialist: Jack Schule (Maple Hill/Ichabod Crane), Jordan Dean (Cambridge), M.J. Heroth (Johnstown)

Long-stick Midfield: Matthew Telesco (Greenwich)

2018 Foothills Council Boys Lacrosse All-Stars

First Team

Attack: Hogan Fox (Glens Falls), Nolan Hogan (Glens Falls), Dawson LaLuna (Queensbury)

Midfield: Justin Carte (Schuylerville), Alex Chirgwin (Queensbury), Sean Collins (Queensbury)

Defense: Gabe Smith (Queensbury), Mitchell Jones (Queensbury), Donovan Thomas (Schuylerville)

Goalie: Cole Carpenter (Queensbury)

Face-off Specialist: Nico Mattia (Queensbury)

Long-stick Midfield: Liam O’Mara (Queensbury)

Short-stick Defensive Midfield: Aiden Cunningham (Queensbury)

Second Team

Attack: Kyle Sokol (Queensbury), Jason Boucher (South Glens Falls), Noah Rourke (Schuylerville)

Midfield: Thomas Linehan (South Glens Falls), Andrew Phillips (Schuylerville), David Barclay (Glens Falls)

Defense: Mitchell Montgomery (Glens Falls),Dominic Nassivera (Queensbury), Liam Smith (Queensbury)

Goalie: James Linehan (South Glens Falls)

Face-off Specialist: Thompson Collins (Glens Falls)

Long-stick Midfield: Jordan Ziegler (Queensbury)

Short-stick Defensive Midfield: Cooper Montgomery (Glens Falls)

Honorable Mention

Attack: Jace Carter (Schuylerville), Jared Fisher (South Glens Falls), Matt Williams (Scotia-Glenville)

Midfield: Sam Hogan (Glens Falls), Liam Gormley (Glens Falls), Seth Mattice (Schuylerville)

Defense: Trent Thomas (Schuylerville), Sean Swenson (Schuylerville), Nick Danehy (Glens Falls)

Goalie: Braden Podkladek (Schuylerville)

Faceoff Specialist: Jacob Vanderhoof (Schuylerville)

Long-stick Midfield: Ben Follos (Schuylerville)

Short-stick Defensive Midfield: Max Benedetto (Queensbury)


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