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Cheers and jeers

May 17, 2014

CHEERS — To school board candidates. Voters will go to the polls Tuesday throughout the region to vote for candidates for local school boards and decide on school budgets....

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May-21-14 1:17 PM

.....But the renter is not the "taxpayer" the property owner is the ONLY taxpayer, unless there is a written signed document between both parties obligating the renter to pay part of the taxes.

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May-20-14 2:19 PM

if you're renting out property and NOT using part of that income on taxes for the property, or figuring that into the're just a fool.

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May-18-14 8:26 AM

Another caveat to School taxes are those who live here periodically but are not full time residents. They get no Cuomo kick-backs, they have absolutely no vote on budgets in their school district and are taxed (highly) without representation. Some have never had children in their taxed school district, or never will. There are no exemptions what so ever, it's a pay if you want to stay plan. The very unfortunate aspect of this type of taxation, is property owners who want to move away from, especially Fulton County, are held captive by the high tax rate.

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May-18-14 7:24 AM

'Supposedly MrBob, residents who rent pay school taxes via their rent'. Barbijane, that falsehood, along with 'rent pays the mortgage, pays the water/sewer bills, pays for upkeep was made up by self-serving renters and has been repeated enough to be comfortingly believable by everyone except the Property owner who knows better. I assure you that while it sounds good, it is NOT true. I'm one of those Senior Property owners you mentioned and we are outnumbered. If you read the FFCHS budget proposals carefully you'll find that the items in one is carefully re-worded in another proposal ensuring that, one way or another, they will get their money. I am not amused at the blatant attempt at insulting our intelligence..year after year. Superintendent Colucciello is very glib but despite his platitudes, he is not interested in the plight of the Property taxpayers. Personally, along with this years School tax, I'm busy saving up for next years 'contribution' to the County's welfare system.

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May-17-14 11:18 PM

Supposedly MrBob, residents who rent pay school taxes via their rent. I don't have as much a problem with that as I do with the 18 year olds who have not even graduated from high school yet, and they live at home with their parents or guardians, and usually don't pay a cent for taxes. I feel that in that case, they should not be able to vote for a school budget. I remember the time when the FFCS budget was voted down, and we voted again. Only the second time the teachers,sports coaches & parents called all the new eligible voters to remind them to vote, and they actually provided transportation to the school for them. The elderly taxpayers didn't stand a chance of voting the budget down the second time, and now, the rules have been changed once again, so even if the budget doesn't pass the first time, we get stuck with the contingency budget, which is often worse than the original budget. It should be No Pay? No Vote, imo.

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May-17-14 12:14 PM

As a Property owner, I care a whole lot about voting on School Budgets TOT but I'm outnumbered by the voters who have NO money at stake so they'll vote yes for anything, they believe 'it's for the children' and it won't cost them a dime so it must be a good thing. As I said, spreading out the cost of Education to EVERY District resident, with or without children, will surely change the attitudes of a lot of people. Then everybody can sit back and watch the *hit fly, Property taxpayers are sick of watching it alone.

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May-17-14 11:40 AM

Thus the problem with why our school taxes are astronomical. The people who care most about voting on the proposed budgets are not the taxpayers it is the tax users. The teachers, school employees and their families are the ones that vote. There simply is no reason for a person to put themselves through the abuse of running for a school board position and trying to change anything, it simply will not happen. It is all a forgone conclusion and the taxpayers have little to feel good about. I vote no on every single budget that way I do get the satisfaction of saying no as I send in my check. The price I pay to own my home and live in Gloversville. Taxes and more taxes.

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May-17-14 9:53 AM

NYSED Law should be changed to forbid the spouse of a district employee from being part of the Board of Education. It does forbid the spouse of the superintendent from running with the loophole being that he is the only employee of the district with a labor contract between himself and the district. All other employees have a contract between their "union" and the district, so the law says there is nothing unethical about a spouse running. The same type of logic that led to this ruling led to Joe Bruno being found innocent of accepting bribes. And, when illegal and unethical do not occupy the same list, the moral compass of that society goes haywire. The only candidate for BOE without a spouse or child working for the FFCSD is Michael Lewis. He gets my vote.

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May-17-14 9:31 AM

Perhaps this explains why there are so many relatives of school district employees on the boards? At least you reap some benefit for your time -you can make sure your spouse/child get a raise every year among other things. Maybe I am off base and it is only the board in my district that 6 of 7 board members have relatives employed in the district - that's what they call "job security". Now let's see how many of you actually vote on Tuesday for the only taxes you have a say in. Fonda school received a decent amount of additional aid and could have given the taxpayers a break with a 0% increase but CHOSE not to. The increase they are asking for is not needed in a year they are asking us for a $20 million project again with many items we don't need. Maybe the sports teams needed new uniforms to go with their fancy new turf field. Why not if the taxpayers are footing the bill. Spend away!

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May-17-14 8:11 AM

A good and comprehensive education is probably the most important legacy a parent/community/country can bequeath to its children. Having said that, that does not mean that unbridled spending in the name of "education" should be enacted simply because a school board so advocates. The voting public is the best judge once the facts are on the table, and the voters in those areas where the "cap" would be exceeded should cast a jaundiced eye upon the reasons put forth for that excess. Education is simply education, and does not require a "full panoply" of additional activity and expense in order to perform its basic function properly.

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May-17-14 7:26 AM

I'm for any candidate who proposes Education funding in NYS School Districts be spread out to every District resident, not just Property owners. We have to pay 4 sets of taxes as it is, Income (Fed&State), Property and School. I'll be reasonable, drop ONE, any one. I would consider that a good start on NYS's road to recovery.

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May-17-14 6:23 AM

While the school board elections in the immediate area have enough candidates, 3 other districts in the region do not. They are Schenectady, Duanesburg, and South Glens Falls. Probably due to reasons mentioned in the editorial. It is an unpaid sometimes thankless job. There are a lot of difficult decisions to be made. It requires time that some people just don't have to spare with the demands of their full time job, etc. Yes, it does take dedication to make such a commitment.

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