The guessing game

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By KATHLEEN PARKER The mystery of Joe Biden’s running mate takes me back to 2008, when the political world breathlessly awaited John McCain’s surprise pick. Back then, the whispered word was that Democrat-turned-independent Joe Lieberman was McCain’s top choice. But the powers that ...

Personal liberty squeezed in a vice

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By JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO Last week, this column addressed the expectation of revolution and the exhilaration of freedom that pervaded the 13 colonies during the summer of 1776. This summer in America, we are approaching the end of a civilized and free society as we have known it. The ...

Yikes! It’s airborne

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By BETSY MCCAUGHEY If you’re working in an office or eating in a restaurant and someone 30 feet away exhales tiny particles of coronavirus, those particles can drift across the room and infect you. Picture cigarette smoke wafting across a room. Same thing. The precautions agencies like the ...

Saving what we can

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By CONNIE SCHULTZ Before I sat down to write this column, I looked out our front window and found our hydrangeas in a state of despair. It’s 91 degrees — a July cold snap in Phoenix, perhaps, where it’s currently 107 degrees, but here in Cleveland, it’s the temperature of wilted ...

Nation needs to keep working for equal rights


The Adirondack Daily Enterprise July 3 Independence Day should not be celebrated without recognizing that for much of our history as a nation, many of our fellow Americans have wondered what there was for them to celebrate. For nearly a century after our nation’s independence, millions ...