Royal Mountain kicks off new season

Johnstown's Sean Smith (276) gets the hole shot out of the gate in the 122-250 Novice Division 2 moto at the Central New York Motocross Riders Association competition Saturday at Royal Mountain. (James A. Ellis/The Leader-Herald)

CAROGA LAKE — The 35th season of motocross racing at Royal Mountain Ski Area kicked off Saturday with the first day of a two-day Monster Motocross event.

Johnstown’s Maxx Miller was the lone area rider to claim a victory on the opening day of racing. Miller picked up the win in the 51cc pee wee senior 7-and-8-year-old class.

A large field of 369 riders was in attendance for Saturday’s Central New York Motocross Riders Association event.

Waterville’s Pete Schachtler won the 122-125 expert and 122-open expert classes, Ballston Spa’s Jared Cordero won the 122-250 novice and 122-open novice classes and Clifton Park’s Gavin Betts won the 59-65cc two-stroke 10-and-11-year-old class and the junior mini 59-85cc two-stroke 9-to-11-year-old class.

Whitney Point’s Darryl Smith also was a double winner, claiming victories in the plus-40 expert and plus-45 expert classes.

Isaac Church (321), Tyler Blowers (17) and Garrett Stabies (637) battle for position during 122-open novice competition during Central New York Motocross Riders Association competition Saturday at Royal Mountain. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

Esperance’s Mark Molesky won the 122-250 amateur and schoolboy classes.

In the quad classes, Delanson’s Madeliene Rose (mini quad 50cc production), Willet’s Kaylee Ross (mini quad 51-90cc production), Clayton’s Joshua Reff (quad amateur), Edmeston’s Michael Talbot (quad expert), Windsor’s Brandon Avery (quad novice), Holland Patent’s Seth Reese (quad schoolboy) and Syracuse’s David Kowell (plus-25 quad) all claimed victories.

Other winners included Mohawk’s Cayden Pope (122-125 two-stroke), Greenfield’s Shawn Farr (122-open amateur), Cropseyville’s Xzavier Halse (51cc oil injected 4-6), Baldwinsville’s Hunter Warren (51cc pee wee junior 4-6), Cobleskill’s Landry Weingarten (59-65 two-stroke 7-9), Poland’s Kaden Ozog (79-85cc two-stroke 12-15), Schoharie’s Greg Cleveland (collegeboy), Ballston Spa’s Brett Burns (open mini 10-16), Chadwicks’ Bryant Jones (plus-25 amateur), Athens’ Davey Sterritt (plus-25 expert), West Winfield’s Andrew Tripple (plus-30 amateur), Statville’s Justin Murray (plus-30 expert), Binghamton’s Scott Kramer (plus-30 novice), Rotterdam’s Jake Kiefner (plus-40 amateur), Malta’s Scott Lansing (plus-45 amateur), Holland Patent’s Mike Murray (plus-50) and Cobleskill’s Paige Weingarten (women).

Several area riders posted top-five finishes in their respective classes.

Fort Plain’s Spencer Mang was second in the 122-250 amateur class, second in the college boys 17-to-24-year-old class, and fourth in the 122-open amateur class.

Fonda’s Tyler Blowers was third in the 122-open novice class and fourth in the 122-250 novice class, while Pattersonville’s Zack Konwisarz was fifth in the 51cc pee wee senior 7-and-8-year-old class.

Johnstown’s Bennett Melita was fifth in the 59-65cc two-stroke 10-and-11-year-old class and fourth in the junior mini 59-85cc two-stroke 9-to-11 year old class.

Johnstown’s Hayden Zelich was fifth in the 79-85cc two-stroke 12-to-15-year-old class and Fonda’s Carter Petersen was third in the open mini 10-to-16-year-old class.

Johnstown’s Michael Ward was fifth in the plus-40 expert class and fourth in the plus-45 expert class.

Amsterdam’s Mark Cuomo finished third in the plus-30 novice class, while Stratford’s Tom Hogan was third in the plus-40 amateur class.

Hagaman’s Joe Kulewicz was third in the plus-45 amateur class, Johnstown’s Adryan Pelosi was fourth in the plus-25 expert class and Gloversville’s Dennis Fitzpatrick was fourth in the plus-50 class.

