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SMART Waters gets mixed reaction

Plan would consolidate county sewer, water services

April 27, 2014

JOHNSTOWN — Municipal reactions are mixed about Fulton County’s SMART Waters proposal, with municipalities desiring more details, but some officials appearing to have an open mind....

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Apr-29-14 5:38 PM

The Cities in Fulton County have no intention of letting Fulton County take over their Water Supplies, that is the reason that this whole project is a waste of both Time and Money. The County should have put the 50,000 dollars to better use by giving each County Resident over the age of 17 1000 Dollars to spend in the County to help Local Businesses Boost sales. There are many other ways to spend 50,000 dollars and this Project is not one of them.

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Apr-28-14 5:37 PM

so often I hear people say " I could never live in the city....give me that country life"....yeah right until they need water and sewer.....I agree 100% with TiredofTax.....if our city fathers of the 1960s and 70s had the foresight to not allow water to pass beyond the city limits....just think of how much property would have been annexed and paying taxes to the city...

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Apr-28-14 12:43 PM

Interesting that no mention of Gloversville water system. I wonder now that this "study" is done how the powers to be will make Fulton County into a mini utopia like Saratoga.

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Apr-28-14 11:52 AM

FC paid 50 Grand and 'County officials FEEL consolidation MAY provide a more efficient way to extend water and sewer services and save on money for ratepayers already using such services'.?? Two overused political weasel-words. The only posture that means anything is when they're SURE it WILL do so. Then, and only then take action. If there are so many questions after getting the report, the Supervisors first question should be 'when do get our 50K back'? My question, even though I don't live in FC, is..What does 'LIMITED' regional water and sewer system mean?? Sounds like FC paid a lot of $$$ for somebody to tell them what they already have is successful.

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Apr-27-14 7:11 PM

Saratoga County made the change to a joint water/sewer system a number of years ago, and now look at the businesses that have moved in. It's time f0r Fulton County to also take that step and be a leader that provides new jobs with good pay for the residents of the county.

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Apr-27-14 12:15 PM

There is a world of difference between "consolidating," "merging," working together," "taking over" and "BUYING"! If I were Mayor King or Mayor Julius talking to any Supervisor, the first words out of my mouth would be "How much money are you offering?"

And one thing I see completely missing from the Leader's reports of the consultants study is any mention of the bonded indebtedness that all (or at least most) of the cities & villages have on their books.

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Apr-27-14 10:55 AM

Where do I get to study something for $50,000? I can sit back and do up a template I found on google, make it look super impressive and move on.

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Apr-27-14 9:52 AM

Spell check... does not BRING~ not being, and grant FROM not for, sorry!

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Apr-27-14 9:50 AM

SO a progressive mindset is needed? I believe that the progressive mindset is exactly the problem. The one for all and all for one thing is great when it does not being all down to a failure level. Gloversville and Johnstown has had the forethought to do the sewer and water thing SMART-ly on their own, we do not need to share in the debt for those that have not and are so remote that it is not even feasible. Go get a grant for the everspending liberal state or the progressive spending regime in DC. Let the country pay for rural Fulton county water and sewage! (No I do not believe that would be fair either!)

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