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Is Democratic Committee Republican?

December 18, 2012
The Leader Herald

Do we have a Republican chairman and Republican majority on the Fulton County Democratic Committee?

Of course, they are all Democrats, but one wouldn't be able to tell by what happened recently.

Unless there was an error in the article, the chairman of the Democratic Committee announced the current Democratic election commissioner, a longtime active Democrat and an excellent commissioner, was being replaced by a former longtime Republican.

The job of commissioner has been a patronage job, usually filled by a faithful, active, longtime party member.

Recently, it has required more expertise than in the past. The present commissioner, John Schermerhorn, has applied computer skills and studied extensively to properly do the work. This expertise needed is so great that the Republican commissioner may leave the position if John isn't going to be there.

Ed Jasewicz stated the newly nominated commissioner has excellent credentials, but one in the position to know differently is going to resign if John leaves.

The reason given for firing John was that he couldn't appear at the interview. There had to be another, real reason for firing him.

So, we are left to believe that a longtime Republican was preferred by a majority of the committee, compared to an excellent, longtime Democrat and experienced working commissioner. Consider that there are thousands of Democrats in the county. Two years ago, Jasewicz tried to appoint the present new nominee - but found she was a Republican and couldn't serve - who has now changed parties. He waited two years to get that new Democrat.

Why? And why did the committee agree?





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