World needs law and order


By CAL THOMAS South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem likes to present herself as a “normal everyday” person “who enjoys life.” Appearing at FreedomFest 21, a gathering of 2,700 conservatives and libertarians, Noem said, “nobody knew who I was until liberals began attacking me every night ...

Sexism and ‘short shorts’


By FROMA HARROP In the summer, boys dress for the warm weather, but girls dress hardly at all. Most high school guys are in baggy shorts, while many of the girls are wearing shorts so short that parts of their rear end remain exposed. The “distressed” versions — with rips and ragged ...

Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Nothing remains the same If history teaches us anything, it’s the often-unpleasant principle that nothing remains the same forever, and even good things we’d like to preserve long term have a course to run. The recently-announced purchase of The Leader-Herald by the Schenectady Gazette ...

Disaster emergency


Dunkirk Evening Observer Why, exactly, does Gov. Andrew Cuomo need a first-in-the-nation gun violence disaster emergency if the SAFE Act is as good as advertised? That’s a good question for which we have no good answer. Chances are, neither does the governor. Guns are still getting into ...

Treat all defendents the same


By DIANE DIMOND Equal treatment under the law, right? I think every American agrees that when it comes to law enforcement, all citizens should be treated the same way. So, how to explain the disparity in post-arrest treatment between last year’s George Floyd protesters and this year’s ...

Why spending matters


By VERONIQUE DE RUGY A lot of people don’t care about the nation’s growing debt. Some believe that low interest rates for the foreseeable future essentially means a free lunch for the government. Others believe that no matter what the cost of this debt, it is all worth it because of the ...