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Games may have encouraged shooter

December 31, 2012
The Leader Herald

In a book about the early days of the Russian Revolution, the author noted that when people heard a car coming, they knew it was the Cheka, for only the secret police had cars. This is the fear of some gun advocates - if the one-eyed man is king, the one-armed man is dictator.

But as the debate over gun control continues after the Newtown school massacre, forgotten may be a contributing factor - violent video games. By the time the gunman arrived at the school, this video game addict probably had virtually murdered a million "people." Evidently, game players enjoy a serotonin rush.

While I might wish to ban all guns as unnecessary in a civilized society, even I can see the murky complexity of the gun-violence issue. Then, when you throw into the stew individual madness, the indiscriminate prescribing of psychotropic drugs, our lust for violent sports, and our Orwellian acceptance of war as pre-emptive peace, I wonder about any solutions being found.

But in the clumsy way of democracy, we will probably have to take out one enemy at a time to see if anything improves, and hope we can save ourselves from ourselves.





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