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Bombings a sign of failure

April 18, 2014

With this week’s one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing comes the realization that it might not have occurred had U.S. intelligence agencies merely heeded warnings from Russia....

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Apr-19-14 6:49 PM

Hey Bob I don't hear an apology for your misleading post that you were called out on.. Apparently everyone else can decipher the meaning when you include all of the statement.. Do you want us to believe that you are too stupid to understand it and just left it out?? That my friend would not be too far of a stretch ..LOL

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Apr-19-14 1:08 PM

My first sentence refers to tot.

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Apr-19-14 1:07 PM

The comments in your last post say much more about you than either Biden or Obama. Bob...IMO, the mess we are in is due to the accumulation of greed and incompetence over the years.

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Apr-19-14 10:40 AM

Skrocki, that didn't happen on TV, it happened in the 1950's when the dregs of European 'right wing extremists' (Nazism, Bolsheviks i.e., National Socialists) infiltrated our Educational and Political system.

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Apr-19-14 10:28 AM

As I see it laker, the irony is that progressives on both sides are fully responsible for the mess America is in. Progressives with an R in front of their name are more subtle with their ideology of 'creeping socialism' while those with a D are more aggressive with Totalitarianism. The irony with that is neither side, or their followers are able to defend the ideology itself without casting blame at each other. It's Bush's fault... no it's Obama's fault. It's like having an argument with yourself...and losing.

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Apr-19-14 9:58 AM

The editorial writer of this piece must be a Russian spy deployed since the cold war era to infiltrate our American culture, steal our technology and change our family values! Oh wait.... that is the plot of "The Americans" on FX.

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Apr-19-14 8:13 AM

"You lefties own this record."...hmmm, interesting fedup that the "lefties" are responsible for all those issues! the irony in your "deflect and demonize" theory!

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Apr-19-14 7:55 AM

It's quite evident why Russia warned us - a commom interest in short-stopping Islamic Terrorism. Russia has constant problems with Chechnya and wants to establish an intelligence link with us to detect problems on a global level which could affect them also. We would be foolish to dismiss any attempt to interface with us on this particular issue. Similar to a "world economy", terrorism is global.

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Apr-19-14 7:31 AM

Oh no, looks like a couple of libs have once again allowed me reduce them to to angrily foaming at the mouth. All I can say now is...'Mission Accomplished', it was worth it!

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Apr-19-14 5:20 AM

Yes ADKman, you have hit it spot on again. The reason people are not moving here is because of right wing posters! I was wondering why our unemployment rate was so high. I thought it was the highest taxes in the nation, the highest per pupil cost of education, the highest dollar for dollar spending on the lazy pajama pants crowd and the ineffective leadership from mayors up to the Governor. But it is those crazy right wingers that are keeping people away. Thanks for clearing that up. Deflect and demonize. You guys got it down to a science. But remember, you lefties own this record. From Cuomo to Obama, they are all yours. Be proud and defend their records if you can. See you in November.

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Apr-18-14 11:03 PM

I see the right wingers are editing and cherry picking their "facts" again. Or should I say still. What Uncle Joe said was "let me say to those 'quote survivors,' my God, you have survived and you have soared. It was worth it. I mean this sincerely - just to hear each of you speak. You're truly, truly inspiring."

It was worth it to hear them speak. Worth it, to meet them. Only a right winger would twist that to mean Biden was saying the bombing was worth it. Pathetic.

Ya know, people looking to move here or invest here probably read these stupid comments by you and change their minds.

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Apr-18-14 10:54 PM

Biden is a fool! He is only surpassed in his stupidity by President Obama. He cannot speak without constant mistakes and is not intelligent enough to hold any office! Needs a boot to the curb!

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Apr-18-14 10:50 PM

That whole issue was a demonstration of the feds inability to do anything correctly at all! First they were warned of the impending dangers from the Russians, second they did not stop the bombers did not question them or even know where they were. After the bombing when they knew who they were looking for even with extremely advanced equipment including every asset that is known to man they let them get past and if it wasn't for the younger brother running over his brother in his escape they would not have gotten anything in that shootout. The Idiots were firing blindly throughout the entire city fortunate to not have killed or injuring any innocent residents. Then in the final shootout they riddled the boat that the bomber was hiding in even though he was unconscious and unarmed. The entire experience should be used as a training video on what not to do in this type of situation. Keystone cops describes them pretty accurately!

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Apr-18-14 7:59 PM

Personally I'm surprised that more instances have not occurred. The amount of information that has to be analyzed is hard to comprehend. I'm not going to call the intelligence agency a failure because one got through. I wonder how many didn't get through. My point is that the marathon bombing is a horrible thing, but I'm thankful for all the horrible things that have been intercepted.

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Apr-18-14 3:57 PM

MrBob: I merely posted the entire quote & that was my point. Your "quote" wasn't exactly a quote of what was said. He said it was worth it to hear the survivors speak. What's wrong with that? What's hidden or nuanced about that? I am not defending nor interpreting the "wisdom of Joe Biden", whatever that might be (quite frankly it's an oxymoron). I offered no opinion, nor did I say anything about your original post.

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Apr-18-14 3:47 PM

You "read his whole statement" and used ONE sentence hoping to make others believe he said something other than what he really said...explain how that is "clear and concise"? seems like an attempted spin to me (and to every other normal, thinking human being)

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Apr-18-14 3:44 PM

and by the way MrBoob...stick to the subject of the article.....Joe Biden was not the subject here, typical MrBoob nonsense.

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Apr-18-14 3:41 PM

the website has now taken to ***** over the name MrBoob....LOL...seems they've had enough of your negativity as well. Ha

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Apr-18-14 3:39 PM

once again, someone points out a glaring omission by by MrBOOB in an attempt to skew the REAL truth so*****resorts to the "Lib" calling gets old,*****

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Apr-18-14 3:10 PM

So, what's your point? I read his entire speech which was clear and concise up to and after that statement. Are we supposed to look for some nuanced, hidden meaning that only a lib/progressive can decipher? So, kev, do YOU think that was a proper statement and I am somehow taking his spoken words out of context and I and other Americans need to understand the wisdom of Joe Biden? Save your breath, just disagree without explanation. I've already read that 'opening statement' in several liberal interpretations that desperately attempt to pull Joe's foot out of his mouth ..once again. You will do no better.

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Apr-18-14 1:59 PM

Here's the quote from the transcript of that Biden speech: “Let me say to those quote ‘survivors’ [who spoke previously]. My God you have survived and you have soared. It was worth it, I mean it sincerely, just to hear you speak. You are truly, truly inspiring. I have never heard anything so beautiful.”

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Apr-18-14 1:17 PM

Another disgusting sign of failure, Joe Biden on the Boston Bombing: "My God, you have survived and you have soared. It was worth it, it was worth it." Imagine the vitriolic outrage coming from the libs if Dick Chaney said THAT 1 year after the WTC bombings. Need more proof liberalism is a mental disease? Wait for Joe's next speech.

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