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Get priorities in order

March 27, 2013

If the proposed state budget reveals anything about our legislators, it’s that they have trouble prioritizing how to spend money. They certainly don’t have trouble spending money....

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Mar-29-13 9:40 PM

A study commissioned by the State of California says that the new federal health care law will drive up individual insurance premiums, but that subsidies will offset most of the increase for low-income people. The study, issued Thursday in the midst of a growing national debate over the impact of the law, is significant because California is far ahead of most states in setting up a competitive marketplace, or exchange, where people can buy insurance this fall. The report for the state insurance exchange, known as Covered California, cited several factors contributing to higher premiums: an influx of less healthy people into the individual insurance market, and a requirement for health insurance plans to offer richer benefits and to cover more of the cost of care than is now typical for individual insurance policies. Another factor, it said, is that federal and state government agencies are imposing new taxes and fees on insurers, which are likely to pass along some of the costs.

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Mar-29-13 9:18 AM

He always gets outraged when people think outside of the box.

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Mar-28-13 8:08 PM

RS where is your outrage with others not on topic???? Have you something to say on the topic?? That would be real!

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Mar-28-13 8:06 PM

Get priorities in order... this is higher on MY priority! Lies by the tons delivered to you by.... the Obama administration and Democrats from around the country! AND NOW>>>> Senate Democrats Vote To Give Free Healthcare To Illegal Immigrants As Part Of Immigration Reform!! FREE!!

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Mar-28-13 7:22 PM

TiredOfTax, that has nothing to do with the topic.

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Mar-28-13 6:25 PM

The Congressional Budget Office, the Hill’s nonpartisan scorekeeper, estimated that the health care law would reduce employment by about 800,000 workers and result in about 7 million people losing their employer-sponsored health care over a decade. The CBO also estimated that Obamacare during that period would raise health care spending by roughly $580 billion.

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Mar-28-13 8:40 AM

As a Bills fan I'm all for making that old stadium better.. Those bench seats suck..

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Mar-28-13 7:19 AM

The only way a budget can even be part of a debt is if it addresses paying off the debt, that goes for federal, state, county, community, family and/or, individual debt. The hardest part of a budget is living within it.

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Mar-27-13 11:01 PM

I also read somewhere that the Fed loses a ton of tax revenue from the NFL. I believe that they have non-profit status.

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Mar-27-13 5:32 PM

It’s worth noting that federal law already forbids Planned Parenthood from using the funds it receives from the government for abortions. So though the fight over Planned Parenthood might be about abortion, Planned Parenthood itself isn’t about abortion. It’s primarily about contraception and reproductive health. And if Planned Parenthood loses funding, what will mainly happen is that cancer screenings and contraception and STD testing will become less available to poorer people. Folks with more money, of course, have many other ways to receive all these services, and tend to get them elsewhere already.

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Mar-27-13 2:19 PM

The Bills payroll is in the millions. Let them pay for thier own stadium.

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Mar-27-13 2:12 PM

NYS has no problem spending money and they will get around to spending it on the things you want but not now. I wonder how much the companies that are setting up shop here in NYS will actually be worth the bribery and tax breaks that got them to come to work here? Like Beech Nut taxpayers built them a new plant to lure them out of Canajoharie and then gave them tax breaks that keep the taxpayers paying for their existence... how stupid are we? Let the tonight show as well as the Buffalo Bills go where they are willing to pay their own way to make their own money! Our misreps have been pounding their chests saying look at the businesses we have gotten you... when what they should be saying is look at the business we gave those taxpayers!

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Mar-27-13 2:09 PM

A luxury box at a Bills game is about as exciting as .....yeah it's so basd AI can't think of a proper comparison....GIVE ME A BREAK. $54 MILLION? IS THIS A JOKE? LET SOME RICH CANADIAN MOVE THEM AND BANKROLL A STADIUM IN TORONTO

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Mar-27-13 12:48 PM

The GOP presidential plank was to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, which in turn spends much of its funding on mammograms and cervical cancer screening for the poor and uninsured. Is the LH going liberal, or does it just want to distance itself from a bad idea which is always on the wish list of conservatives?

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