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Cheers and jeers

September 14, 2013

CHEERS — To a special nonagenarian. Well-known and respected Johnstown resident Arlene Sitterly undoubtedly will suffer this coming week from a bit of laryngiti....

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Sep-20-13 7:43 AM

G70, Bob had facts in every post. He quotes people and then says what he believes is correct in his view. I do the very same thing. I try to get a dialog going and am truly interested in views that are not on my side but have substance. I do not feel that name calling attack posts serve any function whatsoever but if it is the best that progressives can do then you just go ahead and follow in your friend used footsteps. That poster shows their intrinsic value on a daily basis... and you are trying to support that same avenue?

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Sep-18-13 10:41 PM

TOT and bob both blather on ... Talking the loudest and blowing the hardest doesn't make you right.. Most of the time I skip the rants and just thumbs down the posts..

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Sep-16-13 6:34 PM

Sep-09-13 6:33 PM I am done... with posts to YOU! You have proven you ability to stay off topic fighting in every post... you are not worth my effort

You don't mean anything that you post

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Sep-16-13 6:33 PM

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Sep-16-13 1:23 PM

Anyone hear something??? Crickets?

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Sep-16-13 8:30 AM

I see you got overwhelming support for your last post, T. And you're regressive because of progressive posters on this site? There are only 3 of us!!! doesn't take much to influence you, does it?

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Sep-15-13 7:30 AM

Oh the irony.....

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Sep-15-13 7:06 AM

I have posted here for years and the reason I am so adamantly anti democrat/liberal/progressive is because of the way that they post. I actually find it overwhelmingly humorous when they declare a victory. It is never with words of truth or a quote that proves their point. It is a child like remark or name that they feel at the time of their loss is important. That is why we regress to the level that they present. If you cannot attack the topic then attack the poster using progressive rules or names. Not ever a winning plan.

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Sep-15-13 6:39 AM

TOT, isn't it comical how libs always try to steer the conversation by trying to admonish those of us who refuse to abide by their ever changing standards?? Insisting everybody else 'stay on topic' while they run off on silly emotional tangents and never displaying an individual coherent thought or anything morally grounded. Instead, all you can expect are admonitions, accusations and party-line talking points. Predictable sheep-like behavior is the ONLY constant you can expect from libs.

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Sep-14-13 5:34 PM

Happy Birthday Arlene! TOT...Can you finally understand that your ridiculous rants give more credibility to those you oppose. But keep on ranting, it makes your opponents look good.

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Sep-14-13 12:04 PM

Happy birthday Arlene! I don't know you, but I certainly know of you. Your contributions to our community is well known and appreciated. Thank you for all you've done.

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Sep-14-13 11:20 AM

imagine that the house republicans taking a stand over anything, it's their last ditch effort to represent the billions of dollars the health care industries pours into there pockets to get rid of this monumental and necessary act, that the majority of American's want and need.

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Sep-14-13 11:02 AM

Thanks to Pat Beck for pointing out that there are occasions for cheers, and Arlene Sitterly's 90th birthday certainly merits that designation. Whether through her business or her philanthropy, she has touched thousands of lives in a positive way.

If some of the (too) frequent posters on this site gave back even one-tenth of what she did for the good of the community, wouldn't our world be a better place? Happy 90th, Arlene!

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Sep-14-13 11:01 AM

A great big happy 90th birthday and many more to Arlene, there's no better example of what being positive and working hard can do for your family and the community than this wonderful women.

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Sep-14-13 10:51 AM

TOT, did you take reading comprehension in school? I am guessing if you did, you failed it.

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Sep-14-13 9:27 AM

And agreed, Architect but you cannot expect people to vote when there is no choice. King, Handy and Ponticello are all people with a history of spending public monies. None of them even noticed that our city has the highest tax rate in the entire overtaxed state of New York.

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Sep-14-13 9:24 AM

Love Arlene Sitterly. A truly classy lady. The United Way, not so much. A few years back they replaced my favorite charity "Ronald MacDonald House" with "Adirondack Mentoring Partners" whom no one heard of until it's director was arrested for embezzling funds. Then we found out that it was the old BB/BS. Not my choice for charity giving.

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Sep-14-13 9:19 AM

Pat, sorry for not following your two Cheers and Jeers this week, but jeers need to go out to the poor turnout in the local primary elections this week. Regardless of the outcome in any election, the low voter turnout is a serious problem. The Leader Herald, as the Glove Cities sole daily newspaper, could have published more stories highlighting the primary contests throughout the region, not just the 2 mayor's races, and provided a public service notice encouraging the public to vote.

This is especially important since most winners of the primary contests face no real challenges in the general election in November.

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Sep-14-13 8:27 AM

TOT's friends are weighing in I see

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Sep-14-13 8:21 AM

TOT, What does it take for you to stay on point of the editorial. You manage to turn everything around and blame Obama for everything under the sun. Now I am a registered Democrat and I agree that Obama has made mistakes and did things that I do not agree with Just like the Bush administration did. So for heavens sake stay on point of the editorial, In my opinion your getting to be nothing more than a pain in the ***.

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Sep-14-13 8:21 AM

TiredofTax - Do you ever read the cheers part any week? Do you ever feel compelled to actually agree on a positive situation or an individual and give positive reenforcement? Your use this to bring up your own addition of cheers and jeers occurs weekly and that of course is welcomed. As a matter of fact, you are always welcomed to email me during the week with your suggestions. Thousands of people read the comments posted here...wouldn't it just be a refreshing change if they could log on some Saturday morning and not see it go off what was published and into a back and worth political argument? Annarodac - thank you for taking the high road on one of today's cheers...fully realizing that you will get into any other issues if brought up :) that is a good thing...but you took the time to..well just be nice - thanks.

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Sep-14-13 6:57 AM

Does anyone remember Arlene's husband, Bud, who had a Cadillac modified to carry his pet monkey? Arlene, Happy Birthday!

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Sep-14-13 6:18 AM

Because Obama has made them our friends?

Al-Qaeda chief calls for attacks on US in 9/11 speech to followers The leader of Al-Qaeda has called on Muslims to wage attacks inside the United States, to wreak instability that will “bleed America economically”.

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Sep-14-13 6:15 AM

Cheers to taking a stand. House republicans may finally take the stand that is needed to rid us of Obamacare... it is to defund it. If it means shutting down the government... it has to happen. You cannot shove legislation through that the MAJORITY of Americans do not want. REPEAL THIS ALBATROSS! It is not want America wants, needs or voted to get!

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