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Cheers and jeers

March 22, 2014

CHEERS — To celebrating history. The city of Johnstown, which has a rich history, will be the site of several history-themed events this yea....

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Mar-23-14 10:07 AM

Ya, let's help out some more entitled malcontents. Another bunch of rich jerks, born on third base, thinking they hit a triple.

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Mar-23-14 8:17 AM

Clarify? What a misleading and confused statement YOU made. Estate tax is levied on the assets of the deceased. Inheritance tax is levied on the legacies received by the beneficiaries. Consider instead, appropriately changing your name to oftenwrongman.

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Mar-23-14 8:10 AM

"The Dems are to blame"..Tot, I'd say even your right wing friends may be rolling their eyes. Thanks again for the comic relief.

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Mar-22-14 10:44 PM

Outstanding debt when Obama took office was $10,627,708,753,691.49 Last December 31 $17,351,970,784,950.15 as of 3/20/2014 $17,546,932,628,558.05

I do NOT see the frugality of which you speak!

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Mar-22-14 10:36 PM

Cuomo is not the answer to lower taxes. He like all of his liberal friends are always looking for yet another sneaky way to get us to pay for their ever expanding governmental policies... there are not tax cuts in ANY of his plans just tax shifts from one group of taxpayers to another. As well as raising or adding more fees to cover his shortfalls.

Yell me ADKman, how does one lower the taxes and deficits such as you suggest that Obama has done when the national debt is still raising faster than at ANY TIME in the US history? Spend and tax add new taxes and fees and still blame Bush? Still stuck on the past huh>

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Mar-22-14 10:34 PM

"ADKman" based on your post it is unlikely that you have a $1 million estate and a certainty that you are not an estate attorney. Please leave the fact to the experts.

Fortunately, there are legal instruments such as estate trusts, for example credit-shelter trust, generation-skipping trust, qualified personal residence trust, irrevocable life insurance trust, and qualified terminable interest property trust to shelter those with assets from inequitable estate taxes.

These trusts are very cost effective and may be a useful estate-planning tool for a family with a net worth of at least $100,000, depending on the specific needs.

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Mar-22-14 8:28 PM

Not to mention tax rates are lower than they have been in over 60 years. Top marginal rate in 1960 was 90%.

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Mar-22-14 6:32 PM

What a bunch of misleading statements, especially by TiredOfTax. The reason why the federal government is receiving record tax receipts is because the economy is now doing well. Yes, the federal debt continues to grow, but the federal deficit is half what it was under Bush and GOP control of the house and senate.

TiredOfTaxes knee jerk responses that anything GOP is good and anything the Dems do is bad is really tiring. I think I might change my name here from ADKman to TiredOfTiredOfTaxes.

Oh, and the $1 million estate tax? That's not really an estate tax. It is an inheritance tax. In other words, you pay taxes on any inheritance valued at over $1 million. That means that a $3 million estate split among three people pays no tax. I just thought I'd clarify things for you all.

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Mar-22-14 11:33 AM

Anything Cuomo proposes is just political grand standing with a hidden catch somewhere.

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Mar-22-14 11:08 AM

Gee, I thought all the comments would be CHEERS for Gov. Cuomo proposing to reduce a tax! I hate to say it but I think Fulton County "righties" can be inconsistent at times.

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Mar-22-14 11:03 AM

Add to that everybody is now buying their ammo and guns out of state, Remington is leaving more or less and bring 2000 jobs to Alabama This is your state dictator and his down state demo buddies at work. Btw there's an easy way to beat the estate tax: don't make any money. How can we anyway?

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Mar-22-14 7:55 AM

What happens when you unfairly tax people? New York is the highest net importer of smuggled cigarettes -- illegal smokes account for 56.9 percent of the state's total market. New York's cigarettes tax is $4.35 per pack, the country's highest. The situation there isn't unique. The Tax Foundation also cites a study that found that 58.7 percent of discarded cigarettes found in five Northeastern cities lacked proper tax stamps.

So you cut yourself out of over 50% of the taxes... the very same thing will happen with guns and ammo... you force people to do what they have to do to do to enjoy the chance to do what they should and always could do freely and legally! Go ahead and pass another law!

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Mar-22-14 7:43 AM

JEERS to Federal tax increases. Last year even with the economy anemic and consumers buying less the federal government received a record amount of taxpayer money. This year it is on track to easily topple that with more new taxation being paid one of the greatest reasons is OBAMACARE! But even with the increased payments into the government coffers we last year saw the federal government debt also see a RECORD INCREASE. If you believe that the democrat leadership has been good for your country all I can ask is, what country are you from?

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