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24 days ago.
by jessicapatel123

Letters to the Editor....

It's very frustrating that Linda Bode of NJ would attempt to comment on Lacey Brown's Letter to the Editor. While I realize she was attempting to stick up for the dog warden & Sheriff's office--She failed to mention many key points in Lacey's letter--Perhaps she should read it again. Linda--I suggest you look @ the big picture and put yourself in the shoes of those of us who who turn to these people for help.


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Posted 24 days ago.


hye i'm new here.

regards jessica patel

Posted 25 days ago.


I've been following the coffee maker incident with just a casual interest as it seems so ridiculous. My questions is why didn't Mr. Betz tell someone what he was about concerning removing it as he should have realized others would find it missing? There's got to be a lot more going on around that coffee maker than meets the reader's eyes.

Posted 1251 days ago.

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