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Cheers and jeers

March 29, 2014

CHEERS — To historic Northville. A state board has nominated parts of the village of Northville to the state and national registers of historic places....

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Apr-02-14 11:28 AM

It lowered the cost of a quality college education by 30000 for my kid.

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Mar-30-14 6:32 PM

I didn't mean to infer that a FMCC degree was shameful for locals. What is shameful is having to build a village so that foreign and out of county students have something to do when they are not "studying". Did you live on campus at FMCC, or were you a F or M county resident?

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Mar-30-14 4:33 PM

Hilltopper, as an alumni of FMCC I can tell you that going to college there shouldnt be shameful...they are one of the best community colleges in the county and my education there was just as good as the 4 year SUNY college I transferredan to to get my BS.

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Mar-30-14 9:05 AM

JEERS to lamestream media! A new study from the Media Research Center finds that long before the saga of the missing Malaysian jet commandeered the airwaves, ABC, CBS and NBC had apparently decided that ObamaCare was not a worthy topic for their evening newscasts. MRC analysts reviewed each newscast (including weekends) from January 1 through March 24, 2014. The review found just 29 stories that mentioned ObamaCare; 12 of those were full reports, while the other 17 were short items (under 30 seconds in length) read by the news anchor, or passing references to the health care law in longer political stories.

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Mar-29-14 3:01 PM

Actually, I understand the prez's brick mansion isn't part of the public specs.

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Mar-29-14 2:54 PM

I was told that the foreign students come to FMCC to learn English so it will be easier to take advantage of America in the future. But in the meantime, all the more power to Microtel for taking advantage of the situation now.

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Mar-29-14 1:39 PM

The definition of a community college: 2-year nonresidential college: in Canada or the United States, a nonresidential college usually supported by the government offering two-year or three-year courses and awarding diplomas or associate degrees. Maybe the FM is trying to be more than a community college. If it awarded Bachelor, Master and PhD.'s degrees, Fulton Montgomery would be elijable for the PILOT program, which allows start up businesses 10 years of tax free business.

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Mar-29-14 1:00 PM

Hill, would you be surprised to know that the third floor of Johnstowns Microtel houses foreign students?

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Mar-29-14 11:56 AM

I thought community colleges were for the local community residents. We already have several cities and villages in the two SPONSORING counties. If FMCC has money to squander on this nonsense, perhaps Fulton and Montgomery Counties should cut back on the money sent to FMCC, or the college should cut back on the tuition charged. Then the dorm students could afford to take a bus to the existing stores in F & M Counties who pay taxes and fund the college. If the dorm residents have nothing to do why not try studying? If they had in the first place they wouldn’t be in the middle of a cornfield at FMCC. What will be next, a fancy brick mansion for the college president?

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Mar-29-14 11:25 AM

Instead of Farmville we'll have FmccVille. And why not? All the cities do is fight.

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Mar-29-14 11:16 AM

TOT, it is easier to blame the jumpers than to address the lax security issues. There is more wrong than a sleeping guard

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Mar-29-14 11:14 AM

Solarguy, yup, you really have to wonder why the municipalities of J'town and G'ville didn't try to get this in a downtown that is dying on the vine. In my area more than one city that had a similar situation people started grabbing the cheap real estate, rehabbing and now that old rundown area is prime stuff. They missed the boat, or don't want all that extra traffic down town like it used to be

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Mar-29-14 10:08 AM

The FM project is moving quickly because people are working together. I can understand why some would be unhappy that this development is not happening in G'ville or J'town, that the college may be setting itself apart from the communities. Rather than criticize, why not work together for the good of both communities. We can learn from this example.

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Mar-29-14 9:32 AM

I'm waiting to see one of the pajama people jump off the top of the Leader Herald building with a sheet for a parachute. Also, I want an Arby's in Swangertown. And cheers to Northville for putting down that odious dollar store

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Mar-29-14 9:19 AM

I'd rather see NYC designated as 'Unfit to support Human life".

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Mar-29-14 7:58 AM

As far as the building jumpers, in one way they did them a favor. I would much rather someone jump from the roof then plant bombs. They exposed a threat potential by accessing the building. MUCH better security is required for a building that will attract radical attention. That would be an impressive accomplishment, the headline reads "Al Queda today claimed responsibility for the destruction of the new trade center building." Get it right, or get out of the business. Security at this location is not a laughing matter and this incident was serious.

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Mar-29-14 7:55 AM

Exactly G70... you never want to call in the state as the we are here to help is never true. Every single time they show up it is bad news for everyone involved no matter what side you are on.

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Mar-29-14 5:47 AM

Doesn't anyone remember the window debacle at Northville school? You really want the state messing with the whole town?

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