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Cheers and jeers

April 12, 2014

CHEERS — To ending an impasse. The Gloversville Common Council and Mayor Dayton King this week appeared to end their rift over the mayor’s effort to appoint members to city boards....

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Apr-16-14 7:54 PM

In the news TODAY!!! President Obama put Russian President Vladimir Putin on notice Wednesday evening, warning that further actions to destabilize the interim Ukrainian government will result in consequences from both the United States and Europe.

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Apr-14-14 8:07 AM

However did you come to the conclusion that I blame the press for the world hating us formerresident? I stated my opinion to solarguy in explicit terms but you either missed my post or more likely, dismissed it as inconvenient to your narrative. You're tweaked because I believe the press today are the lap-dogs of liberal/progressives and that's ALL you understood. Example: Man who throws 2 shoes at President Bush = liberal Folk Hero. Woman who throws shoe at Mrs.Clinton = evil incarnate. No bias in reporting there, right??? As to being 'shocked' at First Amendment Zones or Free Speech Zones on College Campus', it's not's disgust that liberal/progressives keep trying to silence that which they cannot control.

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Apr-13-14 3:28 PM

I just read the funniest thing...

US Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Ukraine later this month, officials said, as Washington warned Moscow of "additional consequences" if it fails to reduce tensions with Ukraine.

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Apr-13-14 2:13 PM

FmrJtownRes, I do not believe that the USA has gone to war over nothing, the reasons may not be clear to you but the people in charge do not do wars without the permission of congress. Yes they are people and the choices that they make sure are influenced by current events. When the USA was attacked it awakened the need to be diligent, to protect human lives. When someone does not cooperate with those intentions, crap happens. Unless you are Obama, then no matter how many of his red lines you cross, nothing happens. Time and again, nothing happens. That has set us back. A lot!

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Apr-13-14 2:02 PM

One of the USA's major problems is that with a change of president also comes a change in US foreign policy. The commitments made by a president may only survive his tenure then the next guy cuts and runs. Do that enough times and you get mistrust. How can you believe in a country that flip flops every 4-8 years? It is what it is and that is what we do. But the mistakes made to defend US citizens should error on the upper side of caution not the lower. I would rather apologize to the enemy than to my constituents for allowing needless violence or deaths.

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Apr-13-14 12:50 PM

Sorry, I attributed ToT, and it was MrBoB51, apologies.

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Apr-13-14 12:45 PM

I'm pretty sure it's not the press that has caused other countries to not particularly care for us. How would you feel if a country, whose government thought it was morally superior to every other, started a war under false pretense, killed a couple thousand of their own and 100's of thousands of that country's people, tortured them in their own prisons, and then did absolutely nothing to the instigators? Yes, the press reported that stuff, that is what they are supposed to do, good or bad, report. ToT, I know you follow the news, so why the shock about 1st amendment areas? The government has been setting aside areas for protest for many years. The main purpose is for safety and to keep the peace.

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Apr-13-14 12:10 PM

Yup country's not perfect. However nothing is stopping you from leaving. Let me be the first to say goodbye.

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Apr-13-14 10:42 AM

Solarguy, it's FREEDOM and our Constitution the Dictators, Totalitarians, Statists and all other power hungry despotic Regimes that exert total control over THEIR citizens that hate America. YOU go join THEM if you like but I will do everything in my power to not let THEM join the USA. Past and current events show America and Americans make mistakes (like the one you made) BUT we tend to correct more reason they hate us. I firmly believe that. What do you believe?

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Apr-13-14 10:22 AM

Some Journalists have tried to warn us of the deliberate dumbing-down of Americans. Moderation, thanks for letting us know what a child, strike that..indoctrinated by American haters eventually grows up to be....another low information American. Let me be the first to let you know that the American Engine is NOT powered by Unicorn poo or lubricated with Hopenchange grease and Hateoil which needs daily replenishment by people such as yourself.

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Apr-13-14 10:12 AM

I think that Mod makes a very good point. The world does not see the U.S. in the same light that some of the posters here portray it. I love my country, but I realize that we have made many poor choices

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Apr-13-14 8:52 AM

Yes mod, we interned the Japanese, it was war, they were of the nationality that we were fighting. Would it have made more sense to allow them to do us harm before we acted. I agree that this was an extreme action but so was Pearl Harbor. In the shadow of such an attack, totally unprovoked and unexpected that Americans wanted to do much more than jail those that were Japanese. Hindsight is 20 20 but in the wake of such shocking devastation and human suffering... I believe the incarnation of the US Japanese population should be forgiven. They were being strong and doing what they felt necessary to protect American lives, something today they would not be allowed to do.

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Apr-12-14 7:28 PM

You mean the America established on slavery, genocide, and systematic generational racism. The one who interred the Japanese during the war, or just the most recent one that attacked a country without provocation? That country?

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Apr-12-14 12:16 PM

As to that joke of a 'news' outlet you mentioned, we can get enough of 'blame America first' from our OWN alphabet channels so why don't YOU fill us in on their magnificent portrayal of America.

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Apr-12-14 12:06 PM

Old news grant, we read that and Sinclair's Goose-Step in HS so we knew what the terms 'muckraker' and 'social crusader' meant. You're right, it still means the same anti-capitalist garbage that you appear to admire so much.

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Apr-12-14 11:29 AM

Anyone who wants to know the real bias of the press in America should read "The Brass Check" by Upton Sinclair. It was published in 1920 but very few of its conclusions have changed.

BTW, I'd really enjoy hearing the opinion of Al-Jazeera America by our commenters who only listen to those who sit on the right side of the House of Representatives (meaning geographic right, not morally right, of course).

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Apr-12-14 8:36 AM

My compliments to the mayor and council of Gloversville. I know that you all want the city to be successful and I understand that you all have differing opinions on the best way to achieve this. As a business owner in the city, I'm very proud of you for working together on these issues.

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Apr-12-14 8:28 AM

Heads of News Bureaus MUST - and I emphasize MUST - ignore their ideological proclivities in order to publish NEWS rather than promote their own agenda. It is exceedingly important in this rapidly changing world that all citizens inform themselves based on dispassionate facts presented rather than preferences of far-left or far-right leaning directors.

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Apr-12-14 8:27 AM

"America must continue to emphasize the need for freedom of speech and the right to report the news and criticize government". You have got to be kidding, that ship has already sailed. American 'journalists' were once the Watchdogs of American politics, now they've become the Lap-dogs of progressive/liberal ideology. For example, how many journalists have expressed outrage at the 'First Amendment Zone' set up in Nevada? What the h*ll is THAT about??? My understanding is ALL of America is a Free Speech Zone.

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Apr-12-14 8:10 AM

Remember when Obama said that his would be the most honest and open administration in the history of the USA? Where did that go? He and his cronies are as far from any of that than I thought was possible. All Americans want is the honest and unbridled truths about all of his phony scandals... just the truth. All we have gotten from this administration is lies and cover ups. Liberals united to preserve their ill gotten gains. Time for them to hit the curb. It is time for Honest and Open government, like we were promised!

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