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Man threatened to shoot dog, police say

February 10, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — A city man was arrested Friday after he refused to get medical care for his ill dog, police said. John C. Edick, 52, of 164 Bleecker St....

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Feb-11-14 7:16 PM

There are so many circumstances when it comes to one's final days, it really should be at the discretion of the owner. Death should be a rite of passage into where ever one goes.

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Feb-11-14 5:14 PM

People on here are so fast to judge without knowing the facts except what the lh printed.

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Feb-11-14 11:09 AM

well if any of you ever had a geriatric dog, you would know what this guy was going thru. Who wants to put down your dog of 17 years? I myself delayed a very sick dog of being put down cause I couldn't do it.16 yrs old. In the end, I did what I had to do but I didn't do it soon enough. Shooting a dog is humane. I once had a wolfie that took six shots to put down. I had to walk away from holding him. I couldn't take it. I will never take a dog to a vet to be put down again. I still have nightmares on how long it took for my precious dog to go. Six shots and an hour later, he was still alive and begging me to help him.Talk about tears! I could have filled a truck. What this law enforcement agency is doing is wrong. He NEVER should have been charged with anything. Geriatric dogs are horrible to watch and wait for mother nature to take her course. As an owner, you make them as comfy as possible, and hope mother nature does her job in a hurried fashion. You do the best you can.

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Feb-11-14 9:44 AM

Why is shooting a dog to quickly end its suffering inhumane? Or any different than giving it an injection to stop its heart and respiration. If the owner's intention was otherwise then I withdraw my argument because I am not saying animals should be mistreated. However society goes too far w/ this idea that some animals are somehow more human than other animals. Are you going to arrest farmers who keep chickens for food or butcher cows? Ridiculous.

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Feb-11-14 8:56 AM

One other thing here, I do not know anything about this story, I do not know the man, I do not know what the circumstances were to this story except what was written. Unless someone was there, saw everything and knows what happened without question... how do you pass judgment so quickly? There may be a hundred scenarios that changes your view point. This man MAY have loved his pet, may have wanted more from this situation... the possibilities are almost as astounding as some of the statements. I do not in any way condone the mistreatment of animals. I would not personally do anything to unjustly harm any animals but I can see where this may be a misunderstanding unlike some of the comments.

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Feb-10-14 11:31 PM

Thanks.........I thought he was referring to Edick. I know the Vet, and I agree, it has nothing to do with this article.

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Feb-10-14 7:26 PM

Paper, I believe that taxtired is referring to the veterinarian that provided insulin to her boyfriend. When they broke up he turned her in for providing him with illegal prescription drugs. It has nothing to do with this article at all except that is the veterinary hospital that they too the dog to.

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Feb-10-14 7:18 PM

I searched the LH.....couldn't find any article with this guys name in it on any date, so what are you talking about Taxtired ?

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Feb-10-14 7:09 PM

Well, I am of age and I think a good death would be quiet, peaceful, no suffering. This poor animal was given that. He just went to sleep. That is a good death IMO.

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Feb-10-14 6:07 PM

maxone, Talk to someone of age and ask them what a good death is ??

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Feb-10-14 3:50 PM

You are correct workingwoman, euthanasia is Latin for good death. Don't let ignorant people bug you . To the man who did this, please know karma can be a biatch , as you will be old someday. We can only hope what comes around goes around !

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Feb-10-14 2:22 PM

The disagrees should read the paper or watch the news. The info came out of a family court incident and was printed in the leader herald.

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Feb-10-14 2:18 PM

@ BlackFrancis........the shelter did not kill the dog......he was euthanized humanely at a Vet's office. Shooting the dog would be inhumane.......or would that be ok with you ?

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Feb-10-14 1:58 PM

Joe joe, Sometimes it it is best for the animal. Not to long ago a police dog that cost the taxpayers appx. $20,000 was put down. It is sad but it happens everyday somewhere.

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Feb-10-14 1:45 PM

Johnstown animal hospital ???? HMMM , Isn't this the same place The vet gave husband meds for diabites that he did not have???

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Feb-10-14 12:50 PM

After 17 years of faithful companionship this "man" wouldn't provide him proper medical care. The truth is that the Buster Bill has been so watered down that nothing will even happen to this "man". What a filthy human being.

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Feb-10-14 12:50 PM

So . . . it's OK for the animal shelter to kill the dog but not the owner?

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Feb-10-14 12:41 PM

This guy is brilliant!

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Feb-10-14 12:15 PM

If at some point, he should wander into any local shelters, I hope they remember his name, and don't give him any animals.

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