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Gloversville making it hard to stay here

December 21, 2012
The Leader Herald

To the city of Gloversville, I have to say that you are making it very hard to stay.

Let me explain. My husband and I are originally from the area but just moved back about three years ago after being gone for more than 10 years in Massachusetts.

My husband and I own a house in the city. We have two children in an elementary school. We both have full-time jobs; my husband's is in the city, and I actually commute to Albany every day due to the lack of work in the area.

We have come to a point where one of us may have to quit our job as one of our children is in the prekindergarten program, and due to lack of funding, they no longer can bus pre-K children. I understand the pre-K program is optional, but you tell me what kind of parent I would be not to enroll my child in this program. I don't know any employer that would be OK with one of its employees having to leave every day to pick a child up and then bring the child wherever the child had to go for the rest of the day.

All of us working people cannot catch a break. The taxes continue to go up, and nothing seems to be getting better or helping in any way. We need to get our priorities together here. The children are our future, and they need to be educated, so we need to have the funds and the means to make that possible.

Where we lived in Massachusetts, all the children were bused to school or at least had the option. Here, if your child is in a licensed day-care facility or if the child has special needs, the child can be bused. Thank goodness neither of my children are special needs and I am lucky to have day-care in my house, but now I have to find transportation for my children as I would never allow them to walk alone in this city either.

These, along with many other reasons, are why people are leaving the city on a daily basis. Just look at all the homes for sale. I ask, are things ever going to change for the better or will Gloversville be the next ghost town?





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