Blowers wins two classes at Royal

CAROGA LAKE – Tyler Blowers picked up wins in two different classes during Monster Energy Supercross competition Wednesday at Royal Mountain Ski Area.

Blowers won the mini 80cc 12- to 15-year-old and the open mini 10- to 16-year-old classes.

Casey Battisti won the 122-250 novice and 122-open novice classes, while Joshua Wolfe (122-250 amateur) and John Grassia (122-open amateur) also posted wins.

Carter Petersen won the junior mini 9- to 11-year-old class, while placing second in the mini 60cc 7- to 11-year-old class and second in the mini 80cc 9- to 11-year-old class.

Kevin Uebrick won the 122-250 expert class and placed third in the 122-open expert class, while Frank Hempstead III won the 122-open expert class and placed second in the 122-250 expert class.

Colby Jarvis (quad amateur), Connor Cross (quad novice), Cody Milanese (mini quad 50cc production) and Jordan Miller (mini quad 51-90cc production) all picked up wins in the quad classes.

Also posting wins were Chloe Sprague (50cc junior 4-6), Landry Weingarten (50cc pee wee senior 7-8), Bennett Melita (mini 60cc 7-11), Joe Edwards (mini 80cc 9-11), Tyson Fernandez (pit bike 12-inch), Todd Cleveland (plus-30 expert) and Todd Cameron (plus-30 amateur).

Zackery Kollar was second in the 122-250 amateur and 122-open amateur classes.

Royal Mountain will be back in action next Wednesday, with practice scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

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Monster Energy Supercross

at Royal Mountain Ski Area

122-250 Amateur: 1. Josh Wolfe, 2. Zackery Kollar, 3. Travis Witbeck, 4. Ryan Daly, 5. John Grassia

122-250 Expert: 1. Kevin Uebrick, 2. Frank Hempstead III, 3. Daniel Netti, 4. Phil Manchester, 5. Brody Zelezny

122-250 Novice: 1. Casey Battisti, 2. Bill Bashwinger, 3. Reid Persch, 4. Britney Wager, 5. John Fasoldt

122-Open Amateur: 1. John Grassia, 2. Zackery Kollar, 3. Kyle Brandow, 4. Travis Witbeck, 5. Ryan Daly

122-Open Expert: 1. Frank Hempstead III, 2. Cody Locci 3, Kevin Uebrick, 4. Daniel Netti, 5. Adam Handy

122-Open Novice: 1. Casey Battisti, 2. Chas Higgins, 3. Bill Bashwinger 4, Reid Persch, 5. Britney Wager

50cc Pee Wee Junior (4-6): 1. Chloe Sprague, 2. Max Miller, 3. Tyler Tillson, 4. Brennan Melita, 5. Kip Simonds

50cc Pee Wee Senior (7-8): 1. Landry Weingarten, 2. Blake Shaver, 3. Tomek, Jusianiec, 4. Jack Miller, 5. Ashton Neff

Junior Mini (9-11): 1. Carter Petersen, 2. Joe Edwards, 3. Bennett Melita, 4, David Nitto, 5. Joseph Brouthers

Mini 60cc (7-11): 1. Bennett Melita, 2. Carter Petersen, 3. David Nitto, 4. Joe Edwards, 5. Joseph Brouthers

Mini 80cc (12-15): 1. Tyler Blowers, 2. Molly Brouthers, 3. Brandon Handy

Mini 80cc (9-11): 1. Joe Edwards, 2. Carter Petersen, 3. David Nitto, 4. Hayden Zelich

Mini Quad (50cc Production): 1. Cody Milanese, 2. Axton Woodard

Mini Quad (51-90cc Production): 1. Jordan Miller

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Tyler Blowers, 2. Richie Smith, 3. Trevor Sisson, 4. Corey Bashwinger, 5. Brandon Bashwinger

Pit Bike (12-inch): 1. Tyson Fernandez, 2. Shane Graham, 3. Jordan Ryle, 4. Kyle Chase, 5. Zach Porter

Plus-30 Amateur: 1. Todd Cameron, 2. Ron Nolin, 3. Edward Ladd Jr., 4. Mike Baker, 5. Sean Dufel

Plus-30 Expert: 1. Todd Cleveland, 2. Michael Ward, 3. Matt Dwyer

Plus-40 Amateur: 1. Edward Ladd Jr., 2. Gary Hameister

Quad Amateur: 1. Colby Jarvis, 2. Colby Watras, 3. Michael O’Connell

Quad Novice: 1. Connor Cross, 2. Darrich Maille, 3. Anthony Mowrey