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It’s time for Gloversville to move forward

November 3, 2012
The Leader Herald

Over the past few months, I have met hundreds of residents who feel very strongly that change isn't something that just comes to us, it is something that we create for ourselves. My candidacy centers on the belief that in order to effectuate change, you have to step forward.

For certain, running for public office isn't easy - but if you are truly committed to public service, the journey is worth it. No matter how challenging this campaign has been, we have gained so much. Our city is filled with kind-hearted, generous, intelligent people who care deeply about Gloversville and who want to see our community thrive. Like my parents before me and my grandparents before them, I am proud to call Gloversville my home.

I decided to run for this position because I believe that Gloversville voters deserve a choice. Our City Court judge must be fair, impartial and unbiased. The judge is elected to serve the people. Personal relationships, politics and favoritism have no place in a court of law. I have spent my career out of the public spotlight and far removed from City Hall. These are the traits that make me the best choice for City Court judge.

My legal experience also makes me uniquely qualified for the position. New York law requires an attorney to be practicing for five years in order to serve on the City Court bench. I have been practicing for 17. My qualifications are based upon years of practice, in a broad range of fields, and in all different areas of the law. The experience that I claim is not only real, but in-depth, substantial and meaningful. I am absolutely qualified and fully prepared to do the job, and do it well.

My campaign has been successful because of the support of the people in this city and the strength of my committee. Thank you to the dozens of people who worked tirelessly on my campaign, and to the hundreds who offered to help, opened their doors and invited me in. Candidates can't "buy" that type of support or that level of loyalty. It comes from the message, and my message has real meaning.

On Tuesday, a vote for DiMezza will affirm everything I have come to learn and believe over the past few months: Gloversville is ready for change and it is time to move forward.


Candidate for Gloversville City Court judge



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