Broadalbin’s Colby Watras was fifth in the quad amateur class, while Fonda’s Skyler Olmstead was second in the quad schoolboy class.

Wells’ Maranda Welch finished second in the women’s class.

The two-day event concludes today at Royal Mountain. Sign-ups will take place from 7 to 9 a.m. Practice will start at 8:30 a.m., with racing at 11 a.m. Classes range from 50cc 4-6 years old to 50-and-older.

The Monster Supercross season will begin June 7 and the annual hillclimb event is scheduled for July 16.

For more information on Royal Mountain, visit its website,

Monster Energy Motocross

at Royal Mountain Ski Area

122-125 Two-Stroke: 1. Cayden Pope (Mohawk), 2. Nick Niles (Gansevoort), 3. Mark Geler (Middleburgh), 4. Scott Hughes (Edmeston), 5. Dylan Bikowsky (Madison)

122-125 Expert: 1. Pete Schachtler (Waterville), 2. Davey Sterritt (Athens), 3. Kyle Hatch (New Milford, Conn.), 4. Aaron Davis (Camden), 5. Frank Hempstead III (Westerlo)

122-250 Amateur: 1. Mark Molesky (Esperance), 2. Spencer Mang (Fort Plain), 3. Cole Fernandez (Greenville), 4. Tyler Bigford (Sherburne), 5. Nick Niles (Gansevoort)

122-250 Novice: 1. Jared Cordero (Ballston Spa), 2. Brett Burns (Ballston Spa), 3. Charles Clookey (East Dickinson), 4. Tyler Blowers (Fonda), 5. Bryce Mussen (Burnt Hills)

122-Open Amateur: 1. Shawn Farr (Greenfield), 2. Mark Molesky (Esperance), 3. Michael Sypolt (Poland), 4. Spencer Mang (Fort Plain), 5. Dustin Bond (West Winfield)

122-Open Expert: 1. Pete Schachtler (Waterville), 2. Greg Cleveland (Schoharie), 3. Joseph Vitetta (East Berne), 4. Davey Sterritt (Athens), 5. Frank Hempstead III (Westerlo)

122-Open Novice: 1. Jared Cordero (Ballston Spa), 2. Charles Clookey (East Dickinson), 3. Tyler Blowers (Fonda), 4. Cayden Pope (Mohawk), 5. Isaac Church (Greenville)

51cc Oil Injected (4-8): 1. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville), 2. Hunter Warren (Baldwinsville)

51cc Pee Wee Junior (4-6): 1. Hunter Warren (Baldwinsville), 2. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville), 3. Triton Hofelich (East Berne)

51cc Pee Wee Senior (7-8): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 2. Brady Rodecker (Scotia), 3. Tyler Kramer (Binghamton), 4. Kaiden Forrester (Waterville), 5. Zack Konwisarz (Pattersonville)

59-65cc Two-Stroke (7-9): 1. Landry Weingarten (Cobleskill), 2. Tyler Kramer (Binghamton), 3. Brooke Miller (Athens)

59-65cc Two-Stroke (10-11): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Lucas Reilly (Endicott), 3. Brennan Rodecker (Scotia), 4. Trevor Stempel (Berne), 5. Bennett Melita (Johnstown)

79-85cc Two-Stroke (12-15): 1. Kaden Ozog (Poland), 2. Ryan Neidhart (Waterville), 3. Evan Miller (Warrensburg), 4. Joe Edwards (Cobleskill), 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown)

Collegeboy (17-24): 1. Greg Cleveland (Schoharie), 2. Spencer Mang (Fort Plain), 3. Michael Sypolt (Poland), 4. Jody Hamilton (Hannacroix), 5. Michael Luizzi (Albany)

Junior Mini 59-85cc Two-Stroke (9-11): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Landry Weingarten (Cobleskill), 3. Lucas Reilly (Endicott), 4. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 5. Tyler Rando (Ilion)

Mini Quad (50cc production): 1. Madeliene Rose (Delanson), 2. Nolan Roper (Burlington Flats), 3. Kaiden Forrester (Waterville)

