What did the Senate hope to accomplish?

The GOP Health care plan collapsed in the Senate. What did the GOP health care plan hope to accomplish?

First, Medicaid cuts was going to be affected. To begin with, Medicaid cuts would have been “political insanity.” Twenty three million Americans would have been without health care coverage.

Many people in this country have severe disabilities that require home health care nurses care. Think a moment of the people in wheelchairs who have cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis. It would have been cruel to insensitively slash their medicaid benefits. What was President Donald Tump’s rationale in cutting Medicaid benefits particularly when he promised not to touch Medicaid which was one of his campaign promises? People would have died from Medicaid entitlement slashing. Funeral homes would have raked in the money, while leaving families of deceased members who were severly disabled bereft.

Second, an attack on Medicaid if it had passed the Senate would have been an attack on the severely poor and disabled. I feel the slashing of Medicaid benefits was a bullying tactic. It would have targeted the very weak and helpless. Trump wanted a repealed health care bill on his oval office desk to sign.

“Excuse me Mr. President I would have to state there is an insensitive side to you.”

Medicaid slashing would not only have been bullying, it was going to be aimed at torturing the needy and helpless.

I applaud Gov. Andrew Cuomo for wanting to exercise his political muscle to wrestle with the GOP health care plan. Obviously, Cuomo is a defender of those who are vulnerable.

Aside from Medicaid cuts, third, the GOP health care plan that collapsed in the Senate, targeted abortion. I along with thousands of other people signed petitions that were sent out by the House speaker to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 abortion law. Though I am a Protestant Baptist, I do, however applaud the Catholic churches doctrinal tenet on abortion. Catholics, who are stawnch in their beliefs about abortion, a heinous evil. Abortion, to begin with, incuss God’s righteous indignation. Second, abortion incites Christians intolerance and thirdly, abortion involves national immorality. The GOP health care plan if it did not collapse in the Senate would have cut funding to Planned Parenthood which endorses abortion. Let me be succinct about one thing: couples that are unmarried enjoy the freedom of a sexual liaison, but do not want the responsibility which comes with sex. Abortion is a mascent evil. By nascent I mean its beginning to grow and develop into a major crisis. People want to renege on sexual matters they are answerable to Christ Jesus to.

Fourth, the GOP health care plan accomplished nothing. It would have been an affront, in my opinion, to liberals and conservatives alike. Since the GOP health care plan collapsed in the Senate, if it was ratified would have made liberals irate since it would have cut funding to Planned Parenthood Associaton, and conservatives who back the disabled and indigent would have been angry that Medicaid cuts would have been slashed for the physically and mentally impaired.

In summaiton the GOP health care plan would have been the most unpopular piece of legislation by the sea of American people. One thing is absolutely certain, the indigent and the extremely disabled are, shall I coin a phrase, “society’s child.”

We including myself, who are poor and very disabled physically and mentally, depend on being subsidized by the federal government for Medicaid benefits, Social Security, Medicare and Supplmentary Social Security income. Morever, we depend on FICA taxes taken out of federal and state employees paychecks to aid all of us who are very poor and disabled. May the triune God have mercy on this nation, particularly the indigent as myself and the very disabled as myself. Lyndon Johnson in 1965 signed into law Medicaid. Oh, how I yearn for the administration again of Lyndon Johnson. Yes, those were the best of times, but we voting constituents are in the worst of times for we elected an unpopular president.

John Sirtoli



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