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Restart talks for new park

October 22, 2013

The announcement earlier this month that six global technology companies are spending $1....

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Oct-25-13 8:54 PM

MrBoB51, the last word from local officials on that project was, when the owners secured funding for the project, it would move foreword, state $$ was awarded towards the project but not enough to build the entire thing. That project is a wait and see, hope and prayer that it may happen? The reason that project was approved on the local level for the Glen Park, the amount of waste water they would discharge wouldn't be much more then a cple new homes, so it was ok'd to be added to the current system. Again, if the main line from the 5's area down through the village, wasn't in such rough shape, the ability to market the site in the mostly empty park to new business would be more active! Its sad that millions have been spent, and nothing can move foreword because some haven't taken care of vital clean and waste water lines over the years. Where does the revenue for such things go that are collected by the village each and every year???

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Oct-25-13 11:10 AM

Last year there was a lot of noise about an indoor Fish Farm Company, TecMar NY that wanted to build in the Canal View Park. What happened with that? I wonder if, since according to the County IDA there is no 'zoning' but 'on site Covenants' in the Park and the Park is a NYS designated 'Shovel Ready' site, one of those Covenants prohibited an Aquaculture Business??

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Oct-23-13 7:40 PM

These things have been in the local papers and on the radio over the years, as the elected folks like it, it obviously has been forgotten but that's just another sad fact of the area as well.

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Oct-23-13 7:39 PM

The Glen Canal View Park cant take any new business's! The reason why it cant is simple, the sewer lines in the Town Sewer District run in to the Village of Fultonville to get to the treatment plant, the system is in such bad shape through out the village, it cant handle anymore then simple home waste being added to the system. If the Mayor want to give you a truthful answer, ask him why new business cant move into the park! The county and Town of Glen has major money invested in a park that really is only good for a housing development at this point, but that wont work due to zoning of the area. Instead of getting state money for river front development, the elected officials of Fultonville, Glen, Fonda, Mohawk, Montgomery County, and of course NYS, should be getting critical water and sewer lines and treatment plant up to speed. Without those things, there wont be jobs and tax revenue. The drinking water system of the village of Fultonville is a joke in itself as well.

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Oct-23-13 5:45 PM

Short and sweet. The 200 acres in Mohawk would be a coup for the city of Johnstown. Problem is if Johnstown got the land from Mohawk, they ( Johnstown ) CAN NOT share taxes with a TOWN by state law and the NYS constitution period !!!! The Town of Johnstown already tried this with the land around the new Walmart. So Johnstown knows this but by not discussing it for the last 2 years they are just playing cards and crying wolf with the Town of Mohawk. ( they won't talk to us Blah Blah Blah ) If this could be done then a 50-50 split of a tax rate from the city of Johnstown would be no Brainer for Mohawk and the Town of Johnstown would have annexed all the 300 acres around the new walmart to Gloversville and made a lot more with a 60-40 split of $30.00 dollar a thousand tax rate in Gloversville than a 1.09 a thousand in the Town of Johnstown.... won't happen unless the law is changed and a Constitutional amendment is passed...

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Oct-23-13 10:05 AM

Right Hill, water is not the issue, politics IS.

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Oct-22-13 8:03 PM

$1.5 Billion of OUR money? Common Sense would dictate our county to at least be at the table for talks.

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Oct-22-13 6:32 PM

Be Real, Your concern about potable water and flooding is not an issue as evidenced by Beechnut, Target, Alpin Haus, and Hill and Markes all already located in that area. The Thruway is an eye blink away.

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Oct-22-13 5:40 PM

The land along the Mohawk is not without concern. The first is flooding – there have been three major floods along the Mohawk in the past 4 years. The second is the lack of quality water and/or enough water. That area is ripe with sulfur water for ground water. Fulton County (City of Johnstown) has an abundant supply of quality water and sewer capacity that was instituted when the leather mills were at their peak. The development of the park in Montgomery County with water from the City of Johnstown provides a quality industrial park for companies with the demand for water. Both counties will benefit and it will create jobs.

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Oct-22-13 3:02 PM

There are countless acres ripe for development along 5S, between Amsterdam and Ft. Hunter, that could be had for the right price. Farmers complain that they are continually losing money in spite of tax exemptions and federal farm subsidies. Here is a chance to sell for a good price. Beech-Nut and Target Distribution have easy access to Thruway Exit 27 without going through a city or village. It sure as *ell makes more sense than access road studies, hard headed City and Town leaders, taking Town of Mohawk land off the tax rolls after it is acquired for the road, and giving FC a piece of the pie they are not entitled to, one with common sense as the main ingredient.

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Oct-22-13 11:42 AM

New Park? MC already has a 'new' unused one, Glen Canal View Business Park, right off the Thruway. Why is this existing asset in the Town of Glen not being utilized? Wait, could this be a.....good grief..a territorial thing??

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