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Atmosphere poisons work

April 29, 2013

At another time, in a different context, Sens. Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey might have been successful in a proposal they and two other senators offered recently....

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May-03-13 7:41 AM

TOT..I find it ironic when you state that "people don't broadcast thier emotions to the world" when that is exactly what you do here any chance that you get.

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May-02-13 8:42 PM

When was the last time you heard after an incident, "I just knew he was a killer out looking for trouble"? It may happen but more often than not everyone that knows the wacko says "I never would have guessed" or "he was always so quiet and shy". People do not broadcast their emotions to the world and is it the place of some average citizen to declare someone mentally deficient? It also leads to abuse of the power to limit anything to essentially anyone. Can't imagine letting this snowball roll into a monstrous damaging avalanche of regulations!

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May-02-13 8:47 AM

Lets cut to the chase...Is everyone who takes an antidepressant 'mentally ill' and should not own a firearm? What about bricks, or hammers, screwdrivers, bats etc.? Using the mentally ill angle is to keep your eyes off the ball. Progressives want to disarm you in any way they can just as they have tried to do in every society in which they gain a foothold. They know that our 2'd Amendment is to protect us from them forming a tyrannical Govt., not about hunting or target shooting...or those who take Prozac or Celexa. That's just a new and convenient excuse to further their ideology and chip away at our freedoms. Now, as for us 'smaller Government' people, we are a Republic and we simply do not believe that a Big Government is the answer to everything. Rather, we the people ARE. We will keep our guns and Country despite the incessant attempts otherwise, thank you very much.

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Apr-30-13 6:02 PM

The problem with mental illness is we don't know much about it.. Most "mentally ill" folks never become violent, and the ones that do seldom give us any heads up about it.. Or no one is paying attention, by that time it's too late.. Before they snap they tend to be paranoid anti-social and withdrawn.. You never hear a neighbor of a mass murderer say his neighbor was funny , outgoing and the life of the party..

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Apr-30-13 12:20 PM

Only 46 voted no? That's half, it's not like it was only 10 that voted no. Requiring certain classes to submit to anything or other classes not being required, is class discrimination.

The bottom line is, any gun law will make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to live under their second admendment right.

Gun laws don't prevent crime, or criminals from getting guns.

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Apr-30-13 7:17 AM

Portnoy I agree with you, BUT there are to many children out there who do not have "parents" there are too many women having children with three and four different men, the men not supporting the children, the women refusing to take birth control.. and then you have the people who work to pay for all the men and women who refuse to take care of their own. So who are taking care of the children? who are teaching them? wearing pajama bottoms , thug life, not speaking right, tattooing themselves as if that makes them a "cool person" not knowing how to solve problems is the way of life. So it will never be the way we all were taught!

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Apr-29-13 8:40 PM

BEREAL64 - "your statement regarding “felons and the mentally ill” reinforces the stigma people with mental illness deal with."

Just to be clear, I am not the one pushing that agenda; that would be our liberal friends and the media. I for one have questioned lumping "mentally ill" with the felons. There are many - and I am not one - Who wish to treat these people as second class citizens.

We have a president who tells us not to judge all Muslims based on the actions of a few; but then he judges the mentally ill and gun owners based on the actions of a few.

So Please direct you anger at the Liberals who are creating this stigma.

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Apr-29-13 7:11 PM

soooo BEREAL64, your point is ??? As far as I know mental illness has never been a "social stigma". But how many people are mentally ill and are undiagnosed? and how many of those feel that "I'm OK" when the reality is that they need help. Families used to help all over this issue, but we've lost that structure and many became society's ills. Where do we start??

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Apr-29-13 5:54 PM

Drugs – if you will note, my statement was “far less than 1%”. I take umbrage with your substantial rounding up. Also, families somehow knew – those are called symptoms, and they are associated with all diseases.

Scarecrow – your statement regarding “felons and the mentally ill” reinforces the stigma people with mental illness deal with. People who are felons committed a serious crime. People who are mentally ill have an illness. Again, all felons committed a crime. The vast majority of people with a mental illness have not. I’m not sure why I am repeating myself because I know you won’t get it. Discrimination and bias is a learned behavior and it appears you were at the head of the class.

