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NRA official’s comments were off base

December 28, 2012
The Leader Herald

I watched the speech by Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive officer of the National?Rifle Association of America, the other day and came away with two opinions.

One is that he is definitely lobbying for the gun manufacturers and not so much for the safety of our children.

He spoke forcefully about folks with mental health issues being the problem, and it caused me to think. Maybe he should get himself thoroughly checked out because his proposal that Congress should pass a law that every school in this country should have not only armed guards, but suggested that teachers should be armed as well, sounds to me like the ideas of a deranged mind.

Of course, we all have heard the truthful saying that money talks, and I am sure the gun manufacturers and the NRA will reward him handsomely if it works.

But what about the children and the teachers? It seems like it might feel like living in some kind of prison, don't you think? Could they ever go to the playground? Who will provide safety for school buses full of children? Maybe we should arm them too.

Don't mind me. I'm just an 82-year-old grandmother who thinks guns are for hunting and target practice and sales of all other guns should only be for the military. I have lived around relatives and friends who were hunters all my life and never knew one who felt they needed those kinds of guns.





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