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Couple charged in suicide attempt

Gloversville pair did nothing to try to help teen: police

June 12, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — A city couple were arrested Monday on allegations they did nothing to help a 17-year-old boy the day he tried to commit suicide. Raina Bailey, 43, and Kenney Balfour, 45, both of 14 ....

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Jun-13-14 9:56 PM

When these people become less advantageous to the City of Gloversville, then and only then, will you see real sentencing of criminals, child molesters, and people such as these two fine examples. One big step that this city is making is attracting bigger businesses that do not depend on these kinds of people. Walmart, depends on them, mistake, however places like Fage and other big money, high profit business will hopefully be more beneficial than the people themselves.

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Jun-13-14 9:49 PM

Drug addiction, mental illness, severe disability, childhood obesity, lead poisoning, generational teen pregnancy, and drop out rates are just some of the major issues that will continue to bring millions upon millions of dollars into Gloversville. Every time a person with a life long disability of any kind moves into Gloversville that Federal taxpayer money bringing tons of Medicaid to the community, Food Stamps, Welfare, Section 8, SSI, WIC, Grant Programs (and oh the killing they are making off of those!) Even the school benefits. I am sorry. I stand by my original statement. That city is able to LIVE off of the people you all slander each and every day in this newspaper forum. They exist for one reason and one reason only: Because Gloversville needs them. No insult is meant to those who work hard there. I know many people there who are forced to live among them but the truth is, they are what pay bills, provide jobs, and keep the majority of the high money making businesses there.

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Jun-13-14 9:41 PM

Annarondac, I agree with you. I do not think all people in Gloversville are like this. There are MANY hard working people trying to make it there and that pay taxes. It is unfortunate. My point is about this type of people still in Gloversville all these years later. Millions of dollars are spent by the State and Federal government to change this situation and yet, it still has not even begun to make an impact. Here is something to consider: Almost thirty years with the Lead Program and yet Fulton County has almost 25% of kids still getting lead poisoning before 17 months of age. (The state average by county is less than 5%.) One child with severe lead poisoning will go on to bring nearly half a million dollars of Federal and State tax payer monies into the county in their lifetime. If they end up in Lexington it will be far more than that. That is ONE child on one program. These 'kinds' of people are feeding that city. THAT is why this kind of thing is still going on in Gloversville.

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Jun-13-14 9:54 AM

Letting this couple be an example of all the people in Gloversville is a very prejudiced point of view. It discounts all the people working and volunteering in the many clubs, government and other entities, trying to make this a nice place to live. I reject the fact that I could have stopped this, or could have any influence on the people that did this. This place has it's faults, but the general goodness of people that live here out weigh the few that make news like this.

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Jun-13-14 2:27 AM

This is not a parent or a compassionate person. However, in Fulton County was he really considered a child? I use the term 'child' VERY lightly in a county where the word 'child' is taken so lightly by CPS. After all, he is seventeen. I would have been surprised if they even showed if someone had called them. This is exactly the kind of actions, bail, and behavior one would expect in Gloversville, New York. Hate me for telling the truth but the fact of the matter is, you live there and allow this kind thing to be common place and on going. The vampire programs that provide services to the many people in Gloversville like this are one of the few reasons Gloversville is still viable. Ask yourselves: Why do these kinds of people STILL exist in such vast numbers in your city? Does ANYONE, EVER get better at your many mental health facilities or drug rehabs? The answer is no,because you need them. Sick as it is, these dirt bags and the Federal monies they bring into Gloversville feed you

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Jun-12-14 4:58 PM

Not condoning what these people did, but why didn't the friend, who first notified them, call 911? Especially once it was evident the "parents" were going to do nothing.

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Jun-12-14 3:22 PM

WTF is wrong with people! and a lighter bail/bond because "he's not my kid" are you kidding me, no compassion or regard for another human being, it should have been raised higher.

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