America on the path to restoring goodness

Under the guise of freedom, evil in America follows what seems a trajectory of unlimited reign. God always states, “This far and no further.” There will come a time when the verdict of heaven overturns the verdict of time. God will pass judgment on the evil and all who have concealed their sins, and exonerate all those who are good (Daniel 12:2). We live in an American society where evil is called good and good is called evil.

American society is strongly promoting this. In a country politically correct, abortion is vogue; homosexuality is vogue; hedonism and sexual pleasure are vogue; lying is vogue; seeking after prestige and status are vogue. Someday, evil will be seen as a sham and exposed on judgment day. Does God love evil people? Yes, for his son, Jesus stretched his arms out on a Roman cross 2,000 years ago at Calvary. God has his followers, including Donald Trump, who signed an executive order guaranteeing religious liberty to Christians, safeguarding their freedoms. He launched an attack on evil and is promulgating goodness.

He is in essence putting a gag order on any coalition that brings anti-Christian legislation against those who stand for goodness and righteousness. Far too long, evil has prevailed in this country, but the tide of evil in this nation, ubiquitous as it is, is going to overturn. God’s righteous decrees will not be violated. Up until this point, the United States was becoming a repressive regime. In America, the “Great Satan,” as Middle Eastern nations refer to this nation, the time is ripe for a spirited harvest, where humans are brought into the goodness of the heavenly kingdom for all who have confessed their sins and repented, and the human tares who seem good but are evil will be thrown in the lake of fire. Regarding the executive order President Trump signed for religious freedom of Christians, Decision magazine stated, “By signing the religious liberty executive order, President Trump has made a solid first step to reverse the hostile and dangerous environment fostered by his predecessor.” Evil has, shall I say, its “day in the sun,” but now goodness is going to predominate in this country. For example, prayer will return to the classroom.

The Pledge of Allegiance, with God included in it, will return. Roe vs. Wade will be overturned. Gay marriages now considered politically correct will be relegated to the sidelines. I see a new vison for America, an America where goodness inhabits the land — an America safe and secure from evil. This country was born in 1776, founded on freedom. We are not free to commit evil. Evil has the semblance of freedom, but freedom is not license to commit evil. Evil is bondage, be it abortion, homosexuality or sexual promiscuity.

The price one pays for promoting the freedom of goodness is persecution and martyrdom. But it is a fact of life that the highest compliment you can pay a man is to persecute him. The vision for this country includes advancing America to a level of unprecedented goodness. Someone stated in regard to President Trump’s signature for religious liberty, “I believe that the Lord has given us a belief window of opportunity in this nation to turn our hearts back to God (him).” The mind of God is expressed in the goodness of scripture.

For hundreds of years, man has turned his back on goodness, but the time is ripe for man to make a spiritual reversal of direction where he turns his attention from a lifestyle of joining spiritual darkness to grasping a religion of Christianity. The embodiment of pure goodness is Jesus Christ. Christianity promotes man’s higher welfare, but does not degrade him to a level of depravity. It promotes his higher good.

In summation, the religious liberty executive order exonerates goodness signed by President Trump, so let us remember this Fourth of July that liberty is not a license to sin, but to live in the parameters of goodness.

John Sirtoli lives in Gloversville.


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