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President hates the U.S.

October 12, 2012
The Leader Herald

Attend the movie "Obama 2016," which is now playing, to learn why Obama hates the United States and is destroying our economy and jobs with his anti-capitalist, anti-energy, anti-private property socialist/Marxist agenda. Moviegoers will learn his mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, who was a card-carrying communist. In addition, Obama had close association with radical revolutionary William Ayres and anti-American Reverend Wright.

Socialism throughout history leads to extreme poverty, such as in Kenya, and the loss of individual freedom.

Obama's not too fond of America.

Please don't call me a racist just because I don't agree with the president's policies. I would take Herman Cain, Allen West or Condoleezza Rice in a New York minute.

Why wouldn't anyone want his transcripts shown to the public? It shows how much they care for their country and, of course, how proud of our country they are. What do you suppose the problem is?

Since it has been left up to my imagination, I have no choice but to think our president and his wife have not been very complimentary toward our great country. President Obama did live during part of his young life in a foreign country at a time when he was impressionable, but not for the values of the United States. I do not believe our president has love for our country, as most Americans do. His mother didn't.

Voters were not informed of Obama and his values at the time of the last election. We should know better now. Vote accordingly.


Oxford, Fla.



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