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Proposed plan an investment

May 18, 2014

Fonda-Fultonville Central School District voters will decide Tuesday whether to go ahead with a $19.8 million capital project....

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May-20-14 8:09 AM

Vote then ALL down.

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May-20-14 6:53 AM

'Investment' in School districts is School Tax $$ confiscated unwillingly. I make a willing 'investment' with the expectation of at least a 5-7% return. If it constantly goes negative 2-5% it's called a 'dog' and it's gone. Get out today and vote this FFCHS budget dog down.

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May-18-14 5:02 PM

1.5 million for grass seed??? When are people going to know that state money is their tax money to begin with ?? Give the money in grants for higher education. THAT is an investment.

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May-18-14 2:38 PM

Let me save you the trouble of looking. It doesn't indicate anywhere how long the extension is for.

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May-18-14 2:25 PM

Must have been the May 10th article that stated he received an extension and it is also on the district website. I have been doing my research so that I can make an educated and informed decision when I vote. I apologize if I had the article date wrong.

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May-18-14 12:25 PM

The article about Colluciello didn't say he was on for another year. The length of the extension was not mentioned, but I find it hard to believe that it isn't in writing. My guess is that soon after the vote he will be departing, staying around just long enough to give the voters the appearance of stability. Nothing like dropping a $19.8 mil bld project in the lap of a new, non-resident superintendent with no prior experience who has to be mentored for a smooth transition. For all the talking the administration does about the high quality of the district you would think that all of them, not only the middle school principal, would live in the district.

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May-18-14 12:06 PM

The people from all the districts should ban together. The school system is out of control.

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May-18-14 10:04 AM

Anyone read the May 14th article on here about FFCS? They are now keeping Mr. Coluciello on for another year, ($$$$), making an internal principal an associate superintendent/principal (more $$$$) and someone is going to have to help out that principal do his job (more $$$) - all on the backs of the taxpayers. Now we see where extra state aid is going - right in the pockets of administration. So don't cry to the taxpayers that it is all "for the kids"! They try to deceive us because we are the "stupid taxpayers" but we are not stupid and can see right through this farce. Tie in the items that are needed with the fluff items and the taxpayers won't know any better. This school was broke a year or so ago and now they want me to believe they can see 15 years down the road? My kids want to go to Disney and I can't take them because I can't afford it - there is no difference!!! We have no businesses here to support the tax increase - it all falls on the residents and

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May-18-14 9:06 AM

The district treasurer said it cost about $12K annually to maintain the natural surface football field. If we spend $1.5 million on the turf field we will eliminate that annual cost and break even in only 125 years. What sense does it make to spend $.4 million on AC for the elementary wing when there is no school and July and August and, no keep it that way, no state aid for classes after June 30 and before September 1? 90% of the the proposed items are needed. Why pay for an additional 10% because the school board tried to ram it down our throats? Vote NO, let the BOE sharpen their pencils and cut out the useless fluff.

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May-18-14 8:48 AM

Seems to me that since the state is paying for 90% of this project that we should all get to vote on it, not just people ion FF.

And Really?? 1.5 Million for a Turf field. This is not Astro Turf I assume for it were they would call it that. Seems to me with all the farmers, farm equipment, and athletes, they should be able to re-level everything and replant grass for a whole lot less.

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May-18-14 8:31 AM

The district says the state may pay for up to 90 percent of the cost.

The current debt for NYS stands, or should I say went way beyond and growing by the minute is: $348,361,978,990.00.. Just when do we set this right? How large does this debt have to be before it scares this states leaders into a spending remission? It went past my comfort level a long, long time ago!

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May-18-14 8:04 AM

You beat me to it solarguy, nicely said.

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May-18-14 8:02 AM

Educational 'experience'??? Better yet, how about 'experiencing' Education first??? Contrary to the authors opinion, we are not unwilling to support this dream, we're UNABLE to. A big difference that escapes the uninformed. The District may be in good financial shape but the people who foot the bill are NOT. Vote NO NO NO NO and send this steaming pile of BS back to the barn. We expect a sensible and reasonable budget, not unnecessary extravagance the Taxpayer cannot afford. We're not a huge District with 100's of thousands of property tax payers. Ground the flight-of-fancy and get serious.

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May-18-14 7:58 AM

I disagree with this editorial. Just because you vote no on a capital project doesn't mean that you don't believe in making an investment in your school district. You may vote no because you find that parts of the project do not represent responsible spending. If the project vote is defeated, it can be reworked and put up for another vote. We all know that we need to keep our facilities in shape. The problem is that districts want to keep up with or outdo each other.

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