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Join the neighborhood watch

April 2, 2013

After reports of gunshots and a stabbing rippled through Gloversville in August 2011, residents united and crowded City Hall for neighborhood watch meetings. That was nearly two years ago....

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Apr-05-13 8:55 PM

He has harmed every aspect of the US that he has touched, and just like a dog not unlike ones that he ate as a child he has marked a lot of territory! I want him gone and I would love it if he shut his pie hole after he leaves office! That would be a real service to our country!

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Apr-04-13 12:43 PM

TiredOfTax, the presidency of the United States is the highest elected position in the country. Do you really think he cares that this is his 'last elected position'? I would think not.

What you should be more concerned with, though, is the fact that John Boehner can run for Congress for as long as he wants.

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Apr-04-13 12:00 AM

swizzer, of course they have watches in affluent neighborhoods. That's thwe only way the people see each other get to check out who they have to keep up with and make sure there is no riff-raff in the area. Hey, and we can get some exercise while we're at it.

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Apr-03-13 10:28 PM

Well one great thing is this is Obama's LAST ELECTED POSITION! This is a positive step in the RIGHT DIRECTION. He is going to do something that I will gladly support, the first thing that I truly hope he gets right!!

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Apr-03-13 9:09 AM

... Or just move out of Gloversville. Best way to avoid the crime and the taxes.

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Apr-03-13 8:16 AM

TOT, I appreciate how you always manage to find good in this world. NOT

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Apr-03-13 7:58 AM

Not if your wearing a hoodie!

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Apr-02-13 8:38 PM

TiredOfTax, you know, neighborhood watches are beneficial in ALL neighborhoods, whether or not those neighborhoods have a history of crime or not. Even the safest streets of Niskayuna and Schenectady have them.

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Apr-02-13 8:01 PM

A neighborhood watch should be organized by local law enforcement who have the resources and knowledge to teach the do's and don'ts of the program. There should be no interaction an the part of neighborhood watch except for dialing 911 or taking a photo. They are not there to represent or act on behalf of the police.

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Apr-02-13 7:36 PM

With todays lawyers a community caring person is better off in his recliner. The laws that are in place protect the guilty to the point where unless you have a degree in criminology and cover your backside in every instance, getting involved has become too large of a burden. Lets look at the last good samaritan he took matters into his own hands ended up getting severely beaten and then arrested and charged with murder. My guess is he would now rather have let the bad guy have his way with the neighborhood. His life will never be normal again. I think that I too will sit this one out! Maybe after a few more senior citizens are killed in their own homes here in G'ville something will change.

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Apr-02-13 7:10 PM

MrBoB51, that was a problem with a watch program in Mont. Co. I think. A lot of people genuinely wanted to be a part of it, except a few who REALLY wanted to be a part to the point of agitating local officials when they were ignored.

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Apr-02-13 6:29 PM

My very limited experience with 'watches' in a small town (Greer, SC)taught me that step one is getting to know the Police dispatcher and what they expect from you, in explicit terms. Step 2 is follow their advice to the letter. If they have to keep responding to false info, you're done as a tool. The only other advice I have is if someone seems a bit too excited in wanting to be part of your group, (you'll know who they are) they WILL become a problem. That's it, take it with a grain of salt and good luck.

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Apr-02-13 5:31 PM

So, now that we've posted hours that the "watch" will be elsewhere, who's watching the neighborhood?

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Apr-02-13 4:55 PM

I was among the attendees at the meeting (yes, Bob, I'm one of the concerned ones but also agree there should have been more), but I did not see or hear from anyone with an actual background or actual experience in organizing a watch program.

Anyone have any pointers? Anyone with experience out there that perhaps missed the meeting? I'd love to donate time and services but my experience in running such a program is basically zero.

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Apr-02-13 3:03 PM

A neighborhood watch can be a valuable tool for local police agencies if run correctly and not used as a political achievement, micromanaged by a local government official.

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Apr-02-13 2:29 PM

Discobulous, that was Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels group.

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Apr-02-13 12:14 PM

It's a shame that only 27 citizens are concerned enough to do something. What's worse is the premise that makes this necessary.

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