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Man beaten, shot at in Gloversville

April 30, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — City police are looking for three suspects in the beating of a man in his Fremont Street home Tuesday evening....

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May-01-14 11:18 AM

The "assailants" exhibited cold killer mentality. They need to be hunted down and dealt with. The sad thing is the police can only do so much as was exhibited by the Rossback robbery.

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May-01-14 11:02 AM

Not to keep beating a dead horse here, but does it bother anyone else that one of the people that did this..placed a pillow over his face and shot..fotunatelly only grazing his face..but the man could have been killed in cold blood..obviously this had been planned..either that or these guys are running around looking for victims that they must think either have cash or drugs on hand. Even though no drugs were found, no one knows if there had been drugs in the house and they were taken or not..but reguardless, I'm sure the police will continue their hunt for who ever they are, and they will be found, hopefully very soon..Makes me glad that I do not answer my door without first knowing who it perhaps not at all..

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May-01-14 9:39 AM

I also heard Dunkin Donuts was robbed at gunpoint last night. Things are going great in the old town.

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May-01-14 9:37 AM

Wow the word was n i p as in cut with scissors.

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May-01-14 9:36 AM

"Police said the assailants demanded money and drugs they believed were in the apartment." From this statement in the article came the "no drugs were found" statement. The police also said they believed there was familiarity between the victim and suspect. It is only a matter of time when this problem will spill over to the elderly and someones grandparents will be beaten and robbed. Time to****it in the "bud".

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May-01-14 8:30 AM

"No drugs were found." So how can anyone attest that this was drug driven. Also, when did it become a crime to be poor, or rather who decides when a person is rich or poor? Monetary riches are not the only guideline.

But on a different perspective, being politically correct has become such an issue that people cannot hold any opinions of their own, if they are different than what is acceptable. When did we loose the freedom to think for ourselves.

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May-01-14 12:05 AM

'topper, the NBA needs to address more cultural problems than the Clippers' owner. This is the tip of the iceberg. BUT everybody has known of his "problem" for 30+ years, so what's the big deal???

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Apr-30-14 10:09 PM

I personally feel that the tragedy here lies in a lifestyle that is taken over by drug addiction. It is so heartbreaking to see how lives are destroyed and families are destroyed and hurting because of addiction. It is not easy for people to get out of this sort of lifestyle. My heart goes out to the victims and to those who committed the crime and the families of both.They are broken, lost, and in need of prayer.

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Apr-30-14 9:25 PM

The "sign" I personally saw was graffitti on an overpass on the Deagan Express in the Bronx. Saw it every morning for a few years. It's more than rumor

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Apr-30-14 8:43 PM

Tomlarry: I too heard those stories about signs in NYC telling people to come upstate for easy welfare. So a couple of years ago my lady and I went to NYC for a couple of days to see a show and have a good time. I made it a point to search the subways for these signs. I had my cameraphone in hand, ready to take a photo of these signs that we've all heard so much about. And you know what I found? Nothing. I asked the cop on the beat too, and he told me you cannot even post signs anywhere in the subway. When I got home I wrote a letter to the FC commissioner of social services and told her I searched high and low and could not find these signs. Its complete BS.

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Apr-30-14 8:10 PM

These are the type of individuals that the Clipper's owner didn't want his lady friend associating with. I rest my case in the hands of the jury, do you agree or disagree?

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Apr-30-14 6:37 PM

You can live poor, doesn't mean you have to be ignorant!!!!

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Apr-30-14 4:56 PM

This is what happens when Fulton county social services advertises in NYC subway for easy access to benefits. I have heard of this from two different people, one 20 plus yrs ago, the other within the past couple of yrs.

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Apr-30-14 4:07 PM

again, showing no respect for anything or anyone, including their selves. More important to drink, do drugs, and beg , borrow , or steal, children having children, because they were never taught right from wrong, no jobs, living off from others of social services, yet if you or I as tax payers had to request any type of assistance we would be shut down..

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Apr-30-14 4:01 PM are correct..we now have plea bargain roulette..and of course drs. that will write anything that the insurance will pay for..even though now the prescribing of controlled substance are now monitored more closely..some co-pays are a dollar..and tey can sell that same script for hundreds..some just waive a co-pay..what a profit..and we as tax payers get to pay a higher tax rate..either way..this happening in such a small community and currenly seems like every year there is more and more of this drastic behavior..some will say.."it's people from nyc" or "it's all over drugs and money"..not everyone from nyc or any other bigger city is a bad person, or from a "street gang"..drugs and NO money are here, unfortunately, but for someone to shoot someone in their own home. is uncalled for, and it shouldn't matter what "side of the tracks" the person resides..can happen anywhere. these people create their own "death sentences". Agai

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Apr-30-14 2:14 PM

Kobemagoo-lawyers lenient judges and doctors over prescribing addictive drugs are what happened. We also need the death penalty

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Apr-30-14 12:49 PM

or others. We have people here that have no means of supporting themselves, living off the kindness of others, while making children to carry on that legacy, homelessness, begging borrowing or stealing..What happened?

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Apr-30-14 12:44 PM

It's disappointing that times have changed to this point of people doing this too each other.I grew up at a time people helped each other. what happened..has respect for one another really gone to the side lines. I recall my parents only using a hook and eye on the screen doors during the summer,no one had these fears.Now its as if you can't walk to a local store, or feel safe in your own homes.I've been considering moving from "small town America", simply because now some of the bigger cities almost seem safer. I can not think of any reason for someone to mame someone this way, as well as throw their own lives away. Such foolishness, but I'm sure it will be closed quickly as who ever had done this will have to brag about their deed..looking for that pat on the back. doesn't come oput in thet wash, comes out in the rinse.sadly, if this is about money or drugs. how is it worth it. Yet we do live in a society here where the younger generation has no respect for themselves or o

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Apr-30-14 12:00 PM

extreme poverty breed crime. That's what we are becoming.

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