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Wily Putin bests Obama

March 5, 2014

U.S. officials’ blustery but empty reaction to Russian intervention in Ukraine sums up failures in foreign policy by President Barack Obama and his administratio....

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Mar-09-14 5:50 PM

sorry drugs ole pal, we can respectfully disagree. We were wrong to go into Iraq, the war was based on deception and lies. And middle east policy under the former administration was a joke, .. an apology was long overdue. FYI, I have no interest/desire in defending ANY politician. And when we invaded Iraq on the lies of WMD's, the world's view of the US took a different turn. Yes, it was a Bush/Cheney initiative that was largely to fault, but a group of gutless Dems were also responsible.

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Mar-09-14 4:37 PM

laker, I see you are back to defending your BFF Barry. No US president should apologize to the world for anything. Barry SHOULD be apologizing to the American people and no one else. The world used to look at America as a strong foe or ally. But not with this clown at the helm

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Mar-09-14 1:31 PM

"we had the country(Iraq) on track to succeed"!! Ha!..another priceless gem. Prior to the war based on lies, Iraq had been rendered powerless by the Gulf War, by sanctions, constant monitoring of no-fly zones etc etc. Al Qaeda was nowhere to be found there, they stayed away from the Iraqi regime, one of the most liberal of the muslim sects. Truer words were never spoken by Colin Powell.."If we invade, we'll own it." And then even Colin was duped by the lies. War based on lies, letting the middle east go down the apology tour was needed.

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Mar-09-14 12:48 PM

ADKman, Barry is not weak just because he won't "invade". He has shown the world weakness since the beginning. First with his world apology tour, bowing to all the Muslim leaders. For the past 6 years he has lived the life of a rock star spending billions of our money on lavish vacations. The boy president doesn't know what strength is. Putin is old skool KGB and he is trying to reassemble the old USSR. He felt that Gorbi was a failure.

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Mar-09-14 11:42 AM

Google "united states greatest threat to world peace" and you'll find a slew of articles.

Invading another country and going to war should NEVER be an option. The rest of the world needs to sort things out for themselves and our military should be used for national defense only, not for furthering our American agenda on other nations. That is something that Nazi Germany did.

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Mar-09-14 10:22 AM

ADK Obama did invade Afghanistan, he is behing the surge and he owns the greatest share of American and allies deaths. He is the one that thinks that this quick loss of American lives than the even faster withdrawal is a path to success. If you were to look at Obama's handling of our retreat from Iraq you will see that whe had the country on a track to succeed, violence was way down and a government was burgeoning. Now without the help of the USA they are among the most dangerous places to live in the world... Just like Obama's home State and city!

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Mar-09-14 9:54 AM

OH NO, say it isn't so - Iran North Korea, Russia, the Islam nations and Syria think we are the greatest threat to world peace. Well I guess we better disarm, let them advance their agenda throughout the world and bow down to them. Hey, I just stated Obama's Foreign Policy in one line!! - ADKman: If that is what you read from my post, you must have missed the reading comprehension portion of your schooling. I never said he has to invade, just that the option to invade is a great negotiating card to hold. Look at Reagan - Ended the Cold War through strength not invasions. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH - - ADKman - Could you cite one source for your ridicluous statement that the rest of the world thinks we are the greatest threat to world piece. And the Weekly World News and MoveOn**** don't count. Maybe you read it on the Onion!

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Mar-09-14 9:22 AM

Wow. Just wow. Because Obama hasn't invaded any countries, he is weak? What a bunch of war mongering right wingers you are.

The USA is viewed by the rest of the world as the greatest threat to world peace on the planet. With a military budget equal to the rest of the world, it is no wonder.

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Mar-08-14 1:55 PM

Maybe in YOUR country Obama wouldn't qualify as president... not a moment of military experience in his drug induced terrorist backing background.

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Mar-08-14 1:53 PM

gville70 "Fedup Bob TOT when and where do you folks serve? You have all the answers but did you put up?? If not shut up"

So just what country is it that says you have to be ex-military to have a say in our governmental proceedings? Russia, China or North Korea? Maybe Iran or Syria? You have a bit of a commie streak don't you?

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Mar-08-14 12:42 PM

CONTINUED: Do you think Obama's foreign policy scares anyone around the world other than Americans? The left wing wackos and liberal media have given this guy a pass on everything that he has done in five years. And they have others that want to speak out scared because they will be labeled racist. This has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his competence. And he has shown NONE!!

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Mar-08-14 12:38 PM

Hold on to your hat ADKman, I agree with you. A president has to be ready to use force. He doesn't have to use it, but the other side as to know that we are ready to if we need to. Obama has given clear signals that he doesn't have the guts to use force, so there is no reason for men like Putin to worry about what America will do. They know what Om will do. He will make a silly Red Line statement and not back it up. He will let Americans be murdered in Libya and not make them pay, he will negotiate away our upper hand with Iran, and weaken l the allies in the process. He is a six year rookie with NO foreign policy. You ask what I would do. I would have clear and concise foreign policy that I followed and when I made statements I would stand by them. That doesn't happen overnight and either did Ukraine. Foreign Policy isn't something that occurs only when there is trouble. It is an everyday thing that our leader must communicate.

