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Move over for workers

December 19, 2013

The tragic recent death of a state trooper is another reminder of how dangerous our highways can b....

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Dec-21-13 12:35 PM

swizzer, the move over law is more along the same lines as the no texting law, making being stupid and inconsiderate illegal. It won't be enforced as aggressively as non-compliance with the seat belt law. BUT how about we make you the test case ?? Next time you see some unfortunate person changing a tire on the side of the road, see how close you can get without hitting him and IF there is an officer around that pulls you over and issues you a citation, fight it with all your resources. But I know the cop won't be there, so this is all fantasy

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Dec-21-13 9:33 AM

Play nice children. AND no bullying.

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Dec-20-13 8:09 PM

from one who know all about being wrong

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Dec-20-13 5:24 PM

drugs, it's OK to be wrong

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Dec-20-13 11:20 AM

RS and used to, Not sure where I see the disagreement with drugs in this instance?...he had a wrecker which is covered under the law. And I go back to scarecrow's post about using common sense...even if I see a walker or cyclist on the shoulder of a 2 lane rd, if nothing is coming in the other direction, I will edge over to give them more room.

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Dec-20-13 11:19 AM

swizzer, you sound like you are that guy in the supermarket with a boatload of groceries that will go to the express line (12 items or less) just because it was empty at the time.

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Dec-20-13 10:57 AM

I have just one question for swizzer and usedto. Can you tell me when was the last time YOU were out on the highway in an authorized recovery truck ?????

didn't think so

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Dec-20-13 9:36 AM

Take you're own advice.

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Dec-20-13 7:34 AM

you're absolutely correct rs, but understand that drugs usually says the first thought that he has with no concern with whether it's true or not and then will accuse me of not having anything relevant to say. Like the wise man once said....Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think that you're stupid than to open it up and remove all doubt.

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Dec-20-13 2:12 AM

incorrect, drugs. the move over law isn't for everyone. it's to protect law enforcement officers, emergency workers, tow and service vehicle operators and other maintenance workers stopped along roadways while performing their duties. not people like you and me changing tires.

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Dec-19-13 10:41 PM

I would agree that falling asleep is a good possibility. This driver was 65 years of age, this might be a factor seeing our reflexes, vision and other body functions start to decline at that age. But lets allow the investigating team time to do the best they can to determine exactly what happened.

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Dec-19-13 3:23 PM

"move over" laws are becoming more and more common. Too many people forget that it means move over for everybody, people changing tires, tow trucks included. I've been there and done that, my wrecker was hit on the interstate by a semi-- at slow speed due to the snow, and I was aware of the situation so I was not injured, BUT the bum just drove off. The good news was that there was not much damage to my truck. When you see flashing lights, SLOW DOWN and give them a little room and a break. It's been the law for a couple of years.

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Dec-19-13 1:48 PM

Falling asleep is not a crime but fudging your logbook is. If that was the case, prosecution to the full extent of the law is in order.

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Dec-19-13 1:20 PM

First thing, it is absolutely disgusting that we need a move over law; IT IS JUST COMMON SENSE! Then again, is not driving and texting.

At any rate, my money is on the trucker fell asleep. That being the case, he should face the same penalty as the drunk.

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