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Protesters urge voter registration

Officials, gun enthusiasts rally against SAFE Act

April 20, 2014

JOHNSTOWN — Government officials and gun enthusiasts urged people Saturday to vote in November’s election to help end the NY SAFE Act....

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Apr-22-14 9:42 AM

There is a bill in the New York State Senate that will allow elected officials to be removed from office in a recall election. Sheriff Lorey would be an ideal candidate should this bill passed. No one, including Lorey, should be above the law. He cannot decide that he knows more about the Constitution than our courts. By saying that he does, he shows his contempt for authority and his incompetence. He needs to go.

As for the NY SAFE Act, its not going anywhere. Most New Yorkers support it.

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Apr-21-14 12:27 PM

The VERY CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, on the 2nd amendment: "Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose"

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Apr-20-14 10:37 PM

," Lorey said. "You have to understand that all these judges who have heard the lawsuit have been appointed by Democratic administration;

They are not DEMOCRATIC! They are DEMOCRATS! We can all be democratic but I will NEVER ever be a democrat!

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Apr-20-14 6:05 PM

Bob, I truly feel sorry for you. Mr. Lair,I believe that the issue could be addressed by the BOS by public statements in opposition to selective enforcement of the law.

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Apr-20-14 3:28 PM

Assault weapon or rifle is also a legal term. Owning one resonates with low self esteem.

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Apr-20-14 3:19 PM

Solar guy, you have a history of making up whatever furthers your opinions. Where did you read that the Sheriff told his Deputies they don't have to enforce the Law because he doesn't agree with it? You didn't read the article, you'd rather lie instead so why don't YOU man-up and tell the Sheriff that's what he told his Deputies, you KNOW it and the LH is lying about it? I'd pay to watch THAT happen.

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Apr-20-14 3:04 PM

'Assault' weapon is purely a political term that resonates with low information people. Go to a Bar, punch someone in the face. When you're arrested for assault complain to THEM you didn't have an 'assault' weapon. The Judge will probably add $500 to the fine for being an a**hole.

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Apr-20-14 2:58 PM

You people don't have a clue. It is not about guns at all. It is about rights. I hope we are not all sorry later! At least we stood up for our rights, you can all lay down.

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Apr-20-14 2:14 PM

Lefty or righty? You're not talking about baseball, are you TOT. Socialist, Capitalist? Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian? Communist? (oh my!) Conservatism , Liberalism. It makes little difference, when our most powerful constitutional right is being marginalized. The wealthy who can buy the election don't mind. They have your vote.

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Apr-20-14 2:06 PM

Time for a new sheriff in town--and deputies if necessary . There is NO reason for individual to have assault ries. They can ha whatever rifles and pistols they want but there is no earthly reason Joe Blow needs an assault rifle. Times change. Laws need to change.

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Apr-20-14 1:05 PM

So you lefties are happy with forgoing your rights, all of them then for the good of socialism? For the governments ability to have total control over what we do, say, think, talk about or post to our webpages? You are willing to forgo all of your freedoms and relinquish control to your superior beings that are in charge? You no longer feel that we should have a voice in our own decisions. God help us all if this is truly how you feel!

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Apr-20-14 1:00 PM

We will see, these polls are there to solidify the democrats positions. The lame stream is in their pocket and will do ANYTHING to promote the liberal ideas. The same thing is now going on with the Obamacare numbers... over 7 million? Imagine that, really imagine as that is the only way that number is attainable! Liar in chief supported by lamestream equals progressive agenda!

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Apr-20-14 11:11 AM

New York voters support the SAFE ACT by a margin of 2 to 1. "Fourteen months after its passage, 63 percent of registered New York state voters say they support the SAFE Act, compared to just 32 percent who oppose it, according to a Siena College poll released March 24,2014".

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Apr-20-14 10:56 AM

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Apr-20-14 10:39 AM

For more years than I can remember, members of the BOS have worked to get a Sheriff into office that THEY can control and it looks like they are at it again. I wish that their sock puppets would read what they post before they actively support fascism for our country. And BTW, the voters HAVE decided many times that they side with Sheriff Lorey over the politicians.

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Apr-20-14 9:30 AM

Ironic. The Supreme Court just undermined the 15th, 17th, 19th, 24th, and 26th amendments. All the while the working poor are up in arms (yeah, I know it's a pun) over the 2nd amendment. On a serious note: Why is anyone reading this surprised that the Sheriff is pick and choosing what laws are enforced. Isn't this the same public servant that made up the traffic laws to blame the bicyclist that was hit and killed by a truck?

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Apr-20-14 8:51 AM

How do you suggest the BOS address that issue?The sheriff is not elected by, nor does he serve at the pleasure of, the BOS. He is elected by the voters of Fulton County and it will be up to the voters of Fulton County to decide if he is right or wrong.

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Apr-20-14 8:50 AM

"I personally will not enforce the law"(Sherif Lorey). His "PERSONAL VIEWS" are irrelevant. Like all NY Laws, he doesn't have to agree with them, but he does have to enforce them. If he can't enforce NY's laws, for 'personal reasons', he should resign his post.

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Apr-20-14 8:27 AM

If we all just followed the laws that we agreed with, I think that our society would be quite a mess. I don't mind if the Sheriff speaks out from a personal level about the safe act, but to tell your deputies that they don't have to enforce a law because you disagree with it,I would hope that the county supervisors would address that issue.

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