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Get ready ahead of disasters

December 6, 2012
By CHRISTINA D. AKEY , The Leader Herald

Fulton County Public Health would like to take this opportunity to commend our community residents and businesses for their personal emergency-preparedness response to Hurricane Sandy.

Many alerts and media messages have proven to be effective in having the community take personal responsibility for being prepared for weather related emergency or disaster. If anyone walked through some of the local department or hardware stores the day before Hurricane Sandy was to arrive, it was evident that the flashlights, batteries, water and food supplies were down to the bare minimum or completely out of stock. That is a positive reflection that emergency preparedness messages do work.

Recently, FCPH conducted an Are You Ready? survey of local residents and professionals. According to 110 respondents:

Fulton County Public Health reminds people to talk with their family, friends and neighbors about the need to prepare for an emergency; then make a plan. The following suggestions will help keep people and their families safe in the event of an emergency:

Take time now to create a family emergency preparedness plan, and then practice it with the family.

People also should prepare a first aid kit and emergency supplies to meet the family's needs for three days. Have at least these emergency supplies on hand:

Put together a first aid kit containing these supplies:

Arrange for a friend or relative to serve as a point of contact in case your family members are separated in an emergency. Because it may still be possible to call long distance when local phone lines are down, people should select someone out-of-state to be their emergency contact.

Don't forget to plan what to do with the pets. They won't be permitted in public emergency shelters.

Fulton County also has a Fulton County Disabled Persons Voluntary Registry. This is a voluntary registry that must be filled out with the approval of the individual or guardian. If people know or care for any individuals who they believe has special needs, and would need assistance, call Fulton County Civil Defense at 736-5858 or Fulton County Public Health at 736-5720 to receive a registration form.

For more information on emergency preparation and planning, call Fulton County Public Health at 736-5720 or visit the New York State Department of Health website at or

Christina D. Akey is a public health educator with Fulton County Public Health.



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