Mini Quad (51-90cc production): 1. Kaylee Ross (Willet), 2. Alissa Duncan (East Berne), 3. Nathaniel Kadlic (Cobleskill), 4. Natalia Kadlic (Cobleskill)

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Brett Burns (Ballston Spa), 2. Jacob Slabe (Mohawk), 3. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 4. Paige Weingarten (Cobleskill), 5. Kaden Ozog (Poland)

Plus 25 Amateur: 1. Bryant Jones (Chadwicks), 2. Michael Tuttle (Whitesboro), 3. Jim McBain (Middleburgh), 4. Mark Geler (Middleburgh), 5. Kenny Jack (Glenmont)

Plus 25 Expert: 1. Davey Sterritt (Athens), 2. Joseph Vitetta (East Berne), 3. Justin Murray (Statville), 4. Adryan Pelosi (Johnstown), 5. Jacob Church (Selkirk)

Plus 25 Quad: 1. David Kowell (Syracuse), 2. Joshua Reff (Clayton), 3. Cory Seamon (Burlington), 4. Mike Bush (Sidney), 5. Theodore VanBrink (Richfield Springs)

Plus 30 Amateur: 1. Andrew Tripple (West Winfield), 2. Joe Falzo (Brunswick), 3. Bryant Jones (Chadwicks), 4. Ian Hofelich (East Berne), 5. David Kowell (Syracuse)

Plus 30 Expert: 1. Justin Murray (Statville), 2. Davey Sterritt (Athens), 3. Michael Lawlor (Berlin), 4. Jeffrey Miller (Freehold), 5. Scott Miller (Athens)

Plus 30 Novice: 1. Scott Kramer (Binghamton), 2. Mike Pugliese (Cassville), 3. Mark Cuomo (Amsterdam), 4. Jonathon Coons (Middleburgh), 5. Jason Warren (Marietta)

Plus 40 Amateur: 1. Jake Kiefner (Rotterdam), 2. Mike Loran (Whitesboro), 3. Tom Hogan (Stratford), 4. Matt Avery (Windsor), 5. Patrick Griffiths (Glenville)

Plus 40 Expert: 1. Darryl Smith (Whitney Point), 2. Jeffrey Miller (Freehold), 3. Gene Nighman (Cortland), 4. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 5. Michael Ward (Johnstown)

Plus 45 Amateur: 1. Scott Lansing (Malta), 2. Matt Avery (Windsor), 3. Joe Kulewicz (Hagaman), 4. Patrick Griffiths (Glenville)

Plus 45 Expert: 1. Darryl Smith (Whitney Point), 2. Gene Nighman (Cortland), 3. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 4. Michael Ward (Johnstown), 5. Mike Murray (Holland Patent)

Plus 50: 1. Mike Murray (Holland Patent), 2. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 3. Jim Croft (Hartwick), 4. Dennis Fitzpatrick (Gloversville)

Quad Amateur: 1. 1. Joshua Reff (Clayton), 2. Stephen Large Jr. (Castleton), 3. Joshua Flint (Potsdam), 4. Darrich Maille (Queensbury), 5. Colby Watras (Broadalbin)

Quad Expert: 1. Michael Talbot (Edmeston), 2. Chris Davis (Parish), 3. Ethan Finch (Sidney Center), 4. Travis Recore (Malone), 5. Theodore VanBrink (Richfield Springs)

Quad Novice: 1. Brandon Avery (Windsor), 2. Connor Cross (Queensbury), 3. Connor Stone (Turin), 4. William Shafer III (East Worcester), 5. Thomas Snyder (Schenevus)

Quad Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Seth Reese (Holland Patent), 2. Skyler Olmstead (Fonda), 3. Remington Shafer (East Worcester), 4. Kiara Eaton (Palmyra), 5. Wyndam Spooner (Maryland)

Schoolboy 86-250cc (12-16): 1. Mark Molesky (Esperance), 2. Nick Niles (Gansevoort), 3. Cayden Pope (Mohawk), 4. Jacob Slabe (Mohawk), 5. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville)

Women (86-250cc): 1. Paige Weingarten (Cobleskill), 2. Maranda Welch (Wells), 3. Erica Hamilton (Hannacroix), 4. Sarah King (Berlin), 5. Jackie Bedrosian (Clifton Park)