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Mar-08-14 9:36 AM

Wow. I've never seen so many ignorant right wingers in one place at a time. Fedup, you're at the top of the list with "My idea of a leader is one that stands up for America and our ideals of freedom". For a president to "stand up for America" like you're implying, he has to be ready to use force. Haven't we been in enough pointless wars? Haven't we gotten too many of our military killed and maimed "standing up for America"? War has to be a last resort, and it better have a valid reason and an exit strategy.

As Lake pointed out, you righties are quit to criticize but offer no alternatives. Just exactly would you have Obama do to "stand up for America"? The only alternative to diplomacy and sanctions is war. Is that what you want?

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Mar-08-14 8:54 AM

gville70, Thanks for including me but take a look back through the posts and see I chose to not participate in the futile and childish name calling. But Obama OWNS our foreign policy weakness... cross this red line, no this red line OK OK but this red line is the one...

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Mar-08-14 7:39 AM

GVILLE70: So what you are implying is that in order to have an opinion on a subject, you must have experienced that subject? It is funny how you lefties call yourself liberal and progressive, yet the only speech you allow is if it agrees with your thinking. -

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Mar-07-14 9:37 PM

Fedup Bob TOT when and where do you folks serve? You have all the answers but did you put up?? If not shut up

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Mar-07-14 5:45 PM

and regressive Republicans are worse

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Mar-07-14 3:08 PM

Progressive republicans ARE an embarrassment.

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Mar-07-14 11:23 AM

Justme...Re "the liberal left is driving this country down the sewer"...Wow, I didn't realize Bush, jr was a member of the liberal left. Oops there's the B word, sorry, I know that causes embarrassment for some.

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Mar-07-14 11:18 AM

fedup...There seems to be widespread support for the Russians in Ukraine. Re WW2, that was definitely a question of "fighting for our freedoms". But in my opinion, many other conflicts since then have had nothing to do with our freedoms. And as I said, I'm glad we're getting our troops out of harms way in Iraq and Afghan. Also, when Obama took over, our country was on the brink of total economic collapse, and we were involved in 2 wars. The economy is not great, but better than it was, and we are bringing our troops home. I was 100% behind Bush jr. when he spoke at ground zero, and when we attacked Afghan. We were crushing the Taliban, then came Iraq, causing total chaos in both regions. I'm glad we're finally getting the troops out of there. I guess we can agree to disagree.

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Mar-07-14 11:01 AM

GVILLE70: Who called for war? I called for strength. Reagan showed strength and he never led us to war. Why was that? Because he was strong and had a policy. Contrast that with the current resident of the White House. Case closed.

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Mar-07-14 10:44 AM

How about gville70 naming one 'right wing war monger' posting here who is advocating war. Nobody has mentioned WAR except YOU. Sounds like one those 'distorted, meaningless falsehoods' laker was talking about and oddly, it always comes from liberals. I don't want to be divisive either laker so I'll just say liberals are very challenged where the truth is concerned.

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Mar-07-14 10:10 AM

I find it funny to see all the 'Disagrees' in comments that blast our Messiah, our Savior, the esteemed Community Organizer, President O'Bumma. Those of us who are old enough to see the forest through the trees can see what has happened to this country over the past few years. We've become somewhat Socialist, and all anyone needs to do is look at what's happened to Gloversville during that time. It's become a haven for welfare recipients. For some odd reason, and I have no clue as to what it is, people move there just to get their kids enrolled in the school district. What's the lure? Has anyone looked into that? The Liberal left is driving this country down the sewer. Maybe the assistant superintendent can weigh in on this. I guess that even HE had to escape from the frightening reality.

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Mar-07-14 8:03 AM

Typical right wing war mongers calling for war instead of diplomacy.. Why not give it more than a week to shake things out.. Amazing that armchair repubs have strong opinions when they never served and use connections to keep their kids out of the gulf..

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Mar-07-14 6:24 AM

LAKER88: Thanks for attempting to speak for me, but as usual your response is off. My idea of a leader is one that stands up for America and our ideals of freedom. And if there is another county that wants the freedoms we enjoy, we should stick our nose in and make sure they get those freedoms. You prefer to stand by and watch thousand and thousands of children and women killed in Syria. That's fine. That is your opinion. It is a good thing FDR didn't hold that opinion in 1939. And if we had fought the Vietnam and Korean Wars by the same rules of engagement that we used in WWII, they would have had much different outcomes. We need a strong leader, one that commands respect from both the citizenry and foreign leaders. Sadly, we have Obama, an indecisive rookie with an ego. That is dangerous for us and for others trying to obtain the freedoms we enjoy.

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