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Apr-29-13 5:31 PM

What would you consider cancer treatment? There is no cure, is it an art form? Everyone is willing to contribute to the “Relay for Life”, do you think they would do the same for mental illness? Your dismissal of the treatment of mental illness only continues the stigma and justifies your position. There is treatment and medications that work. My point of comparison to cancer is that of public perception. People with cancer are treated with respect and concern. Others are willing to help a person fighting cancer. The average life expectancy of a person with a major mental illness is 25 years less than a person without mental illness. Do you hear a public outcry over this? If you want mental illnesses to be better defined and have better treatment you need to treat them like a disease, not a social stigma. That’s the problem!

In regards to Adam Lanza – it’s interesting to note that none of the news broadcasts noted that the Boston Marathon bombers were not mentally ill.

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Apr-29-13 5:05 PM

As far as I knew you cannot buy a firearm on the internet without possessing a Federal Firearms License or you have to have it shipped to a holder of such a license. So why do these IDIOTS keep mentioning the internet??? Yet we think that these D UM MIES that we elect will do what is best for our state, they cannot even get their fact straight.

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Apr-29-13 4:55 PM

BEREAL64 - Actually, I ask if they are that big of a threat why then are they walking the street? This applies to Felons and the "Mentally Ill"

Diagnosing and treating mental illnesses is not an exact science. It is at best an art form, and even defining mental diseases is a gray area. Recall, at one time homo sexuality was considered a mental illness.

Violent Criminals we can identify and they should remain in Jail. Identifying the next Adam Lanza is not so easy.

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Apr-29-13 4:34 PM

WOW, BEREAL64, who poked you with a stick?? With a population of about 300 million that 1% is about 3 million. Somehow families and others knew when a person needed "inpatient" care along with medication. Many of these issues are that 3rd rail that won't be touched anymore

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Apr-29-13 4:01 PM

You asked why “they” are allowed to walk the streets, as if a person with a mental illness, any mental illness, shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets. The only way to prevent that would be to lock them up in an institution. Individuals that have a mental illness and are “dangerous” to the population is far less than 1%. About the same number of those who are dangerous and are not mentally ill. Treat it like a disease and not a social stigma. You want people to be accountable to you for their disease. What other group with a disease do you expect this from? Should cancer patients be locked up? It’s an illness that can be treated, not the boogey man.

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Apr-29-13 3:43 PM

"What do you think it would cost you “smaller government” boys if you locked up everyone with a mental illness?"

And you have just identified the problem. How do you determine who is marginally mentally ill, vs psychotic or dangerous. And when does one cross that line? By whose standard do we define mental illness???

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Apr-29-13 3:16 PM

Further: If we want to make mental health care accessible, then we should stop scapegoating people with mental illnesses and focus instead on fixing the society, and system, that marginalizes them. We need to educate the public and youth in particular about what mental illnesses are, including how common they are (one in four Americans will have one), and, important, how possible it is to recover.

What do you think it would cost you “smaller government” boys if you locked up everyone with a mental illness?

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Apr-29-13 3:13 PM

From Larry Davidson, professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine: No one would willingly choose to adopt the identity of a "mental patient." This is why it requires considerable courage for people to seek mental health care. One consequence of this attitude is the shocking statistic that recently came to light about the war in Afghanistan: More American soldiers died from suicide in 2012 than from combat.

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Apr-29-13 1:53 PM

I believe that allowing any changes in gun laws is like moving a wheel chock, it allows movement and when that momentum shifts there may be no stopping the wagon... then law after law restricting us will roll to the bottom of the hill. Leaving us trampled, restricted and no closer to safety then we are now. Fight them every step is the only option.

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Apr-29-13 12:28 PM

Scarecrow, somehow the old institutions were deems as cruel and inhumane. So now those that should be institutionalized are on the streets, many with no visible means of support.

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Apr-29-13 12:07 PM

As I understand it the purpose of these background checks is to keep the guns out of the hands fo violent criminals and the mentally ill (whatever that is). Which then begs the question: If these people are such danger to society that they can't be trusted to have a gun, why are they walking the streets?

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