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Watchdogs needed

July 10, 2013

Among the true heroes of public service are men and women serving in government inspector generals’ offices. They root out waste and wrongdoing, bringing it to taxpayers’ attention....

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Jul-11-13 2:16 PM

Way off topic but... By DAN CALABRESE - If I may.

I really haven't followed the trial, since I don't see why I should, although you obviously can't escape the fact that coverage of it and talk about it are freaking everywhere.

But here's my question. It's really simple:

More than 300 people are murdered in Detroit every year. Most of them are black. Why is any one of their murders less worthy of the nation's attention than Trayvon Martin's?

Please tell me.

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Jul-11-13 10:55 AM

Heheh, good one-liners guys.

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Jul-11-13 8:32 AM

Here is the way I see the political landscape today... I believe and follow our Founding Fathers wisdom. A bunch of dead old men who promulgated complete independence in our Country. Progressives also follow the dictates of a bunch of dead old men too, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, the incestuous Nietzsche and Alinski who demanded complete dependence in their Country. One ideology has survived the Centuries, one has not survived anywhere it has been tried. We are all free to make our choice thanks to the Founding Fathers, even those who choose to follow a failed ideology while still taking advantage of the freedoms America offers in order to spew their nonsense. THAT is why I challenge progressivism EVERY time it rears it's ugly head. I readily explain and defend Constitutional Individualism while progressives refuse to defend or explain their beliefs or engage in the arena of ideas. That is it in a nutshell.

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Jul-11-13 8:02 AM

So dave, why are you responding to something you deem not worth responding to? Ahem, who's the jerk??? Congress was not in recess, period. The problem is not whether recess appts. are Constitutional or not, the problem is this administration likes to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution and Laws that are convenient to them 'at the moment'.

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Jul-11-13 6:17 AM

tiredoftax, What good are watchdogs if the prosecutors can not be bothered to prosecute the wrong doers. Just like the any people that have been arrested for DWI several times and are still out there driving and drinking.

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Jul-10-13 9:15 PM

This editor is a jerk. A complete and total jerk. He's ignorant. No.. he's stupid. This editorial doesn't deserve a response. He has no grasp of politics, nor of recess appointments and presidential history.

What a buffoon.

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Jul-10-13 8:42 PM

Watchdogs in this administration will not be effective unless it suits a specific political purpose.

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Jul-10-13 7:21 PM

Obama is the king of going one step past legal. His appointments were made because he wanted people in that were just not going to get there any other way. He waited for congress to recess to make them because of it! The Obama administration is going to go down as the MOST partisan and controversial in history! I say that watchdogs are needed more today than at any other time in history!

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Jul-10-13 6:38 PM

His tail will be caught in the trap too !

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Jul-10-13 6:30 PM

RS, the LH did not say all recess appointments are illegal and in fact made reference to "pet" appointments such as those involving the NLRB. They were highly controversial because there was, and is, some question as to whether the senate was in recess when they were made.

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Jul-10-13 6:24 PM

Gee swizzer, are they picking on your pal Barry again ???? What a bunch of bullies trying to get him to keep his oath of office AND abide by the Constitution. All these rules and stuff sure are a thorn in his side when he is doing his level best to change the country into something that real US citizens and patriots don't want.

Time to impeach and charge him with treason

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Jul-10-13 6:04 PM

Correction Rs. No action by Congress is required when any President makes recess appts. "by granting Commissions which shall EXPIRE at the end of their next session".(Article 2 Section 2). Read and try to understand the whole thing, not just parts and stop making up you're own version of The Constitution, like Obama and all you progressives are prone to do.

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Jul-10-13 5:27 PM

BillLair, my argument has NOTHING to do with 'opinion'. My argument is with the LH flat-out saying recess appoints are illegal, which they are not. Furthermore, they never even clarified that recess appointments are not always permanent.

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Jul-10-13 5:06 PM

Nor are you RS, yet you have no problem saying the appointments were not illegal. Your opinion, which you have a right to. As does the LH editorial writer.

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Jul-10-13 4:54 PM

No and neither are we.

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Jul-10-13 4:26 PM

BillLair, there are very strict interpretations of when the Senate is and isn't in session and is out for recess. The LH is not a court to determine this either.

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Jul-10-13 3:48 PM

Isn't the question whether the Senate was or was not actually in recess when the appointments were made? The republican senators say it was not in recess and the president says it was. A prime example of why we have a separation of powers and it is up to the federal courts to rule on the issue. If it is ruled that the senate was not in recess, then the appointments are indeed illegal.

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Jul-10-13 2:40 PM

rschweizer - Just that I hear a lot of stuff about how Obama did more recess appontments, took more vacations, yada yada yada. All presidents did all of this, judge them equally.

I do suspect much of the animosity towards Obama comes form the way the MSM treats Obama with kid gloves and refuses to hold him accountable.

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Jul-10-13 2:04 PM

Isn't a "communist muslim" kinda like a double negative?

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Jul-10-13 1:58 PM

Scarecrow57, this isn't a contest of one president over another. It's a matter of the Leader-Herald stating a bold-faced LIE.

I'm convinced after this 'editorial' that the staff is limited to hamsters on wheels.

Also, not only are recess appoints legal (contrary to the genius at the LH's beliefs), they are NOT permanent and still require the action of the Senate by the end of the next session.

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Jul-10-13 1:19 PM

RS - You are correct and all Presidents do it.

Problem we have here is this guy has taken Bush tactics to a new low.

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Jul-10-13 12:30 PM

I think you answered your question right in your last sentence. This communist muslim is so obviously corrupt I doubt we'll ever find out half of it. Long past due time to take them down.

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Jul-10-13 12:30 PM

"But while President Barack Obama is eager to use illegal tactics such as recess appointments to fill positions..."


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Jul-10-13 12:18 PM

Well someone left the fox (Obama) in charge of the Hen House. But let us go further, Who is in charge of the Office of the Attorney General? That is right, the highly corrupt Dick Holder.

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