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Do you think speed cameras for enforcing the speed of vehicles should be installed in school zones?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Apr-22-14 7:10 AM

Bereal it will not save any money. That money would be eaten up by the company taking care of the cameras, paying more people to generate the tickets, mailing, prosecuting, plus take up so called precious Court time. That's no savings.

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Apr-21-14 3:20 PM

It creates a safe environment and taxpayers don’t have to pay for an officer and a patrol car to enforce the speed limit. If your child is speeding than I suggest not giving them a car or paying for their insurance. If they have a job a few tickets will solve the insurance problem. I have seen the difference when I drive to Saratoga. No one is running the traffic lights with the cameras. There are always people running lights on 30A. That’s another area that cameras are needed on traffic lights.

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Apr-20-14 5:32 PM

Ha! How many parents around here would know whether a teacher is competent or not?

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Apr-19-14 12:01 PM

Lets put a camera in the classroom instead. This way, we as parents, can moniter the teachers to see if they perform up to par. If not hire ones that can.

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Apr-19-14 10:05 AM

How did our rules go from teaching kids to survive in life and taking care of themselves to punishing everyone that may be in the wrong even slightly? Do they realize that there are kids playing all over the city not just in the school zone? TEACH the kids how to cross the streets and not blame the drivers. Just look at the man in Detroit who was in flowing traffic pasr a gas station. On the side of the street was a group of kids just standing there. As the traffic was flowing by one of the kids stepped in front of a passing truck. The truck was doing exactly what every other vehicle was doing but the kid was struck by him. He did what he should have, he stopped to see if the child was injured. As soon as he stepped from the truck he was surrounded and beaten and taken to the hospital in critical condition. What a world this has become!

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Apr-18-14 9:20 PM

Hey I believe we should require everyone in America purchase car insurance. It would bring the costs for us that actually drive way down! It makes as much sense as Obamacare! Lest make everyone that is 16 and older purchase a plan so we can spread out the costs over a much larger number of people... this is a plan I can support!

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Apr-18-14 8:09 PM

AND yet no one mentions the traffic guards with the paddle. Leader Herald.... pay attention to the school zones. Look both ways and you might see them.

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Apr-18-14 7:14 PM

Clue, you should move to be protected by the wonderful nannies they have leading (?) NYC

I just saw where a person (I think in Texas) is disputing a "camera ticket" based on the 6th amendment violations

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Apr-18-14 12:50 PM

Good point getreal, young drivers can rack up fines for the owner of the car, higher insurance rates and maybe points for Mom or Dad. Plus, the cost of disputing it would be quite expensive. As you alluded to, a money grab in disguise. Rocky1 has a good solution, it does appear to be more effective and cheaper for the taxpayers.

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Apr-18-14 12:25 PM

Yup clue, that's me agreeing with your insightful, brilliant conclusion. May I say, well done. By the way...are you still here?

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Apr-18-14 10:49 AM

A little sarcasm never hurts.

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Apr-18-14 10:49 AM

Lets hire a company for $100,000 to do a study to see if it is feasable. Ban the earbuds and headphones and they just might be able to hear a car if they are to lazy to look in both directions.

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Apr-18-14 10:25 AM

OK drugs, that's the answer, anyone who doesn't agree with you backward thinking should move.....LOL that's what keeps Fulton County what it is.

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Apr-18-14 7:00 AM

It's just going to be a fine. They can't possibly have points put on your license as they will not know who is driving the it's just a tax collecting mechanism.

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Apr-17-14 8:47 PM

gville70 I just went through all of the posts on this topic, you have none at all on topic. You also called on Bob, he did not comment on my post either... have you got the right day or post? Intrinsically mentally challenged?

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Apr-17-14 7:29 PM

Where I live, there are lights at the top and bottom on the sign that tells you that you are entering a school zone, along with the hours of when the speed is to be reduced. During that time, those lights flash. Drivers sees the flashing lights and automatically slow down to under the posted speed limit. No cameras are needed.

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Apr-17-14 5:54 PM

I'd say a camera, or just the rumor of one would work much better. Most everybody I notice keepin their speed down is rubberneckin lookin for the cop rather'n lookin out for kids anyway. Them dumb enuff to speed thru the school zone's gonna speed anyway

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Apr-17-14 4:34 PM

Hey bob since your up Tot's backside why haven't you ever asked TOT to stick to any topic?

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Apr-17-14 12:18 PM

Great idea with some caveats. 1. Reduce the number of police officers to cover the cost. 2. The camera needs to be able to get a good enough picture that the face is recognizable.

Then, let's put them randomly around town and at stop signs and traffic lights.

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Apr-17-14 11:44 AM

how bout since speeding, in general can't/wont ever be stopped. make all new cars speed sensor/command controlled by big bro... eye in the sky has a foot on your pedal.. take a few years but going the posted speed could, and in this case maybe should be a no brainer...

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Apr-17-14 8:18 AM

Boob, pot meet kettle

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Apr-17-14 7:48 AM

Hey clue, have you EVER thought of responding to the questions posed here instead of wrongly assuming what everybody else thinks? You 'feel' too much and do not 'think' enough.

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Apr-17-14 7:37 AM

Be careful with what you ask for, at the High Schools the students who drive will be getting the bulk of the tickets.

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Apr-16-14 8:28 PM

oops that was TOT with a great idea and GetAClue, it seems like you should move to NYC where the mayors (Bloomie and the new one) both want to be your nannies

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Apr-16-14 8:23 PM

GetAClue, by posting a "no" to this poll. doesn't mean that it is OK to rip through a school zone. jeff has a good idea, let's teach the ankle biters to pay attention to traffic, like in the old days - remember??? look both ways before crossing the street and all those other "safety" rules before people stopped taking responsibility for their own actions.

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