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Court continues ruling on ballots in election

December 6, 2012
By ARTHUR CLEVELAND , The Leader Herald

FONDA - Progress was slow in the 46th State Senate District election trial Wednesday, with acting state Supreme Court Judge Guy Tomlinson ruling only on 71 objected ballots.

That leaves 738 ballots remaining from Ulster and Greene counties to be ruled on.

Gary Ginsburg, Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk's campaign spokesman, said a deal will be discussed between the Tkaczyk's and Republican George Amedore's campaigns in court today to remove ballots from the list that already have similar rulings on the record. The deal could drastically reduce the number of ballots that require rulings.

The trial - which will help determine who wins the race between Amedore and Tkaczyk - went on for more than 10 hours Wednesday, aside from breaks, to decide if disputed ballots from Montgomery County and Albany County would count.

Out of the 29 disputed ballots in Montgomery County, Amedore's attorneys objected to 15 of those being counted toward the election results. Tomlinson ruled five of those ballots will not be counted, and 10 will be.

While Tkaczyk's attorneys objected to 14 ballots being counted in Montgomery County, Tomlinson ruled all of those will be counted.

In Albany County, there were 42 ballots for the court to rule on. Of the 34 objected to by Amedore's attorneys, Tomlinson ruled 17 will be counted, 13 will be thrown out and three were put on hold for later review. Tkaczyk's attorneys dropped their objection to the challenge of one ballot, meaning it will not be counted.

Of the eight ballots objected to by Tkaczyk's attorneys, Tomlinson ruled three will not be counted and four will be. One ballot was put on hold for review later.

Many of the objections raised Wednesday were about residency or where the voter was registered to vote.



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